Bratcher Family Records

from Ralph Ekwall:

Mary E Bratcher Ingels is my great-grandmother.
She was born in 1844 and married Alexander S. Ingels
in 1864 in Nodaway county in Missouri. She died in
1930. At that time she lived in Exeter, Nebraska. They
had Four children. They had one daughter Mattie who
married a man named Wiley (A.J.?) They had three sons:
 Everett, Arlo and Anson. I do not think that there
are any living descendents of Everett or of Arlo. I do
not know if there are Wiley descendents. Anson Ingels
married Minnie Hawkins in 1895 and the they had four
children: Claude, Bessie, Pearl and Lula. Only Claude
and Bessie have living descendents. I am the 5th child
of Bessie Ingels who married Arthur Ekwall.

I hope you will add this to your website.

Best to you.

Ralph Ekwall, a great-great grandson of John C.

Post note: Do you know where John C Bratcher is
buried? I would like to know.