Family Group Sheet data from: Pat O'Dell
James Murdock Gray
birthdate and birthplace
10 Apr 1845 Noble Co, Oh
death date, place
23 Nov 1918 Logan Co, Okla
1st marriage
01 Nov 1867 Maryville, Nodaway Co, Mo: Lydia Blevins
William Gray
Elizabeth Wiley
Lydia Blevins
birthdate and place
16 Dec 1847 Miami Co, Oh
deathdate and place
23 Nov 1933 Logan Co, Okla
Thomas Blevins
Catherine Younce
#1 Nellie born 15 Aug 1868 Nodaway Co, Mo
died 1884
#2 Margaret "Maggie" born 11 Aug 1870 Nodaway Co, Mo
married John R. Cox
died Mar 1960
#3 Charles William born 18 Jul 1873 Nodaway Co, Mo
married Addie Beleele
died Feb 1961
#4 James Edgar "Ed" born 12 Feb 1876 Nodaway Co, Mo
married Nora Beleele
died Apr 1968 Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Ca
#5 Bertha Viola born 01 Jul 1878 Nodaway Co, Mo
married Clarence Baker
died Aug 1967 North Highlands, Sacramento Co, Ca
#6 Arthur Moreland "Mote" born 28 Oct 1881 Sumner Co, Ks
married Alice Bishop
died Nov 1965
#7 Mamie Jane born 27 Apr 1883 Sumner Co, Ks
married Glen Mills
died 08 Jun 1963 LaFeria, Tx
#8 Harvey McLain born 03 Feb 1886 Sumner Co, Ks
married Julia Beleele
died 27 Jan 1973 Sacramento, Ca
#9 David born 18 Apr 1889 Sumner Co, Ks
died Apr 1916 Guthrie, Logan Co, Okla
#10 John Harrison born 28 Sep 1891 Logan Co, Okla
married L. Zeffie Leazere
died 21 Mar 1965 Guthrie, Logan Co, Okla
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Data from: Lenora Mae Gray, daughter of Harvey McLain Gray and Julia Ann Beleele, Apr 23, 1915 Logan Co, Ok and died Jul 19, 2003 Placerville, El Dorado Co, Ca.

The Gray family goes back to Franklin Gray, who came from Wales, with the English army, and to Maryland, and there, switched over to the American side in the revolt, he then moved to Va.

His son, William Gray was born in Virginia, and William had sons, James and William Jr born March 15, 1814 in Virginia and died Oct 1, 1900.

William Gray Jr married Elizabeth Wiley, born March 25, 1917, died Feb 4, 1897 buried with husband in Victor Cem, Mulhall, Okla.

The family moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania to Ohio, to Indiana and then to Missouri. They are related to the Moreland and Woodford families.

James Murdock Gray joined the army, in Indiana for the Civil War and when his term was up, was discharged. He rejoined in an Illinois unit, but took sick, and was discharged with a medical discharge. Then the family moved to Missouri and James got well, and he joined again, for the duration.

Of the children, I was told, Nellie died because she was "salivated by colomel"?? [Note from Scott Gray: - "Colomel is a compound used as a purgative and insecticide and is also known as mercurous chloride. It's likely it would cause salivation. Therefore, it's very likely she died from either getting into some of the compound used as an insecticide or it was being used as a purgative and she had an overdose or bad reaction."]

Charles was crippled by spinal meningitisand was crippled all his life walking with a home-made crutch of a tree limb with an underarm pad.