Cox Cemetery
by Pat Combs O'Dell:

This cemetery is within the southwest quarter of section 32 of Hopkins Township, Nodaway County, Missouri. I do not find it marked on any map or atlas. This is perhaps because it was a family cemetery. It is not on a road, but in the middle of a field. It is not maintained. I copied the stones in Sept 1968.

Carol Clausen ( the cemetery September 2005 and was not quite prepared for what I meant by "not maintained." She has sent some photos to share in this experience: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5, photo 6. The photo six is a beautiful picture of the cemetery and is taken approximately half way between the road and the top of a hill out in a field where the cemetery is.

I have copies of some letters from Ruby Roush of Pickering, Missouri to Fannie Shields, well-known historian of the Siam, Taylor County, Iowa area. The Cox cemetery is only a few miles from Siam, Iowa.
Letter No. 1
Pickering, Mo., April 1970
Dear Fannie and Frank,

Sure was glad to hear from you. Glad you are able to stay in your home. Thats what I have said about Phemie? and George. Am so thankful that Alvin lives in a trailer house in their yard and he looks after them and they are so much better satisfied than being in a nursing home. We are neither one very good but hate to think what we will be like 15 or 20 years if the Lord permits us to stay here that long. Sure glad your children can run or call you. it sure helps out don't it? I don't know what people live for that don't raise a family.

Glad Conlin [Jobe] is feeling better and is healing now. Who is the other 5 people livng in Siam.

Yes Fannie I have all this information that you want and mama little Brother was the first to be buried there her mother picked out the spot for the cemetery that was 1863. That big farm belong to my Great Grandfather Cox and he told my Grandpa to come with him and they would pick out a spot & he would deed it for a cemetery it was suppose to be for the Cox family, but others have buried there that dident have any place to be laid away.

But before I give you the History and I would like to know who the lady is that is writing up the History you write back and tell me and probably I will write it all off for you. But its quite a lot to write off without knowing who it is. So as always your friends, Ruby and Lester [Roush]

our family
Harold Roush, Corning, Iowa; 6 children
Vervil Roush, Kansas City, Mo; 1 boy
Loraine (Mrs Russell) Freemyer, Pickering, Mo; 2 girls
Laberta (Mrs Marvin) Palmer, Auburn, Nebr; 3 boys
Charles Roush, Hopkins, Mo; 4 children
Lester Roush, Jr, Pickering, Mo; 4 children
Edwin Roush, Kansas City, Mo; none
Jerry Roush, Hopkins, Mo; 1
Leon Roush at home
Deon Roush at home; twins 22 last March


[I, Pat O'Dell, was the person asking Fannie for data about Cox cemetery. So these letters were to me through Fannie Shields]
Letter No 2

Dear Fannie and Frank,

Well I have wrote down quite a little mabe it will help you. I must get my papers typed off for they are getting old so I have to take care of them.

Yes, Fannie, I have one sister, Mrs Roy (Bertha) Wilson at Hopkins my oldest brother Robert Riley died nine years ago and I have 3 other brothers Glen, Elmer and Charley. But my father and mother and Dads father and mother and my bro Robert & his wife are all buried at Gaynor that east of Hopkins and south.

My mother was Mary Alice Cox and married Amos Riley they were married in 1884. Dad passed away in July of 1946 and mother in 1956. She made her home with us after Dad passed away. I wish you could of known my mother. She would of enjoyed telling you all the History and she was 92 when she left us and she had such a wonderful memory up to time she had to go.

I told you in my other letter the first one that was buried there and that was the reason the cemetery was started when mamas little brother died suddenly the year she was born. yes, there is one slave buried in the north west corner of the cemetery, no, he does not have a monument. When Iowa became a free state (and that was before Missouri became a free state) my Grandfather took the rest of the slaves to Clarinda [Iowa] and Great Grandfather gave them enough money to get started up on so they could be free and live their own lives, but this one old darky wouldn't go so he lived with Great Grandfather until he died. my Great Grandfather dident want slaves but Great Grandmother Cox father gave her two for a wedding present and her father name was Coffman.

I would hate to try and tell you how many is buried there for Sam Cox and Cal Cox also Tom Cox both had several babys buried there and all the older set of the boys wives and mama brother Jake Cox first wife that was Ann Cox is buried there. she was Merrill Cox mother. Mabe you folks knew Merrill he lived several I would say 18 or 20 years where I told you my Grandfather Cox built.(Cole Cox) that where Cecil Nicholas lives now. Merrill left that place and moved to Burlington Junction his wife Vesta Maxwell Cox still lives alone there. But Merrill is buried in Hopkins cemetery. your Dad knew Merrill, I thought mabe Frank did, he was a Mason his half sister Lena (Mrs Joe) Jefferies lives in Hopkins.

The only Cox by name that is left around is Harley Cox at Clearmont. Bob Cox (he was Cal Cox son) lived down there on the corner across from the Henry Morehouse place for years but they sold out and went to spend their last years close to their daughter out in Calif and they both are buried out there.

The last two that I knew about that was buried in the Cox cemetery was George Cox he is one of John Cox sons and they other was Charley Chamolis. he was related to one of the older Cox men wife and he never married and dident have a place to be buried course there wasn't any charge there. So his friends brought him up there. There is quite alot of folks there without markers and people that are no relation to us. There is quite a number of Clymens buried there that have markers and they are no relation and we wondered why they were put there. They might have got permission from Uncle Jake or Jessie, but I dont know it was suppose to be for the family but see at the time Great Grandfather and my Grandmother picked out the spot. The road went past the south side of the cemetery and went up by my Grandfathers log house. Mama little brother the first to buried there hauled in the night wood on his sled the night before and the next forenoon he got awful pains in his stomach and died in just a few hours. Grandma said you could see his sled tracks where he hauled in the wood for a week after he was buried. I know how sad it seemed. Well Fannie I think this is all I can tell you if theres something I wrote you don't understand you can write and ask me. Oh yes I called my sister about the name they took when they left Grandfather (I mean the Darkies) before they just used their first names but she suppose they took the name of Cox. But seem like I had heard mama say they took the name of Coffman. But I guess it don't make any difference. they one that stayed they called nigger Add and Bertha said little Johnnie was buried along the north side of the cemetery and was close to Great grandfather and mother and Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Dan, Aunt Addie and aunt Ann uncle Jake first wife - Merrill Cox mother are all buried close beside in the south part. I hope I can get up there this summer for I haven't been there for a long long time. Sure hope you and Frank are as well as usual. I guess George Gray is real poorly he is just dwindling away. Well, I will sign off sorry I'm so slow but my arthuritis bothers me so. You can tell by my writing. Your friends Ruby and Lester Roush.

[insert in letter]

This is my Great Grandparents

John F. Cox was born Jan 29, 1798 died Feb 6, 1874 buried Cox cemetery. Matilda (Coffman) Cox his wife born Aug 24, 1802 died Dec 26, 1872 buried in Cox cemetery. They came from Caldwell Co, Mo about 1855 and bought where the Cox cemetery is and extended east which consisted of 640 acre. They cleared the land and built a large 4 room log house north and a little west of where the Big McMaster was (Fannie did you know where it was?) The rooms were large and at times four familys lived in it until they bought farms of their own. My Granparents had one child when they came up there and the other five were born in that log house and then Grandfather (Cole Cx) bought the farm south of the plum grove school where Cecil Nicholas lives now. and they lived there until they died. Tom lived where Roy Bebout did when he died. Calvin lived where Henry Morehouse lives John Jr lived George Demott. Im not sure what place Sam did own but somewhere up north of Toms.

There family were
Jane Cox Hibbs
John Cox Jr died Oct 1876 buried Cox cemetery
Eli Coleman Cox (he was my grandfather) born Dec 8, 1827 and died Dec 18, 1903 buried Cox cemetery
Thompson Smith Cox Feb 24, 1829 and died Jul 24, 1902
Martha Ann born March 1831 died March 25, 1893
Luther Calvin (Cal) Cox born Nov 14, 1832 died July 27, 1916
Samuel Davis Cox born Feb 14, 1834
George Washington Cox born Feb 22, 1836 died April 1856


