Janet Hawley's Grant Twp, Nodaway County, Missouri burials



There are many burials in the cemeteries that are not marked with tombstones. Below are clues from many sources to help locate those graves. There are no cemetery records to show unmarked graves, so we must find clues from other sources. The names below are not a complete list of unmarked graves.

They are just the ones I found.


From Smoke Signals ( Nodaway County Genealogical Society Newsletter) June 1983:

Burials in Barnard Cemetery (east side of blacktop) where no stones are present:

·         Earl Snyder-born Sept 1898, died about Dec 1902, son of William and Dora Snyder

·         Maudie Marie Snyder-born May 1902, died Nov 1902, dau of William and Dora Snyder.

·         Earl and Maudie Snyder are buried in the same row with William, Dora and their daughter-in-law, Mary Snyder 1900-1956, wife of Glen Snyder.

1883-1893 Death records kept by the county:

·         Annan, Robert Garfield-age 2, died Feb 19, 1884. Burial Barnard.

·         Davis , Alice Harvilla-9 months, died Nov 23, 1885 in Bolckow? Burial Barnard.

·         Franceis, Joseph-8 months, died Jan 30, 1885 in Grant twp. Burial Swinford.

·         Pary, Joseph-age 1, died July 28, 1885 in Grant twp, buried Barnard Cemetery [there is a Joel Perry, son of H.H & M.E. Perry-no dates in Barnard cem].

·         Swinford, Jesse-age 2, died Sept 30, 1883. Burial Swinford Graveyard.

·         Ware, Susan May-age 2 months, died July 8, 1884 in White Cloud twp. Burial Moffitt cemetery.

Rev. Joseph Munshaw Funeral File:

·         Warren, Herbert- Aug 19, 1962 Barnard Cemetery [ Atchison Funeral Home]

·         Warren, Carrie-wife of Herbert-May 2, 1963 [Atchison Funeral Home]

·         A family member said that there was an infant son of the Warren ’s buried there (unknown date) also and the graves are NW of the John Jorgenson stone.

Missouri Death Certificates-[I did not look through all available death certificates. These are random ones I found].

·         Stalling, Edith-died March 12, 1911, born Oct 22, 1909. Buried Barnard. Dau of Richard and Kate Miller Stalling.

·         Gilbert, infant-died Feb 22, 1912. Son of Floyd and Minnie Brittain Gilbert. Burial Barnard

·         Goforth, Lowell Edward-died March 3, 1912, aged 5 months. Son of Edward and Laura Wilson Goforth. Burial Barnard.

·         Beattie, John-born July 15, 1830 in Scotland to William Beattie. Died Jan 28, 1914 in Grant twp. Buried Barnard. Barnard Bulletin of Feb 5, 1914 says he was buried in Barnard Cemetery next to his wife, Jane Ivison Beattie, who died Nov 18, 1903.

·         Rasco, Ruth Augusta-died June 20, 1955. Born to Fieldren and Sarah Ellen Hagan Lanning on Sept 1, 1877. Married George Rasco. Buried in the Barnard cemetery.

·         Rasco, George Sanders-died Nov 6, 1955. Born to Sanders Henry and Melinda Martin Rasco on Aug 20, 1837, married Ruth Lanning. Buried in the Barnard cemetery. [Ruth and George Rasco are probably buried near the graves of Lee and Della Rasco.]

·         Wohlford-I found death certificates for 3 babies of Robert L. and May Hyre Wohlford. DeLoris was 2 days old and died April 8, 1918 and buried at Swinford. Unnamed premature daughter died at birth on Dec 27, 1919 and was buried at Miriam. Her twin, Evelyn Roberta died at 9 days on Jan 5, 1920 and was also buried at Miriam.

·         Larsen, Jens-died May 22, 1923 in Grant twp. He was born in Denmark Feb 9, 1858. Burial at Swinford, but no stone. His wife, Anna, is probably buried there too, but I can’t find a date of death or death certificate for her.

·         Larsen, Carl (born 1891) and his wife Laura May (born 1895) are probably both buried at Swinford, but I haven’t found a date of death or death cert for either of them.

·         Willson, Minnie Rachael-10, was born Oct 24, 1911 and died of scarlet fever on Sept 4, 1922 in White Cloud twp. She was born in Clinton Co, MO to Jay Willson and Ruey Kelly. Burial was in the Barnard Cemetery .

