Janet Hawley's Grant Twp, Nodaway County, Missouri burials

Deaths (with no tombstone) in the Barnard Newspapers:

Date at end of item is the date of the newspaper. If date of death is noted, it will be included in item. All newspapers are the Barnard Bulletin.

·         Beattie, John-was born July 15, 1830, in Dumfreishire , Scotland , died Jan. 28, 1914. In Jan. 1850, he came to Canada after a long stormy trip on the ocean. July 5, 1852 he was married to Jane Ivison who died Nov. 18, 1903. To them were born 12 children, seven of whom are living. William, John, and Thomas Beattie, Mrs. John Rasco, Mrs. Arthur Rasco, Mrs. Anna Jobe and Mrs. Ellen Rose, all of county. After remaining six yrs in Canada he came to Illinois , remaining there ten years, then moved to Mo in 1866. He was laid to rest in the Barnard cemetery by the side of her who so long had been his companion. Feb. 5, 1914.

·         Goforth, James Afton-son of James E. and Ora Goforth was born near Thunderhawk, ND on Dec 14, 1909 and died at the home of his Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Goforth in Barnard March 16, 1914. On the 20th of Jan, he in company with his father came to Barnard to visit with relatives and friends. On the 9th of March he was taken sick with pneumonia. [Burial in the Barnard Cemetery .] March 19, 1914

·         Gorsuch, Ernie-was born in Barnard, Dec. 13, 1880 and passed away at his home in LaCross , Wis. , Nov. 21, 1915. The body was brought to Barnard and he was buried by the side of his mother in the Barnard Cemetery . Dec 2, 1915.

·         Ogier, Nina May-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ogier was born near Wellston, Ohio, April 17, 1903 and died April 6, 1916. She leaves parents and siblings, Helen Marie, Clifford H., Earl M., Ross C., George E., Paul J. and Herbert. Burial was in the Barnard cemetery. April 20, 1916.

·         McDermitt, infant- of Bert McDermitt and wife, of near Maryville died Saturday morning, having lived only a few minutes. Burial was in the Barnard cemetery. Mrs. McDermitt is a sister to Mrs. Ibe Rasco. April 20, 1916.

·         Nichols, Charles Robert-son of Madison and Sarah Nichols was born in Wappello Co., Ia. , Sept 20, 1870. While working with a construction gang about two weeks ago, he fell into a vat of hot tar burning him severely. He was taken to a hospital where he died May 6. The body was brought back to the old home and laid to rest by the side of his father in the Barnard cemetery. May 11, 1916.

·         Thompson, Squire M.-son of John and Mary Thompson, was born at Ottumwa , Iowa , March 11, 1851 and died at Topeka , Kansas , Jun 3, 1916. When a child, he came with his parents to Missouri where he spent the greater part of his life. In March 1875, he married Miss Parthenia Stingley. To this union were born four children, three sons and one daughter, one son dying in infancy and the daughter, Rena, when eighteen years old. His wife died Aug. 4, 1899. He married again in 1903 to Mrs. N. C. Stingley. He moved to Circleville , Kan , in 1904. Burial was in the Swinford cemetery. June 8, 1916.

·         Ogier, George Eldon-8 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ogier died early yesterday morning as the result of a hard fall a week ago. He was born near Wellston , Ohio , Feb. 22, 1908. Burial in the Masonic cemetery. August 3, 1916.

·         Boham, John-65 years old, a farmer living south of Arkoe, dropped dead near the Burlington station at Arkoe Sept 4. He had lived in the vicinity for about 40 years. He is survived by his wife and six children, Ephraim, George, Willie, John, and Ford, all living at or near Arkoe, and Irene living at home. Burial was in Barnard Cemetery . Sept. 7, 1916.

·         Rector, M. S.-was born at Belmont , Ohio , March 5, 1849 and died at the home of his sister, Hattie Merrel on Dec. 14, 1916, Burial in the Barnard Cemetery . Todd Rector of St. Joseph came up during the illness and death of his brother, “Shack”. Dec 21, 1916

·         Goforth infant-On Jan. 20, twin boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goforth who live just south of town. One of the babies died and was buried Sunday. Jan. 25, 1917

·         Hopkins, H. N.-was born in Morgan county, Ohio , Nov. 26, 1835 and died June 11, 1917, at the Nodaway county Sanitarium. His wife died in Nov. 1904. Burial was in the Barnard Cemetery . June 14, 1917

·         Tapscott, infant-son of Mrs. and Mrs. Everett Tapscott died Monday. Sept 27, 1917

·         Alumbaugh, Mrs. Jane-64, a former resident, died Saturday in Shenandoah , Iowa at the home of her son, B. Adams. The body was taken to Barnard for burial. Feb 7, 1918

·         Wohlford, infant-The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wohlford of Conception was buried Monday in the Barnard cemetery.[Death cert says DOD was April 8, name was DeLoris and she was buried at Swinford] April 11, 1918

·         Blagg, Edmonia O’Howell-was born in Cooper County, Mo, Feb 13, 1843 and died at her home in Barnard, April 22, 1918. In 1860 she married Geo. W. Blagg and they had ten children, seven having preceded their mother in death. Burial was in the Barnard Cemetery . April 25, 1918

·         Kling, Lawrence Dean- two-year-old son of Fred Kling and wife, died at home, May 13, of measles and pneumonia. Burial in the Masonic cemetery. May 16, 1918

·         Merrel, Harriet G. Rector-was born near Macon City , Mo , August 20, 1859 and died April 18, 1919 at her home in Barnard. She married John H. Merrel, Dec. 28, 1882 and they had five children. Her husband died 24 years ago. Burial was in the Masonic Cemetery . April 24, 1919. [The Masonic cemetery has 2 Merrel stones that say only Mother and Father.]

·         Old Soldiers-Forty two veterans of other wars than the present are sleeping in two cemeteries near Barnard, according to J. E. Snyder, who recently placed markers at the graves, so that flags could be flown in their honor each Decoration Day. Snyder is the only one with the possible exception of M. V. Baker, who knows the location of each old soldier’s grave and he has helped every year for the past twenty-five years with the decoration of the graves. The list is given below together with the war in which each served. In some instances the first name is not recalled. [Some of these have stones, but I included the whole list.] Valentine Corell [Korell], Civil War, U. S. Soldier, Chas. Eaton, the same, Turner, Boham, the same, Riddle, the same, Sam Phillips, Home Guards, John Harlon, U. S. Army, John A. Goff, the same, Wm. Bader, the same, Barney Chancler, the same, Francis Blagg, the same, Nobe Farr, the same, Eli Hartley, Home Guards, Tom Simpson, U. S. Army, Henry Waters, the same, Sam Conley, the same, Gavan, War of 1812, Ellis, U. S. Army, Henry Rasco, the same, David Dovenspike, the same, Adam Goforth, the same, John O’Howell, Home Guards, Fallgate, U. S. Army, John Ruchen, the same, Doc Blagg, Confederate, Diamond, the same, Albert Ulman, the same, Wm. Jobe, the same, Sampson Cole, Home Guards, Slimmer, U. S. Army, Eli Adams, the same, Ira Jobe, Mexican War-1840, David Willson, U. S. Army, Gillmore, the same, Miller, the same, Geo. Litts, the same, Nathan Baker, Home Guards, Dobbins, Confederate. June 12, 1919.

·         Simmons, George W.-80, died at the home of his son, George W. Simmons, in Loveland, Colorado, Nov 28 and was brought to Barnard and buried in the Barnard Cemetery. He was born in Hamilton , Canada , and married Mary Miller in 1860 in Iowa . In 1866 he came to Missouri ; 20 years later moved into Barnard, his wife dying that year, 1888. He went to Colorado in 1897. Dec 4, 1919

·         Hubbell infant-Lemmon Hubbell and wife, living on the old Jim Hubbell place, announce the birth of twin girls, one of which is living Monday. June 10, 1920

·         Baker, Sarah-died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S. D. McGuire. Sarah Bolin Baker was born in Virginia , Aug 17, 1830 and died July 13, 1921. In 1854 she married Joseph Mace and they had one child. Ten years later she married Andrew Baker. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery. July 14 & 21, 1921

·         Snoderly, Joyce Elaine-18 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Snoderly died at Haviland , Kansas and the body was sent here. Mrs. Snoderly is a daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Logan Ellis. Aug 25, 1921

·         Ridlon, Ruben Harold-son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ridlon, was born near Maryville , June 14, 1906 and died at his home near Barnard Feb 13, 1922. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery. Feb 9, 1922

·         Campbell , Lillie-52, of Ottumwa , Iowa died and will be buried in the Barnard Cemetery . She was formerly Lillie Nichols and lived here some 20 years ago. She is the daughter of a Mr. Nichols who drowned at the old mill just south of the river bridge in June 1883, during the high water at that time. She leaves her husband, Elmer Campbell. Oct 5, 1922