My Grandparents and their family
Eli Coleman Cox born Dec 8, 1827 in Ray County, Mo and died Dec 18, 1903 and married June 19, 1853 to Lydia Ann Snider. She was born Nov 3, 1832 in Bartholomew co, Ind and died Sept 18? 1890 and buried in Cox cemetery. They were married at Caldwell co, Mo. Six children were born to them.
Martha Adalene Cox born in Caldwell co, Mo Aug 18, 1854 died May 8, 1907
Daniel Thompson Cox born March 15, 1856 west of Hopkins died Jan 20, 1903
John Henry Cox born Dec 31, 1857 west of Hopkins died Jan 29, 1863 and was the first one to be buried in the Cox cemetery
Jacob William Cox born Feb 23, 1861 and died July 1st 1940 buried Hopkins cemetery
Mary Alice Cox Riley (this was my mother) born Oct 18, 1863 died Jan 1, 1956 buried Gaynor Cemetery
Jessie Albert Cox born Apr 11, 1867 died Dec 15, 1940 buried in Hopkins cemetery
Stone Copy
This cemetery is very overgrown and difficult to even walk in, let alone try to find tombstones so it is likely I could have missed a marker (or two or dozen).
Barger, Sarah J. wife of William P., died Dec 28, 1869 aged 27y 1m 16d
Bland, Emily, June 5, 1809 - Feb 4, 1882
Bland, J.W.S., Co H 36 Iowa Inf
Burch, Nancy A., died Feb 22, 1888 aged 65y 21d
Burch, Winston died May 10, 1880, broken stone...?y ?m 17d
Butts, Amy daughter of H.C. and M.A., died May 26, 1878 aged 5m 18d
Butts, Andrew Dugar son of H.C. & M.A., died Oct 27, 1883 9y 10m 28d
Butts, Missouri Ann, wife of H.C., died Dec 17, 1878 aged 27y 11m 8d
Butts, Sammie Oscar son of H.C. and M.A., died Nov 17, 1872...stone buried in ground
Chamness, Sam'l, Co G 4th Mo. S.M. Cav
Cheemness, Martha died Dec 25, 187(4?) broken stone...aged 66y 9m 12d
Clymens, Hazel, Mar 24, 1908 - Jun 23, 1908, child of J.E. & M.J.
Clymens, Infant, Feb 23, 1888, child of J.E. & M.J.
Clymens, Oscar, July 23, 1889 - Apr 29, 1893, child of J.E. & M.J.
Coffman, William Elzy son of B.F. & S.E., died Oct 28, 1878 age 5y 1m 15d
Cox, Daniel T., son of Eli C. & Lydia A., born Mar 15, 1856 died Jan 20, 1903
Cox, Eli C., born Dec 8, 1827 died Dec 18, 1903
Cox, Ella E., daughter of S.D. & M.A., died Nov 19, 1871 aged 2y 6m 17d
Cox, George, 1861 - 1952
Cox, Ida daughter of S.D. & M.A., died May 19, 1869 age 17 days
Cox, Irl son of J.W. & A.A., died Aug 21, 1888 age 2m 19d
Cox, J. Edward son of J.W. & Emma, born Feb 22, 1892 died Mar 12, 1895
Cox, J.F., Co G 4th Mo. S.M. Cav
Cox, Mrs Jake, died west of Hopkins [Missouri], buried in Cox cemetery. I found this death notice in the Taylor County [Iowa] Democrat, Oct 19, 1893. I did not find a tombstone for her.
Cox, John A., son of T.S. and M.M., died Dec 13, 1854, aged 2m 13d
Cox, John F., died Feb 6, 1874 aged 76y ?m 8d
Cox, John Henry, born Dec 31, 1857 died Jan 29, 1869
Cox, L. Calvin and family
Cox, Lydia Ann, born Nov 3, 1832 died Sep 10, 1890
Cox, Martha A., daughter of E. & Lydia, born Aug 18, 1854 died May 8, 1907
Cox, Mary Chamnes wife of T.S. Cox, born Aug 28, 1834 died Mar 25, 1876 (ss Thompson)
Cox, Mary Elizabeth wife of Samuel D., died Oct 2, 1861 aged 26y 2m
Cox, Mary J. daughter of T.S. and M.M., died Apr 30, 1868, aged 1y 3m 15d
Cox, Matilda, wife of J.F., died Dec 26, 1872 aged 70y 4m 2d
Cox, Olaf son of F.? & M.G., died Aug 25, 187(2 or 7?) aged 7m
Cox, Roann, daughter of S.D. & M.A., died Jan 4, 1874 aged 17y 2m 15d
Cox, Thompson, born Feb 24, 1829 died Jul 24, 1902 (ss Mary Chamnes)
Davison, Alice C., wife of Z.T., 1864 - 1887
Davison, George T., son of Z.T. and S.F., died Nov 11, 1879 aged 2y 5m 16d
Davison, Susan F., wife of Z.T., died Jan 22, 1885 aged 28y 3m 18d
Downey, Andrew, died Feb 23, 1876 aged 25y 11m 27d
Edwards, Henry N. son of M.J. and S., died Oct 26, 1886 age 7m 23d
Edwards, Riley M. son of M.J. and S., died Ma?, 14, 1885 age 4m 23d
Elsey, William, died Aug 6, 1876 age 23y 10m 8d
Ingram, Harley W. son of J.A. and N.A., died Mar 4, 1895 age 13days
Sutter, Adelia C., wife of S., died Oct 1879 aged 38yrs
Sutter, Julia wife of S., 1838 - 1923
Sutter, Santa, Co B 90th Ill Inf
Wilcox, Jane O., born May 31, 1805 died Feb 11, 1874