[title page]The History of Nodaway County, Missouri, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches of its citizens, Nodaway County in the late war, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of Missouri, map of Nodaway County, Etc., Etc.; illustrated; St. Joseph, Mo.: National Historical Company, 1882
(compiled by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net)
Names of biographicals
A - F
G - K
L - O
P - S
T - Z
The following chart shows what pages are in each township's listings.
pages township pages township
517-560 Lincoln twp 905-914 Jefferson township
561-585 Atchison twp 914-924 Washington township
586-642 Hopkins twp 925-945 Grant township
643-660 Independence twp 945-984 Hughes township
661-685 Union twp 985-1004 White Cloud township
686-717 Nodaway twp 1005-1030 Monroe township
717-863 Polk twp and City of Maryville 1030-1033 Maitland
863-886 Green township 1033-1034 Maryville - Addendum
887-904 Jackson township    
The Nodaway County Genealogical Society has made a complete 82-page every-name index to this history which allows you to find information that you would never find otherwise. You can order copies of biographicals from the Society.
I made this shortened-version index originally for my own use so that I could see the migration routes of where people came from. Seldom did a single family begin the western trek by themselves, but rather they went with relatives and friends. To see all the other families who came from the same county and state back east is sometimes very helpful.
States where born - migration routes
not given - Illinois
Indiana - Isle of Man
Kentucky - Michigan
Missouri - New York
Pennsylvania - West Virginia

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