Nodaway County, Missouri 1870 Census Grant twp page 28
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell:
Any corrections welcome!
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family# surname given name age sex born twp.; page number
200 McGinty Peter 54 m Ireland Grant028
200 McGinty Catherine 46 f Ireland Grant028
200 McGinty Catherine 11 f Kans Grant028
200 McGinty Ella 06 f Kans Grant028
200 Crudden Michael 21 m Ireland Grant028
200 Bates Martin 25 m Ireland Grant028
200 Stewart Duncan 36 m Scotland Grant028
200 O'Brien Michael 30 m Ireland Grant028
200 Furlong Patrick 27 m Ireland Grant028
201 Sniffen* D.A. 37 m NY Grant028
201 Sniffen Hattie 31 f Oh Grant028
201 Sniffen John G. 16 m NY Grant028
201 Sniffen Joseph E. 13 m NY Grant028
201 Sniffen David A. 05 m NY Grant028
201 Hooten*2 Wm. Henry 11 m Oh Grant028
202 Graves Andrew J. 35 m Tenn Grant028
202 Graves Sally Ann 30 f Tenn Grant028
202 Graves Sarah E. 07 f Mo Grant028
202 Graves Silas 03 m Kans Grant028
203 Mundt Charles 27 m Ill Grant028
203 Mundt Louisa 24 f Ill Grant028
203 Mundt Elizabeth 01 f Mo Grant028
* I found this entry in the 1870 census of Grant Township. It should be Daniel A. Sniffin and wife Hattie Sniffin. Not sure about the children. My great-great grandfather John Robert Boham married Dollie Sniffin (Hattie was her mother) I have been in touch with a Sniffin in Fresno, California and know this is true. I'm wondering if my Boham's actually lived on the Sniffin farm. I'll have to check that in the 1880 census. I'm enjoying looking through all the census trying to locate family names. Another thing interesting: my family came by covered wagon and settled in Bridgewater, Mo. For years I've been searching for this area and came across a Directory of Towns, Villages and Hamlets Past and Present of Nodaway and there it was BRIDGEWATER, My thanks to Arthur Paul Moser who compiled the info. Camille (Boham) Farkas Mars, Pa :
*2. I believe the name for Wm. Henry was Hooten instead of Horten. His mother was Hattie Crawford Hooten Sniffen. Hattie was my g-g grandmother. I believe she was born a Crawford, first married a Hooten, then later married Daniel Sniffen, then they settled in Nodaway County, Missouri. Deanna Grove: