From: Parnell [Missouri] Centennial, 1887 - 1987 - page 152


Lazarus Rauch and Dorcus (Donaldson) Rauch came to the Parnell area from Buchanan County.

Lazarus was born June 17, 1827, the son of Solomon Rauch (of German descent) and lived in Friedensburg (Schylkill County), Pennsylvania, his mother was Susanna. They were parents of four boys: Emanual, Lazarus, George, and Eliza.
Lazarus joined St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church August 16, 1829, his sponsor was Johannas Rauch (not married). Lazarus was a soldier in the Civil War on the Confederate side, Buchanan County enrollment list 1865. He was 5 ft. 8 inches tall, fair complexion and hair, blue eyes, and a farmer by trade.
Dorcus Donaldson was the daughter of Jeanette Lucretia McClanahan Donaldson and Benjamin Franklin Donaldson.
Benjamin Franklin Donaldson born February 16, 1813, was son of James H. and Mary Donaldson, born in North Carolina. He married Jeanette Lucretia McClanahan July 7, 1836, in Cooper County, Missouri. He was a Methodist minister in Cooper County and performed many marriages in the Maniteau area.
By 1850 they had moved to Rochester, Missouri, where he was a doctor. Benjamin Franklin Donaldson left a large estate including fees owed him by patients. They are buried at Easton, Missouri. His will is on file in St. Joe, MO., Box B.
Lazarus Rauch born June 17, 1827, married Dorcus Donaldson, born May 27, 1841, on September 6, 1855, and were parents of eleven children.
Elizabeth Jane born July 28, 1856, married Frank Mumford. They were parents of Susie, Frankie, and Ann, Benjamin Franklin married Rosie, parents of two girls buried at Cosby.
Susanna married Hiram Price December 24, 1882. They were parents of Dorcus and Curtis. Susie lost her sight. Dorcus married John Surplus.
John William married Margaret Anderson of Parnell and were parents of Elizabeth, George, Orville and Alfred. Alfred married Goldie Newcom, west of Parnell. They had a molasses mill.
Lydia Evaline born December 11,1865, in the 1880 census of Andrew County, was working for Snowdens as a servant at age 14. On November 16, 1882, she married Thomas Joseph Price. He owned land west of Parnell, they were parents of Mary Weakland and Clarence who married Effie Wilson.                          
Addie married George Hawk, parents of fourteen: Lula, Hubert, Delia, Calvin, Jesse, John, Grace, Lazarus, Robert,
Nellie, Dollie, Benjamin and two infants deceased.
Calvin married Sara Mahalia Peyton December 25, 1901. They had one son Louis and are buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery northeast of Parnell. Louis married Jessie Wilson.
George married Carrie Ethel Stutesman March 11, 1900, and is buried at Parnell, Missouri. They were parents of six children, Zola Arnold, Roy, Ora, Leta, Corall, Cordice, and Carmen.

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