McLaughlin Cemetery
Letter from Bud Allee to Ruth Hilton [] [Dec 2006]
I really don't know how to start this--I do not know how interested in the McLaughlin cemetery and the folks that are buried there.. I just came from visiting there, I hadn't been there for a long-long time but I will tell you this, I did not come away feeling very good, I was ill in fact--I have no relatives buried there but I hate to see situations like this. The cemetery is overgrown with brush and weeds, broken stones, fence in disrepair and etc. it is very disheartening. It is not beyond resurrecting if someone or some organization would expend a goodly amount of time effort and money to "fix" it. I do not know if anyone is interested enough, families and etc to do that. I have been told that the boyscouts from Parnell-Ravenwood did some work there last summer, cutting brush, weeds and etc. if they did they just scratched the surface.
As you have been told, and it is true--you have to cross private property to get to it, open some gates and etc, the people that own the property surrounding it do not mind and there is a law in Mo that access must be allowed in situations such as this, but that is not a problem the condition is!!!! I have heard of cemetery's being moved, what that involves I do not know, but if it is possible that is what I would recommend--there is a cemetery called Brethern not to far from it that has plenty of space and is well kept--I'm sure some kind of a "deal'' could be arranged with them--that would put it out so people could find it and the folks could be remembered instead of being stuck back in the brush where they will be forgotten. Just some thought's so if you know someone that is interested let me know---


Letter from Ruth Hilton to Pat O'Dell
Hi Pat,

I just received this note from Bud Allee which I think will interest you. He has also sent me a list of burials. I don't know if it is a complete list or not. I'm attaching it. Perhaps if you put it on the website with a note about the poor condition, some descendants of these people will see it and maybe something can be done. I'm related to the Fox and Michael families. I've added some comments in blue. I don't know if the website is an appropriated place for a description of the poor condition of this cemetery. Let me know what you think

BARKMAN Nella April 26 1875---July 4 1875
CLARK George----son of W H & J M Died 1876 @ 4 yrs
CLARK Cerreldia (Michael) Dec 1 1856---Dec 2 1936 (dau. of Jared Michael and Lavina Fox Michael, wife of Alexander G. Clark)
CLARK Alexander Dec 25 1855----May 7 1938 (son of Elon David Clark and Abbie Jane Austin Clark)
COUSSINS May (McCall) James (DeNoon) Died 9/24/1874 wfe of S N Coussins
DAVIS Simon P(eter) 1869---1942 (son of John L. Davis and Naomi Fox Davis Linderman)
FOX Catherine died 2/10/1877 (wife of John Fox)
FOX Edna Feb 1883---July 3 1911 wfe of Peter (born 24 Feb 1833, wife of Ratliff, dau. of Jacob Michael and Elizabeth unknown Michael - Missouri Archives Death Certificate No. 25461)
FOX Ratliff July 29 1826-----April 12 1905 (son of John Fox and Catherine unknown Fox)
FOX Ezra Jan10 1880----Oct 3 1932 (son of Ratliff Fox and Edna Michael Fox)
DUKES Charles H Feb 16 1832---March 17 1882 Stone moved to Brethern Cem.
GAMBLE Isabell died 1881 @ 65yrs
GAMBLE Clarence 1871---1880
GAMBLE Jessie 1878---1879
FENDER Mary wfe of John died July 1 1888 @ 63yrs of age
FENDER Della died July 30 1888 @1yr
FENDER John died 1881 @ 52yrs of age
HILL Jane wfe of John died 1876 or 1878 (difficult to read)
HILL Alpine died in 1881 @ 21yrs of age
HILL Anna A died in 1882 @ 4yrs of age
HILL Sarah Ann dau of Sanford & Mary died 1871 @ 5 yrs of age
HENRY Ethel T died Aug 6 1892 or 93 @ 1 yr of age
INSKEEP Nancy Ellen wfe of Joseph died 1875 or 1877 @ 16 yrs of age
KNIGHT George died March 20 1895
LINDERMAN Naomi 1837 died March 27 1906 (daughter of John Fox and Catherine, mother of Simon Peter Davis)
LINDERMAN Ollie son of J E & D died 1882 @ 2yrs of age
MARSHALL Mary E died 1881 @ 88 yrs of age
MICHAEL Lavina Jan 31 1833-----March 12 1903 (daughter of John Fox and Catherine, wife of Jared Michael)
MICHAEL William son of J @ L died April 30 1874 @ 3 yrs of age (son of Jared Michael and Lavina Fox Michael)
MICHAEL John 1868---1948 (son of Jared Michael and Lavina Fox Michael, never married)
MICHAEL Philip Feb 16 1865----Feb 13 1931 (son of Jared Michael and Lavina Fox Michael, never married)
MILLER Jame (no dates--father of Eliza McClaughlin)
McLAUGHLIN (Miller) died Dec 24 1893 @ 81 yrs of age
McLAUGHLIN William April 8 1810----March 22 1892
McLAUGHLIN W & J (twins of J & M McLaughlin) died in 1871
McLAUGHLIN Alvin 1866---1869
McLAUGHLIN Edwin 1871---1871
McLAUGHLIN Lewis 1868---1868
SPENCER Raymond died 1863 or 1864 @ 7months of age
WILSON Alexander died 1863 @ 21 yrs of age
WILSON Fannie dau of T S & E 1871---1873
WORTH William 1884---1896
WORTH Rachel wfe of J Worth died 1870 @ 21 yrs of age
WORTH John G died July 9 1937 @ 81 yrs of age
UPDIKE Fannie (McLaughlin) dau of F & Wm McLaguhlin died 1881 @24 yrs of age
ETHINGTON Infant dau of Jim & Ann Ethington died 1887
BRANDT Babies ---no stone to prove burials but there is more than one
C F GRAY has a stone here but is buried in Baton Roughe LA.

Some of this information is on file at the DAR office in Maryville Mo 64468
Guy L Allee Sheridan Mo 64486

Comments by Ruth H. Mullin in blue
Dec. 11, 2006

From Pat: we will plan to have a workday at this cemetery sometime next spring. Let me hear from you if you are interested in helping.
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