Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell -
Thomas Blevins
birthdate and birthplace
about 1823/4 Ashe Co, North Carolina
death date, place
1st marriage
09 Oct 1842 Miami Co, Oh: Catherine Younce
2nd marriage
date, place, name?
Catherine Younce
birthdate and place
07 Jun 1825 Ashe Co, North Carolina
deathdate and place
06 Aug 1852 Miami Co, Ind
Butler Twp, Miami Co, Ind
Joseph Younce
Elizabeth Sheets
#1 William "Henry" "Harrison" born 03 Sep 1845
married 25 Dec 1870 Tazewell Co, Ill: Lucy Virginia Dix
married 10 Jan 1900 Cora Ann Dorothy
died 09 Feb 1936 Peoria, Peoria Co, Ill
buried Oakwood Cem, Hamilton, Ill
#2 Lydia born 16 Dec 1847 Miami Co, Ohio
married 01 Nov 1867 Nodaway Co, Mo: James Murdock Gray
died 23 Nov 1933 Guthrie, Logan Co, Okla
buried Logan Co, Okla
#3 Martha "Matt" born 11 Jun 1850 Miami Co, Ind
married 23 Aug 1866 Nodaway Co, Mo: Ezra Dalrymple
died 05 Jan 1941 Pickering, Nodaway Co, Mo
buried White Oak Cem, Pickering, Nodaway Co, Mo
#4 Elizabeth "Bett" born 11 Jun 1850 Miami Co, Ind
married 27 Sep 1868 Nodaway Co, Mo: David Roberts
married 03 Oct 1875 Harrison Co, Mo: Lemuel Shirley
died 22 Nov 1936 Cato, Barry Co, Mo
buried Barry Co, Mo
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1850 Butler Twp, Miami Co, Ind, 30 Oct; #1778.1748

Thos Blevins 27 m North Carolina  
Catherine Blevins 25 f North Carolina  
William Blevins 04 m Tenn  
Lydia Blevins 02 f Ohio  
Martha Blevins 1/12 f Indiana  
Elizabeth Blevins 1/12 f Indiana  


After Catherine Younce Blevins died, the children were taken in by relatives. In 1860, they are living with their Aunt Ruth Blevins Workman or her sons, Christopher Workman and Reuben Workman.

1860 Indian Creek twp, Monroe Co, Ind; 09 Aug; P.O. Harrodsburg; #547.527
Christopher Workman 20 m North Carolina farmer
Aleny Workman 18 f Ind  
Mary Workman 01 f Ind  
Harrison Blevins 15 m Ohio farm hand
1860 Indian Creek twp, Monroe Co, Ind; 09 Aug; P.O. Harrodsburg; #547.526
Reuben Workman 24 m North Carolina farmer
Susan Workman 21 f Ind  
John Workman 01 m Ind  
Lydia Blevins 13 f Ohio  
1860 Center twp, Greene Co, Ind; 29 Jun; P.O. Jonesborrough #633.633
David Workman 57 m North Carolina farmer
Ruth Workman 56 f Ky  
Thomas Workman 21 m North Carolina  
Elberd Workman 16 m Tenn  
Martha Blevins 11 f Ohio  
Elizabeth Blevins 11 f Ohio  
Shedric McDaniel 75 m North Carolina farmer
By 1870, Harrison Blevins is living with his aunt, Martha Neves and her son, Thomas Neves, in Tazewell Co, Ill and the three girls have all married in Nodaway County, Missouri.
1870 Malone, Tazewell Co, Ill, 13 Jul; P.O. Green Valley, Ill; #91.86
Thomas Neves 27 m North Carolina  
Hannah Neves 28 f Va  
Eda Neves 01 f Ill  
Martha Neves 61 f North Carolina  
Harrison Blevins 24 m North Carolina  
1870 Green Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo; 29 Jul; P.O. Maryville
Jas W. Gray 23 m Ohio  
Lydia Gray 21 f Ohio  
Nelly Gray 01 f Missouri  
1870 Polk Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo; 23 Aug; P.O. Maryville
Ezra A. Dalrymple 22 m Mo  
Martha A. Dalrymple 20 f Ind  
David T. Dalrymple 03 m Mo  
Margaret L. Dalrymple 02 f Mo  
1870 Atchison Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo; 22 Jul; P.O. Maryville
David Roberts 28 m Ohio  
Betty Roberts 18 f Ind  
Mary F. Roberts 3/12 f Mo