·         Duke, John Wesley-71, died March 27, 1912 at Arkoe. Born Aug 22, 1840 in Andrew Co to Thomas Duke (born Ind ) and Eliza Pittman (born Ohio ). Burial in Alumbaugh cemetery. [There is a John W Duke buried there with no death date.]

·         Baker, Joseph B-82, died at Barnard Feb 21, 1948. Born June 6, 1865 at Barnard. Burial Barnard Masonic cemetery. Signed by son, Fred Baker.

·         Holaday, Rufus-60, died June 8, 1948 at Barnard. He was born in Bolckow Aug 22, 1887 to Edward Holaday and Jennie Elliott. Burial at Barnard Cemetery .

·         Jackson , Robert Dean “Jack”-11, died at the State School in Marshall , MO on Oct 2, 1952. He was the son of Edgar and Helen Faye Davison Jackson of Barnard and born Oct 2, 1941. Burial in Barnard Cemetery .

·         Ware, Joseph Jasper-77, died in White Cloud twp on April 13, 1914. He was born Sept 14, 1836 in Clearmont Co, Ohio to Wm. Ware and Annie Clutch and was widowed. Burial in Alumbaugh Cemetery . [In Dr Humberd’s diary he says this was the grandfather of Clayton Rogers.]

·         Dobbins, Samuel Richard-56, died of a gunshot wound on Oct 23, 1933 at the Maryville hospital. He was born Aug 8, 1877 near Barnard to George and Rebecca McMullen Dobbins. Burial in Barnard.

Miscellaneous Information:

·         Eaton, Clark-son of C.H. Eaton. C.H. Eaton’s obit is in Barnard Bulletin and it says that Clark died in Chillicothe , while attending school. Clark ’s tombstone is on the Larry Haist farm, west of Barnard, in a pasture just west of the house. He was born in 1874 and died Feb 23, 1893. But there is also a stone for him in the Barnard Cemetery .

·         On July 1, 1953, Dr Charles D Humberd, Barnard physician, wrote in his diary: “wrote Clinton Allen, monuments, Maryville , entering Wm. Baley, died 8-27-1847, about [age] 58, Alumbaugh cemetery, in his contest to find oldest grave in county.”

·         July 17, 1953, Dr. Humberd’s diary: “Out to graveyard [Barnard or Barnard Masonic] and failed to find any markers for Mrs.(or Mr.?) Thos. Trotter or Mrs. Ella Rhoades, one or the other being the first burial in the cemetery. (The oldest found was an Ulman infant, 10 Sept 1875), nor for Rev. Stillwell or Rev Jones.”

·         There was possibly a cemetery called Cruise Cemetery in Sect 7, T62N 34W, but the precise location is not known and there are no stones. In that cemetery were possibly buried two infants, a daughter of Peder Christian Nelson, born 1886 and also a son of Alvin Jacob Nelson, named Chester , who was born and died in 1911. Chester ’s death cert says he was buried at Guilford , but there is no stone. I haven’t confirmed either of those burials and haven’t found anything else about that cemetery. There may be others buried there too. This information was given to me by Wayne Nelson’s son, Donnie Nelson.

·         There was a newspaper article in the Barnard Bulletin on Nov 19, 1925 that included this information but I haven’t found any other record of it. “A Negro burying ground, where the slaves were buried who died in the community, was located just south of where Walter Schmitt now lives on the Curnutt farm now owned by Bert Hubbell.”

Floyd “Doc” Rogers dug many graves in the Barnard cemeteries. These names are from his records:

·         Oct 15, 1963. Miss John Collins [Barnard or Barnard Masonic?]

·         June 8, 1963. Ora May Newburn

·         Sept 18?, 1963, Gene Byrn Stoth

·         March 30, 1964. Bowham [Rev Munshaw had a funeral for George Morgan Boham, born Oct 6, 1896 in Barnard to John R and Dollie Sniffin Boham. He died at Creston , Iowa March 27, 1964. There is no burial place mentioned.]

·         Sept 3, 1964. Kansas City . [no name]

Miscellaneous family information I have received from families looking for their roots in Grant Twp:

·         Lars (Lorace?) Mickelson, born 1832 or March 1833 in Denmark . Died Aug 10, 1913 in St. Joseph . Burial Swinford, but no stone. Death cert says he was buried at Maryville .