·         Campbell , Elmer E.-53, of Ottumwa , Iowa died Nov 29, two months after the death of his wife. Burial was in the Barnard cemetery. He formerly lived near Barnard, but moved away about 30 years ago. Dec 7, 1922

·         Blagg, George-86, died April 4 at the hospital in Maryville . He was born in Putnam Co, Indiana March 10, 1837 and came to MO in 1844. He married Edmonia O’Howell and they had ten children. Mr. Blagg was in the Civil War and saw hard service with General Sherman on his march to the sea. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery. April 5, 1923

·         Ingram infants-Mrs. Ernest Ingram is at the Noyes Hospital in St. Joseph , where twins were born Thursday. The infants lived only a few hours.[Leland and Loree Ingram, born and died May 4, buried Barnard cemetery.] May 10, 1923

·         Goff, Earl Belmont-9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Goff, died at his home in Barnard. He was born Aug 30, 1913 and died May 26, 1923. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery. May 31, 1923

·         Jackson Graveyard-[In an article about cleaning the cemetery there is mention of old burials there.] The first man to own the land was John Brown, who was buried there about 80 years ago. Following him Arthur Jackson owned the land and it is from this Mr. Jackson that the graveyard takes its name. A large number of old settlers are buried in Jackson graveyard. Among the old settlers to be buried there are Uncle Billy Goforth, a Mr. Conrad, Wash Jackson and his family, Harve Robison, Edward Goforth, the father of Wm. and J. C. Curnutt, Jonathan Roberts and many more whose names we were unable to get. Sept 27, 1923.

·         Myers, Charles died a few years back and his body was brought to Barnard for burial. [This was in a story about the carpenters of the ME South church, built in 1892.] April 10, 1924

·         Davidson, William Henry-born near Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana , Aug 5, 1845, died at Denver , CO , Oct 14, 1924. He came from Iowa to MO, Oct 1866, remaining until 1890, since then he has been in the west. He was known as Bud. Buried in the Barnard cemetery. Oct 23, 1924.

·         Hopkins , Lucius-son of Nichon E and Elizabeth Hopkins, born in Morgan Co, Ohio , April 27, 1869, died Nov 28. Came to Arkoe with his parents till 1906, then St. Joseph . In Sept 1910 he wed Lillian Carter, who survives. Burial in Barnard. Dec 4, 1924.

·         Pearce, Miss Laura Etta-a resident of Barnard for 23 years died Jan 4 at home. Born at Agency, Iowa , Aug 16, 1861. Burial in Masonic cemetery. Jan 8, 1925.

·         Kissinger, infant-The infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Olin Kissinger, born May 2, lived only a short time and was buried at Barnard. Mrs. Kissinger was Ruth Merril. May 7, 1925.

·         Curwood, Oliver-[in a story about the history of Barnard this was said] The first death was that of a young man named Oliver Curwood, who died in July 1871. Nov 5, 1925.

·         Beattie, William-69, Barnard, died [March 9]. He was born in Bureau Co, Ill and came to Nodaway Co in 1865 with his parents, John and Jane Beattie. He first married Ettie Perkins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Perkins about 32 years ago. She lived only a short time after the marriage. He married again about 19 years ago to Edie Rasco, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Logan Rasco. Burial was in the Barnard cemetery. March 11, 1926.

·         Decoration Day- Death has left a heavy hand in this community the past year. In checking the records of the Bulletin for the past year, it is found that 26 bodies have been laid to rest in the Barnard cemeteries while others from the community have been buried in other cemeteries. The record is not complete, but from the best that can be figured the following have passed away in the last year, who bodies have been laid in the Barnard cemeteries ½ mile northeast of town: Jacob Bare, June 17, 1925; R.P. Nelson, June 23, 1925; Curtis Robison, June 24, 1925; Mrs. A.W. Jobe, June 25, 1925; Tom Neil, July 14, 1925; M.V. Baker, Oct 4, 1925; A.C. Thompson, Oct 13, 1925; Harve McKnight, Nov 14, 1925; T.L. Goff, Dec 13, 1925; Mrs. John Fuller, Jan 14, 1926; Chas. William Hager, Jan 20, 1926; E.H. Goff, Feb 3, 1926; Mrs. Nellie Wohlford Thompson, Feb 13, 1926; Mrs. Mattie Rasco, March 3, 1926, Mrs. J.C. Curnutt, March 4, 1926; William Beattie, March 9, 1926; John Bare, March 27, 1926; Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Alva Logan; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Byergo; Mrs. Mertie Furlong, April 10, 1926; Wm. Rhoads, May 2, 1926; Geo. W. Gunn, May 18, 1926; A.M. VanFossan, May 20, 1926. Two others who have gone from our midst are Mrs. John Price, who died Jan 27, 1926 and Bob Waugh at Bolckow, May 13, 1926. Mrs. Fred June, who lived just west of town was buried in the Bethany cemetery, July 14, 1925; John Turney Henderson was laid to rest at Graham, Sept 3, 1925; Bert Goff was buried at Gravel Wall, Dec 20, 1925; Mrs. Ed. Kenney was laid to rest at Graham, Jan 23, 1926. The list is probably not complete. May 27, 1926.

