Nodaway County, Missouri: Hawley's Grant Twp burials

Burials in Grant Township,

 Nodaway County,



Cemeteries located in Grant Township have been identified as these:

1.      Barnard Cemetery

2.      Barnard Masonic

3.      Swinford

4.      Platte Valley, which has also been called Breit or Dougan at different times.

5.      Maffitt/Alumbaugh

6.      Jackson/Goforth

7.      Sharp Cemetery


Barnard, Masonic and Swinford are all still used and cared for. Platte Valley is mowed and fenced, but has had no recent burials. Jackson/Goforth was cleaned and many stones found and reset in 2009 by Michael Von Gebel. Maffitt/Alumbaugh is overgrown and neglected, but a few stones are still visible. Sharp Cemetery is completely gone.


Many people over the years have worked to save the records of our cemeteries. Those who transcribed the stones years ago have left us a gift; many of those stones are gone now. I made notes of most of the stones that are broken or gone. I also put the death date in brackets, if it is known. Death dates were taken from many sources and sometimes those sources might be incorrect, but we hope they give you clues.


At the end of the cemetery listings, there is a chapter called “Not Written in Stone” that identifies many of the burials that have no markers. These also came from many sources and it is not always clear where the burial was. If it was just identified as being in Barnard or Grant Township, it might have been in a neighboring township. There are no actual cemetery records that show exactly where the burials are. I know that there are many more burials without stones that are not identified.


This is a working copy of an unfinished book. The goal is to record many more burials, those in unmarked graves or where the stone has been lost. Please feel free to copy any part of this book and notify me of any corrections or additions.




Janet Hawley

633 2nd St.

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April 2010