Janet Hawley's Grant Twp, Nodaway County, Missouri burials

Funeral Home Records: Price, Cummins, Johnson & Campbell:


·         Lucas, Joe-of Parnell, died Dec 29, 1902, aged 1 y, 6 m. Burial in Swinford cemetery.

·         Lucas, (no first name)-of Parnell, age 4, died Jan 5, 1903. Burial in Swinford.

·         Mickelson, (no name given)-south of Bedison, age 3, Jan 11, 1903. Burial in Swinford.

·         Shrader, Sarah-(child) of Clyde , aged 3 m, 14 d, died Jan 13, 1903. Burial in Swinford.

·         Strong, Chas.-of Bedison died Jan 15, 1903, aged 17 y, 11m, 28 d. Burial in Swinford.

·         Swinford, W.F.-age 84, died June 11, 1906. Ordered by sons. No burial place listed.

·         Swinford, Baby-died Jan 6, 1912. Funeral ordered by “Dwight”. No burial place listed.

·         Riddle, Ed-died in Maryville , May 18, 1913. Buried Barnard cemetery

·         Smith, Mrs. James-age 28, died May 9, 1915. Father was Bruce Bright. A note says she was from Hamburg . Burial was at Swinford.

·         Sniffin, Hattie C.-age 78, died Dec 21, 1915. Husband was Daniel, child was Mrs. Boham. Burial was in Barnard Cemetery .

·         McDermott, Margaret L.-a baby, died April 15, 1916. Father was D.D. McDermott. Burial was in Barnard cemetery.

·         Hall, Elsie May-age 2, died April 22, 1916. Her father was Frank Hall. Burial was in Bedison. [Swinford?]

·         Boham, John R.-age 68, died Sept 4, 1916. The funeral was ordered by Mrs. Boham, his children were Ephraim, George, Willie, John, Ford, and Irene. Burial in Barnard Cemetery

·         Schweikhardt, Pearl B.-age 7, died Oct 26, 1916. Her father was Frank and she was buried at Bedison. [Swinford?]

·         Hopkins , H.N.-age 81, died June 11, 1917. His wife was Elizabeth ; his children were E.E., Luther, and Willard. Burial was at Barnard cemetery

·         Loy, Sarah E.-age 79, died March 14, 1918. Her son was John Loy. Burial at Swinford

·         Griffith , Neva Lenora-age 8 months, died Sept 4, 1919. No survivors listed. She was buried at Swinford.

·         Blagg, George W.-age 86, died April 4, 1923. His children were Amanda and Edna. Burial at Barnard.

·         Larsen, James [Jens]-age 65, died May 22, 1923. His wife [Anna] was not listed; his children were Carl, Teena, and Carrie. Burial at Swinford.

·         Lawrence, Mrs [Katie M]-age 57, died 7 Jan 1932. Husband, Norman; children, Ed & Glen. Siblings, Collins Johnston, Mrs. Hester Trusty. Burial at Swinford.

·         Partridge, Harmon F.-age 79, died 4 July 1936. Wife, Sarah Mapes; siblings, Mrs. Margaret Tompkins, Mrs. Anna Richardson. Burial at Swinford.

·         Buttmann, Lucy Ellen Johnson-age 73, died 22 Aug 1942. Husband, Christian; children, Fred, Mrs. Hal Turner. Burial at Barnard. [couldn’t find a stone or death cert. Christian’s death cert says he is buried at Graham.]

·         Lawrence , [Laurence] Norman-age 75, died 9 May 1945. Wife, Katy Johnson; children, Glen, Edward; sibling, Mrs. Vera Martindale. Burial at Swinford.

·         Jensen, Marie-age 85, died 8 July 1945. Children, Mrs. E. Olson, Jacob; sibling, Andrew Nelson. Burial at Swinford.

·         Drydale, Beverly May-age 1 week, died 18 Feb 1946. Father, Murray R.; sibling, Ronald; grandparents, Walter Drydale, John Merrell. Burial at Barnard [Masonic].

·         Hagan, Sarah Molinda-age 77, died at Maryville , June 22, 1947. Born Jan 30, 1870, Urbana , Ill. Husband, S.G. Hagan, age 78 (married 11/18/14 at Barnard). Father, Samuel Thornton, born Virginia ; mother, Feriba York, born Virginia . Daughters, Mrs. Floyd Moore, Mrs. Lawrence Linville, brother, S.O. Thornton. Burial in Barnard.

·         Newburn, Judy Ora-age 47, born St. Joseph , April 2, 1916, died May 28, 1963 at Maryville . Parents, Charles Burchett and Myrtle Jackson. Husb Lloyd Newburn. Burial Barnard cemetery.

·         Stotts, James Herbert-age 64, born July 4, 1906 at Barnard, died Jan 22, 1971 at Hastings , Neb. Parents: James Barney Stotts & Ellen Kling. Married Irene ? (deceased). Survivors: brother, William Stotts. Burial Barnard Masonic

·         Tanner, Ida Elizabeth-age 89, born in Nodaway Co, April 20, 1890, died Nov 14, 1979 at Lawson , MO. Parents: John William Tanner & Sara Elizabeth Gage. Burial Barnard cemetery.


·         Baker, Joseph B., born June 6, 1865, died Feb 21, 1948, buried Barnard Masonic.

·         Burchett, Rayelta, born and died April 24, 1948, dau of Ray Burchett, buried Barnard.

·         Holaday, Rufus-age 60, died June 8, 1948, buried Barnard cemetery.

·         Rasco, Ruth Augusta, age 77, June 20, 1955. Buried Barnard cemetery.

·         Rasco, George S., age 82, died Nov 6, 1955. Buried Barnard cemetery.


·         Sarah Partridge, 65, died Aug 2, 1923. Burial Swinford.

·         Kissinger infant, son of Olin Kissinger, died May 4, 1925. Burial Barnard. [Didn’t find a death cert or stone].

·         Pauline Mader, 78, died March 24, 1935. Burial Barnard

Misc Obits File: These are obits I have collected that don’t have a tombstone in Grant Twp: [MDF=Maryville Daily Forum, St. Joe NP=St. Joseph News Press. If it says they died or were buried at Barnard, they might have been buried somewhere other than a Grant twp cemetery, but I put them in-just in case.]

·         Anderson , Veldron Lloyd-79, died Feb 11, 1988 at Joplin . Born May 10, 1908 in Barnard to Otto Anderson and Emma Lanning. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. MDF.

·         Baker, Alfred-Notice from the “Barnard Lodge” says he was buried in the Barnard cemetery. No other information. Barnard Times of about Nov 26, 1880

·         Baker, Amos-41, died last Friday night at his home in Barnard. He had injured himself 2 weeks before from lifting boxes. He leaves a wife and child. His burial was at Barnard under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity. [It doesn’t tell where he is buried and there is no stone at either cemetery in Barnard] Nodaway Democrat, Feb 5, 1880

·         Baker, Catharine, 81, died March 15, 1896. Wife of William Baker. Born in Kentucky in 1814 and moved with her father, Cana Bagwell, to MO when she was 10. She married in 1837 and was the mother of 6 children, 3 living; Cana and Redmond Baker and Mrs. M.J. Weaver.  No burial listed. Nodaway Democrat of March 19 and Tribune of March 26, 1896.

·         Baker, Joseph B.-age 82, died Saturday at the home of his son, Fred Baker of Barnard. He was a carpenter and had been ill some time. He spent all his life at Barnard and had lived at the home of his son for last year. He married Evelena Brinkman who died in 1935. His second wife was Mary Alice Gray, who died in 1943. He is survived by 2 sons, Fred, Barnard, and Ervin Baker of California ; daughter, Edna Reed, Leonardville, Kas; 10 grchildren and 5 gr-grchildren. Burial in Barnard Masonic cemetery.MDF, Feb 23, 1948.

·         Baker, Miss-Barnard Items: One death to report; a Miss Baker near town, who was consumptions’ victim. Nodaway Democrat Dec 28, 1882.

·         Baker, Mrs. Joseph, living east of Barnard, died at her home Feb 2, 1932. Evelean Brinkman was born in Buchanan Co, MO, near St. Joseph , Feb 6, 1868. She married Joseph B. Baker Oct 26, 1890. Burial in the Barnard Masonic Cemetery . Barnard Bulletin, Feb 4 & 11, 1932

·         Barnes, Stephen H.-died last Sunday. He was an old settler. [no family or burial information]. Barnard News Nodaway Democrat Jan 31, 1889

·         Beattie, Edith Caroline-94, died Nov 29, 1970. Born in Sidney , Iowa , March 27, 1876 the daughter of Logan Rasco. Survivors are sons, John and William I. Beattie. Burial in Barnard Masonic. MDF

·         Beattie, Ettie-19, died March 19, 1895. She was born April 20, 1875, the dau of John S. and Mary Perkins and married William Beattie Jan 23, 1895. She died of typhoid fever. Barnard News in same paper says burial was in Barnard.  Nodaway Democrat, March 28, 1895.

·         Benson, Mrs. Josh H.-died June 21, 1895 at her home in Barnard. Three of her children (unnamed) were present at the time of her death. Another article mentions a daughter, Mrs. Lewis Williams coming from Chicago . Burial in the Barnard Cemetery . Maryville Republican July 4, 1895.

·         Best, Mrs J.H.-no age given, died about May 11, 1894. No other information. Barnard News. Nodaway Democrat, May 17, 1894.

·         Fuller, Susana M.-daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Bird, was born in Kentucky , July 22, 1833. Married James A. Fuller April 24, 1867 and lived in Nodaway Co. until her death on Nov 9, 1892. [Reprinted from the Barnard Rustler] Maryville . Republican Dec 8, 1892. No burial information.

·         Britton, Oliver-The first death in Barnard was Oliver Britton in July 1871. Past and Present of Nodaway County , 1910.[there is a stone in Platte Valley cemetery for William O. Britton who died July, 1872]

·         Campbell , Lillie-52, died before Oct 9, 1922 at Ottumwa , Iowa . Maiden name Nichols, married Elmer Campbell. Burial in Barnard. Maryville Tribune, Oct 9, 1922

·         Chellew, Gabriel Purcell-3 weeks old son of Mr & Mrs Ben Chellew, and grandson of Mr. & Mrs Gabe Purcell, of Conception died yesterday of pneumonia. Burial in Swinford.  Nodaway Democrat Feb 13, 1919.

·         Curnutt, Grandma- Barnard news lists deaths in last 3 weeks, including Grandma Curnutt. Nodaway Democrat, March 28, 1895

·         Davis , A.C.-born Nov 4, 1850, Randolph Co, Ind. & died at home of dau, Mrs. W. W. Walden, Feb 23, 1918. Burial at Swinford. On Sept 6, 1873, he married Mary B. Creson (who died July 24, 1907) and they had 4 children, 2 are living. Weekly Democrat-Forum Feb 25, 1918-2 articles.

·         Diggs, Joshua W.-26, died Oct 2, 2006 at his home in Savannah . He was born March 5, 1980 to Randy and Darla Corwin Diggs. Burial at the Barnard Masonic cemetery. St. Joe NP

·         Gaddis, infant-son of James G. Gaddis, died before July 18, 1878. Burial Barnard. Nodaway Democrat, July 18, 1878.

·         Gavin, James M.-about 80, died Jan 21, 1900 at his home in Splitlog , MO. He was one of the first residents and merchants of Barnard. It has been about 18 years since he left here. [Reprinted from the Barnard Bulletin] Maryville Republican, 8 Feb 1900

·         Guisinger infant-died Dec 3, 1902 in Weleetka, I.T. Child of L.O. Guisinger. Burial Barnard. Nodaway Democrat, Dec 11, 1902

·         Heren, George-54, died Sept 7, 1892. Burial Barnard. Maryville Republican, Sept 15, 1892

·         Hurd, Lulu-12, daughter of Mrs. Hurd, died on the 22nd of fever, at her home in Barnard. Nodaway Democrat, July 30, 1885

·         Lanning, John- died at his home in St. Joe, Jan 20, 1905. Born in Andrew Co, March 29, 1852. He married Maggie Rasco on Dec 20, 1894, who survives. Buried in Barnard Cemetery . Maryville Republican Feb 2, 1905.

·         Lewis, “Grandma”-died at her home in Barnard Friday. Funeral was Sunday. Frank Haines, editor of the Rushville News, was in Barnard Sunday for the funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. Lewis. Maryville Tribune (Barnard News) March 4, 1904

·         Mader children-Mrs. G. Matter [Mader?] of Maryville went to Barnard to spend Decoration Day. She has 3 children buried there. Maryville Daily Tribune, May 30, 1906.