·         Nichols, Sarah A.-The funeral of Sarah A. Nichols was held in Barnard Wednesday and burial was in the Barnard cemetery beside her husband, James N. Nichols and her children, Harry Nichols and Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Nichols was born at Bowling Green , Indiana , Nov 25, 1848 and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ida Winn, in St. Joseph , June 28, 1926. She has been a resident of St. Joseph for the past 25 years, but had lived for many years in Barnard. July 1, 1926.

·         Leedy, Mrs.-Granvel Leedy, formerly of Barnard, now of Omaha , Neb , was in town visiting the cemetery where his wife, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Jobe, and his youngest son are buried. Oct 13, 1927.

·         Desmond, Opal-32, died in St. Louis [Dec 6] She was the daughter of Charles and Nannie Desmond. Her father died when she was about 2 and her mother died when she was about 8, and she spent her early life with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Clawson in Barnard. Burial will be in Barnard Masonic cemetery, beside her parents. Dec 8 & 15, 1927. [There are stones for Opal and Nannie, but not Charles.]

·         Fanning, Thomas Floyd-74, died Aug 11, 1928 at the State Hospital in St. Joseph . He was born in Nodaway Co, Feb 17, 1854 into a family of 12 children. Nine have preceded him in death. He was never married and is survived by siblings, William Fanning and Melvina Tompkins. [Burial in the Barnard Cemetery ] Aug 16, 1928.

·         Steed, Ray-39, died at the home of Joe Osborn, May 18. He was born at Martinsville , Mo , Nov 10, 1889 and leaves a wife, Georgia, and children. Burial was in the Masonic cemetery. May 23, 1929

·         Baker, M.M. (Matt)-85, a former resident died in a hospital in North Platte , Neb , June 3. He was born in Springfield , Ill , in 1844, as nearly as it can be figured. He had 8 children by his first wife, Martha Wilson, of Tecumseh , Neb. His second wife was Ella Aikens, of Rock Port and they had 5 children. The body was brought to Barnard for burial. Mr. Baker was a character that will long be remembered by the fact that he was the only driver of a bull cart in this vicinity. June 6, 1929

·         Campbell , Nadene-3, died today at a St. Joseph hospital after an illness of 3 months. She was born Feb 19, 1926 to Mr. and Mrs. Dean Campbell. Burial in Barnard Cemetery . July 25, 1929.

·         Bare, Tobe-67, was found dead [of heart trouble] in his home near Barnard. Owen Signal “Tobe” Bare was born near Rosendale, to David and Mary O. Fakes Bare. A brother, Billy died several years ago from a gunshot reported to have been accidental. Another brother, Jake, died suddenly about 2 years ago in the house where Tobe died and a sister, Mrs. John Hubbell died as a result of being hurt by a cow. Burial in Masonic cemetery. Dec 19, 1929

·         Rhoads, Edward Leone-57, died Sunday at Casey , Iowa . He was a former resident, but left here 24 years ago for South Dakota . He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Rhoads. He leaves a wife and 8 children. Burial was in the Barnard cemetery. July 3, 1930

·         Hawkins, Bonnie Evaline Schreiber-died in a St. Joseph hospital [Sept 7]. Bonnie Schreiber was born in St. Joseph Oct 8, 1904. She was taken by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rasco to raise at the age of 5 months. She married Wm. Hawkins of Camden Point, Dec 31, 1924 and they had one son. She also leaves her foster father, Wm. Rasco, and her mother, Mrs. Chloe Rinkle, of Ottumwa , Iowa . Burial in Barnard. Sept 11, 1930

·         O’Howell, Charles-61, died at the home of his half brother, Dick O’Howell at Parnell [April 22]. He was born near Barnard, Sept 25, 1869. Burial was in Barnard. April 23, 1931

·         Jones, Byron Robert-only son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Jones of Maryville, died Sunday in Red Oak, Iowa, from injuries received when the truck he was riding in with his parents turned over in a ditch. He was born August 20, 1930. Mrs. Jones was formerly Grace Beattie. Burial was in the Barnard Cemetery . Sept 3, 1931