·         Mary Emma Mickelson, Born in Utah or Denmark (family history says she was born in Denmark ), died 1873. Thought to be buried at Swinford Cemetery . The granddaughters of Lars and Mary Emma Mickelson, Mildred Thompson Gorton and Violet Jenson Huff insisted Lars and Mary Mickelson were buried at Swinford Cemetery . Violet attended Lars' funeral there.

·         Emma Mickelson born 1873 south of Bedison. It's believed her mother, Mary Emma died in childbirth or complications of childbirth. At the death of Mary Emma, little Emma was taken in by the Byergo or Goforth family of near Barnard. It's thought little Emma died at age 3-4 and was buried at Swinford Cemetery .

·         Squire Donald Thompson born 27 Apr 1897 and died 31 Jul 1967; burial at Swinford Cemetery .

·         Effie Olive Boham, born 12/3/1910 and died 1913, 3 years old. (Family information is that she was buried near or right up against the grandmother, Rebecca Boham’s grave). There is a death certificate for Olive Effie Boham, June 6, 1909 to July 17, 1911, buried at Barnard.

·         John Robert Boham born 3/29/1858 in Caledonia, Marion Co, Ohio died 9/4/1916 in Arkoe. He is buried in Barnard cemetery, but no stone. [Death certificate verifies this, but says he died in Green twp.]

·         Possible burials in Alumbaugh Cemetery : John Alumbaugh born 1806 and died September or October 1854 Nodaway County , Missouri . His wife, Nancy Messick-Blan Alumbaugh born about the same time and believe she died by 1870. She is living in Littleville [Littsville?], Nodaway County , Missouri in 1860. John and Nancy Alumbaugh’s children might be buried there too. They had two children who the family believe died before maturity, but do not have their names. Also these children: Lydia A. Alumbaugh Matherly died 22 Sept 1878, Nodaway County , and George Alumbaugh, who died in infancy. [from Donna Alumbaugh]

·         A family member says: George A. Smith was the son of Caleb Pierce Smith. George’s wife was Anna M. and they along with their son, Lloyd at 8 m, 21 days (12/30/1898) may all be buried at Swinford. [The Abstracted Newspaper Index of Nodaway County, Missouri confirms that the infant was buried in Swinford and had a marker, but it is gone now and there is nothing to show where the parents are buried.]

·         Cindy Alvarez writes of her family: Soren Hansen [buried in the Barnard Cemetery ] is my great-grandfather. After he died, his wife, Anna Marie (nee Silvander) moved to Calif to be near her children. She died in 1955 and is buried at Forrest Lawn (formerly Sunnyside) Cemetery in Long Beach , Calif. along with her children Harry, John & Florence. Soren and Anna Marie had 7 children, Harry (my grandfather), John, Lester, Lena, Florence , Eunice and Gertrude. The children were all born in Nodaway Co., MO on the family farm, located between Arkoe & Barnard.

·         Judy (Rhoads) Flora says of her family: My great grandparents were Sanford and Eliza (Smith) Rhoads. They are buried in the Jackson/Goforth Cemetery. She was born 01/31/1842 in Andrew County and died 09/21/1923 in Nodaway County . I think 6 of their children are probably buried there also. George W. Rhoads was born 06/26/1870 and died 05/2/1887. Eliza Jane Rhoads was born 04/10/1865 and died 05/01/1887. Sivilla was born 07/26/1867 and died 02/22/1885. Charles B. was born 08/13/1872 and died 11/12/1873. Jacob A. was born 08/05/1874 and died 09/07/1878. Sarah M. was born 03/03/1876 and died 06/25/1893.

·         Family member, Joan Fuhrman says: Susan Pennington, wife of James Pennington, was my gr gr grandmother. Family records state that she died April 15 1859 and was born June 15, 1818 which does not tally with the tombstones 41y 9m 20d. To most closely ‘hit’ the dates she may have been born on June 15, 1817 and died on April 5, 1859.  She had eleven children, the youngest not quite 2 when she died.  Her husband remarried a Matilda Brown on September 24, 1860 in Birming , MO.

·         It is believed that Edith Leighty, age 2, daughter of Whit Leighty, died Sept 19, 1880 and is buried near William and Lucy Leighty in the Barnard Cemetery .