·         McNew, Lulu-“Little Lulu McNew, who was so badly burned near Barnard, Chirstmas day, died the morning of the 26th.” Nodaway Democrat, Jan 1, 1891.

·         Merrell, John-died March 22 near Barnard. [2 articles-but not much information. Nodaway Democrat, March 28, 1895.

·         Mozingo children-Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Mozingo lost 2 children last Saturday, having taken sick on Friday. Burial in Swinford. About a year ago, they lost 2 children. Nodaway Democrat, Jan 6, 1881.

·         Nelson, John V-about 40, was killed at Stanberry, Sept 16, 1884. He was shot by Mrs. Edward Stewart, as he tried to break into her house. He was the oldest son of Henry Nelson and had lived at Maryville , but was now married and living in Stanberry. His wife is the daughter of Daniel Barringer of Grant township and they had no children, except a daughter who died about 3 years ago. Burial at Barnard. [ Platte Valley cemetery has a stone with Nelson on it close to the Baringer plot] Nodaway Democrat 18 Sept 1884

·         Nichols, Sarah-no age given, died [June 26], 1926. Widow of James M. Nichols. Burial Barnard. Democrat Forum, July 1, 1926.

·         Pope, John-died last Monday night at the residence of his son, William, in Grant township, aged 77 years, and was buried at the Swinford school house. Nodaway Democrat Sept 11, 1879

·         Pope, William-A 9 year old son of Wm. H. and Martha Pope, of Grant Twp, died May 15th from the result of a horse kick. Nodaway Democrat: June 13, 1872

·         Robison/Robinson, V.-died May 15, 1890. The body of an old man named V. Robison was found about a mile below Barnard with a bullet hole through the head. Suicide suspected. Brother of Sam and Harve Robinson. No burial place listed. [There is a V.M. Robison in Jackson cemetery] Maryville Republican, May 15, 1890.

·         Smith, Ellen Curtin-85,died last night at Maryville . Born Feb 18, 1858 near Guilford , she married Perry Tucker on Oct 27, 1881. He preceded her in death and she married James Smith who died soon afterward. A daughter, Stella Tucker, also preceded her in death. Burial in Swinford cemetery. MDF July 17, 1943. [found a stone for James Smith and Mary Stella Tucker in Swinford]

·         Sniffen, Hattie-79, died Dec 22, 1915, at the home of her dau, Mrs. John Boham, of Arkoe. Married to Dan Sniffen, who died 20 years ago. Burial in Arkoe. Nodaway Democrat, Dec 23, 1915. [The Maryville Tribune says she was buried at the Barnard Cemetery and her death cert says she died Dec 21 and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Maryville . There is not a stone for her in either place, but her husband and son are both in Oak Hill.  Her husband died 14 Dec 1885 age 53y 2m 7d and son David A on 5 Jun 1874 age 8y 10m.]

·         Stout G. D.-‘Squire G. D. Stout, of Grant twp, died after a painful and protracted illness. Was a native of Tennessee , but had been a resident of Missouri for probably twenty years. Nodaway Democrat: Oct 16, 1873

·         Stucker, Marvin-3 months old son of William O. Stucker, 5 miles NE of Barnard died [June 28]. Funeral was at home of Mrs. Stucker’s father, Preston Curnutt. Burial in Barnard Masonic cemetery. Weekly Democrat-Forum July 3, 1913.

·         Thompson, Sarah Graves-74, died Jan 28, 1910, at the home of her son, Noah Thompson, Maryville . She had lived in Nodaway County since she was 4. Survivors are her children, Noah , Del and George Thompson and Mrs. Hager. Burial in Swinford cemetery. Nodaway Democrat Feb 3, 1910 [she has no stone or death certificate]

·         Tilson, infant-Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Tilson and daughter, Nannie, J.L. Tilson and Miss Alice Tilson went to Barnard Friday to attend the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Tilson’s infant son. Nodaway Democrat, Aug 19, 1909

·         Woodard, Mary-80, died at the home of her daughter, Nell Woodard in Kansas City and her funeral was this morning at the home of her nephew, James Blagg in Maryville. Also surviving is a son, George Woodard. Burial in Swinford. Daily Democrat Forum Feb 4, 1920.