·         Winn, Ida Nichols-49, died [Oct 4] at her home in St. Joseph . She was born at Barnard. Her husband is R D Winn. Burial in the Barnard Cemetery . Oct 8, 1931

·         Bare, Jacob Andrew-son of Mr. and Mrs. David Bare, was born Nov 4 and died Nov 5. Other survivors are his sister, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bare and Mrs. Collins. Burial in the Masonic cemetery. Nov 12, 1931

·         Gorsuch, John-died March 8 at the home of his son, Paul, in Barnard. He was born March 2, 1855 in Indiana and came to near Barnard at the age of 20. He married Eliza Jane Conlin in 1879 (she died in 1895) and they had 4 children. He married Sarah Waugh in 1897 and she died in 1901. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. March 10, 1932

·         Byergo infant-The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Byergo was still-born April 29 and buried in the Masonic cemetery. May 12, 1932

·         Lewis, Robert Fillmore “Cush”-died [June 16] after a fall. He was born July 25, 1857 in LaPlata , MO , coming to Nodaway Co as a small boy. About 35 years ago, he married Ida Rhea of near Savannah . Burial in the Barnard cemetery. June 22, 1933

·         Dobbins, Sam-died [Oct 23] after having confessed to shooting his sister, Mary Wamsley and himself. He was born Aug 8, 1877 in Grant twp and married Mildred Trimble of Atchison , KS in July 1924. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. Oct 26, 1933

·         Mader, Pauline-about 78, died March 24 at the County Farm , where she was taken about a month ago. Her husband died in 1925. She was born to Johann and Katherine Shandt in Winterlingen, on the Balingen River , Wurtenberg , Germany in 1857. She married Gottlieb Mader in Germany and came to the US about 50 years ago. They had 3 children, one who died at Barnard in 1908. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. March 28, 1935

·         Baker, infant-Stillborn son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Baker of Hamburg , Iowa , died Sept 6 and was buried in the Barnard cemetery. Priscilla Baker is the mother of Mr. Baker, and Mrs. Baker was Lucille Bolin. Sept 12, 1935

·         Rasco, infant-a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rasco was born Sept 10 and died Sept 11. She was the Rasco’s second child. Burial in Barnard cemetery. Sept 12, 1935

·         Heath-Masters, Mary-90, of Hastings , Neb died and her body will be shipped here for burial. She was a former Barnard resident. June 16, 1938. Obit: Mrs. George Masters died at the home of her son, Earl Heath last Wed. She was born in Clark Co, Indiana on March 13, 1848 and came to MO with she was 12. She married Dr. S.E. Heath of Barnard and later married Mr. Masters, both preceded her in death. Burial at the Barnard cemetery. June 23, 1938

·         Perdue, Maude-In a Sept 28, 1893 copy of the Barnard Rustler, it reported the suicide of Maude Perdue. No other details. Sept 8, 1938

·         Rasco, Billy-died at the county farm near Maryville [May 9]. He was a brother to George S and John Rasco. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. May 11, 1939

·         Byergo, Johanna-90, died [Aug 17] in Guilford . Born Dec 29, 1848 in Denmark and came to the US when she was 3 and her family settled in Utah . She was Johanna Lenna Bardleson and she married Nelse Byergo on June 11, 1864 in Ephriam , Utah and they came to Guilford 2 years later. He died in Nov 1912. Burial in Barnard cemetery. Aug 24, 1939. [Death cert information: Nels Nelson Byergo, died in Guilford Nov 23 1912 and buried in Barnard Cem.]

·         Waugh, Charles H-died May 27. He was born to James and Elizabeth Waugh on a farm near Barnard on Feb 14, 1873. He moved to Calif where he died. Funeral was at the Roy Hainey home here, but burial is not mentioned. June 6, 1940

·         Schneider, John-72, died [June 25] at his farm at Bridgewater , He was born in Knoxville , Ill on June 8, 1867 to Johann and Anna Ranke Schneider, émigrés from Switzerland . They all came to Arkoe when he was age 6. He married Nellie Ethel Shaver on April 19, 1905. Burial in Swinford cemetery. June 27, 1940

·         Adams, George died [Dec 13] at his home in Barnard. He was born Nov 26, 1883 in Barnard to Eli and Rachel Adams. He married Myrtle Smith in 1907 and she died Oct 17, 1922. In 1927, he married Frances Lincoln. Burial in the Barnard cemetery. Dec 19, 1940