Nodaway County Cemeteries

The Nodaway Genealogical Society has published cemetery data for most of the townships. They not only transcribed stone copy but compared this to other list and materials, added valuable maps and direction to the cemeteries, and indexed the names. If you have families in this area, the cemetery books will be invaluable to you. (see listings and costs on the RESOURCE page)

Letha Marie Mowry will do look-ups in the cemetery books and let you know if your families are there and assist you with any questions.

Burch Cemetery in Buchanan Township, Page County, Iowa is on the state line between Nodaway County, Missouri and Page County. Some of those buried there will be people who lived in Nodaway County.        
ATCHISON TOWNSHIP   Atchison Township Cemetery Map  
  Clearmont (Northside and Southside) Cemetery - misc list        
  Clearmont, Oak Hill Cemetery sign from Joe Wallace        
  Boggs Family Cemetery        
  Hazel Dell Cemetery        
  Johnson Cemetery        
GRANT TOWNSHIP    Grant Township Cemetery Map      



  Alumbaugh Cemetery by Janet Hawley        
  Barnard Cemetery - East Side - by Janet Hawley        
  Barnard Cemetery - East Side - by Dave Leaton        
  Grant Township Cemetery Book by Janet Hawley        
  Jackson or Goforth Cemetery by Janet Hawley        
  Jackson or Goforth Cemetery by Pat O'Dell        
  Maffitt Cemetery by Janet Hawley        
  Masonic Barnard - West Side - by Janet Hawley        
  Masonic Barnard - West Side - by Dave Leaton        
  Platte Valley (Breit or Dougan) Cemetery by Janet Hawley        
  Swinford Cemetery by Janet Hawley        
  Sharp Cemetery        
GREEN TOWNSHIP    Green Township Cemetery Map        
   Mandi Brown,

Cain Cemetery


Quitman Cemetery -


IOOF Cemetery (Headrick and related family burials see  IOOF Cemetery, Quitman  This cemetery is located within the Hedrick Family Research site and you will need to use your BACK button to return to this site.)


Cameron Cemetery


HOPKINS TOWNSHIP    Hopkins Township Cemetery Map



Cox Cemetery by Pat Combs O'Dell


Hopkins Cemetery


Morehouse Cemetery


McAtee Cemetery


HUGHES TOWNSHIP    Hughes Township Cemetery Map



Bethany Cemetery


Centenary Cemetery


Groves Cemetery -


Kyle Cemetery


Linville Cemetery


Prairie Home/IOOF Cemeteries


Shamberger Cemetery


Swan Chapel Cemetery


INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP    Independence Township Cemetery Map



Brethern Cemetery (formerly Dunkard Cemetery)  (From the records of John Bainum, transcribed and typed by Guy L. Allee. This link takes you to the Cemetery link on the Worth County page.  You will need to use your "Back" button to return to this page.)


Johnson Cemetery


Luteston Cemetery   (transcribed by John Banium and Margaret Nelson and updated by Guy L Allee.  This link takes you to the Cemetery link on the Worth County page.  You will need to use your "Back" button to return to this page.)


McLaughlin Cemetery


New Hope Cemetery


Orrsburg Cemetery


Gaynor Cemetery


Lucas Cemetery


JACKSON TOWNSHIP    Jackson Township Cemetery Map



Alsburg Cemetery


Honey Creek Cemetery


Monroe Cemetery


Oak Lawn Cemetery


Parnell Cemetery


Partridge Cemetery


Rose Hill Cemetery


St. Joseph Cemetery


Sweet Home Cemetery -


JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP    Jefferson Township Cemetery Map



Clyde Cemetery


St. Columba Cemetery


LINCOLN TOWNSHIP    Lincoln Township Cemetery Map



Elmo Cemetery


High Prairie Cemetery -


Lamar Cemetery [Possum Walk, Lamar Station]


Mt. Hope Cemetery


Six Corners Cemetery


Union Grove Cemetery


MONROE TOWNSHIP    Monroe Township Cemetery Map



Burr Oak Cemetery


Masonic Cemetery


Hillcrest Cemetery


Slason Family Cemetery


Smith Cemetery


NODAWAY TOWNSHIP    Nodaway Township Cemetery Map


Ohio Cemetery - Burlington Junction -


Wilcox Cemetery


Workman Chapel Cemetery




POLK TOWNSHIP NORTHWEST    Polk Twp Northwest Cemetery Map



Poor Farm


Nodaway Memorial Gardens


POLK TOWNSHIP NORTHEAST    Polk Twp Northeast Cemetery Map



Oak Hill (City of Maryville)


Myrtle Tree


Oak Hill East


POLK TOWNSHIP SOUTHWEST    Polk Twp Southwest Cemetery Map



Morgan / Bell Grove Cemetery section 2


Cox Cemetery


POLK TOWNSHIP SOUTHEAST    Polk Twp Southeast Cemetery Map



Miriam Cemetery (City of Maryville)

  Old City or Pioneer Cemetery - 600 block of East First Street, Maryville        

St. Mary's Cemetery (City of Maryville)


St. Patrick's Cemetery


UNION TOWNSHIP    Union Township Cemetery Map



Gray Cemetery


Coleman Cemetery


Taylor Family Cemetery


White Oak Cemetery


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP    Washington Township Cemetery Map



Graves Cemetery - misc list


Groves Cemetery


Lafayette Cemetery


Weathermon Cemetery - misc list


WHITE CLOUD TOWNSHIP    White Cloud Township Cemetery Map



Baker Cemetery


Cliser Cemetery


Litts Cemetery


Pleasant Grove Cemetery


Salem Cemetery


Talbott Family Cemetery


White Cloud Cemetery




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