Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell -
Thomas Heady
birthdate and birthplace
15 Apr 1780 / 03 Oct 1780 Pa
death date, place
27 Mar 1845 Nodaway County, Mo
Lamar Cemetery, Lincoln Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo
1st marriage
06 Oct 1808 Nelson Co, Ky: Rebecca Goodwin
Thomas Heady
Elizabeth Lloyd
Rebecca Goodwin
birthdate and place
15 Oct 1783 Fayette Co, Pa
deathdate and place
1863 Boone Co, Ind
Old Union Cem, Jackson Twp, Boone Co, Ind
John Goodwin
Martha Heady
#1 Sarah "Sally" Heady born 19 Dec 1803 Nelson Co, Ky
married 02 Dec 1824 Clinton Twp, Putnam Co, Ind: Andrew Sigler
died 07 Sep 1868 Putnam Co, Ind
#2 Martha "Mattie" Heady born 23 Dec 1804 Nelson Co, Ky
married 12 Jan 1826 Putnam Co, Ind: Joseph Jackson
died 20 Jan 1885 Boone Co, Ind
buried Old Union Cem, Boone co, Ind
#3 Elisha Heady born 16 Nov 1807 Nelson Co, Ky
married 27 Sep 1829 Putnam Co, Ind: Mary "Polly" Brothers
#4 Mahala Heady born 13 Feb 1808 Nelson Co, Ky
married 31 Aug 1826 Putnam Co, Ind: Daniel Johnston
married 22 Sep 1829 Putnam Co, Ind: George W. Rookard
married 03 Oct 1836 Boone Co, Ind: James Ellison (b 1783 Va; d 1852 Douglas Co, Mo)
died 1877 Douglas co, Mo
#5 Ammon Heady born 26 Sep 1810 Ky
married 22 Jul 1830 Catharine Spencer
  10 Oct 1853 Charlotte Davis
  25 Aug 1858 Mary Ellen Kise
  24 Sep 1870 Caroline Davis
died 03 Oct 1893 Boone Co, Ind
buried Old Union Cem, Boone Co, Ind
#6 Lydia Heady born 09 Jan 1812 Ky
married 11 May 1845 Nodaway Co, Mo: Chancy Dalrymple
died 16 Feb 1849 Nodaway Co, Mo
#7 Imri Heady born 15 Mar 1813
married 28 Jan 1834 Putnam Co, Ind: Elizabeth Slavens
died 19 Jan 1902
buried Little Walnut Baptist Church Cem, Putnam Co, Ind
#8 Goodwin John Heady born 1815 Ky
married 14 Nov 1833 Putnam Co, Ind: Mary Wilson
died 1850
#9 Jacob Heady born 1818
married 27 Jun 1839 Putnam Co, Ind: Ellen Overlease?
died Phelps Co, Mo
#10 Thomas Heady born 22 Nov 1818
married 24 Feb 1839 Boone Co, Ind: Sarah Rebecca Rose
#11 Ezra Heady born 29 May 1821 Ind
married 05 Sep 1851 Nodaway Co, Mo: Emily Snider
died Nebr?
#12 Rebecca Heady born 04 Jan 1823 Ind
married 07 Apr 1844 Holt co, Mo: Franklin Parker
#13 Mary Ann Heady born 10 Dec 1824 Ind
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1810 Census Nelson Co, Ky [this census is turned around: they had 3 daughter and 1 son]
Thomas Heady 30/40
wife 20/30
3 sons under 5
1 daughter under 5
1820 Census Monroe Co, Ind
Thomas Heady 26/45
wife 26/45
1 daughter 16/25
1 son /15
2 daughters /15
5 sons under /10
1 daughter / 10

Original Land Grants: [there are several land grants to Thomas Heady in Indiana]

Thomas Heady of Monroe Co, Ind: Jul 10, 1823 Putnam Co, Ind

Thomas Heady of Monroe Co, Ind: No 294 Jul 24, 1823 Monroe Co, Ind

1830 Census Putnam Co, Ind
Thomas Headdy 50/60
wife 40/50
2 sons 15/20; 2 sons 10/15; 2 sons 5/10
1 dau 15/20; 1 dau 5/10

1839 - State of Indiana vs Thomas Heddy. Sept term 1839 - Indictment for Wagering - "Charged with winning from Lloyd Todd on 1st day of Sept 1839 one gun value of Ten dollars in a wager called shooting at a mark. It states that a process had been awarded to the Sherrif of Boone county to produce Thomas Heddy that such was accomplished, that Heddy plead quilty as charged. He was fined 2 dollars and commended to the custody of the Sherrif until the fine was paid."

1840 Census Boone Co, Ind
Thomas Heady 60/70
wife 50/60
1 female 20/30; 2 male 20/30
2 female 15/20; 1 male 15/20
1 female /5

1845 - Nodaway County, Missouri - probate Bond Book B - Elisha Heddy, Ezra Heddy, Jonathan Strap, Amos Halse, William Hutson and Levi Madding Senr as securities posted bond on administrator of Thomas Heddy, Dec'd. July 7, 1845

Book D, page 1, July 7, 1845, State of Missouri, County of Nodaway - that Thomas Heddy late of the county of Nodaway, having died intestate as is suggested, and Elisha Heddy having given bond with satisfactory security ... grant unto the said Elisha Heddy full power and authority to administer all and singlular, the goods and chattels, rights and credits, of said deceased ...

1847? - Boone County, Indiana - In the matter of the estate of Thomas Heady, dec'd - on final settlement with the probate court of Aug 1867 - Ammon Heady, admr of the estate of said Thomas Heady, dec'd and makes and files an account current - showing the condition of the estate - said administrator charges himself with the sum of $495.56 out of which said Admr claims credit for disbursments which leaves in Admr hands for distribution to widow $455.33. And said Admr also files his petition praying the court to grant him the privilege of retaining in his hands the sum of $26.94 the amount of his distributive share as one of the heirs to said estate. To widow and Heirs: Sarah Heady, Martha Heady, Rebecca Heady, Imri Heady, Goodwin Heady, Sara Heady, Rebecca Heady, widow, all residing in this state (Ind); to Elisha Heady, Jacob Heady, Thomas Heady, Mahala Heady, Lydia Heady who reside in Missouri.

1850 Oct 28 - census Nodaway County, Dist 64, Missouri; #101.103
Ezra Heddy 29 m Ind
Emily M. Heddy 15 f Ky
Rebecca Heddy 65 f Md
1860 census Page County, Valley Twp, Iowa; #383.383
Ezra Heady 39 m Ind farmer
Emily Heady 26 f Ky
Squire Heady 9 m Ia
Andrew J. Heady 7 m Ia
Rebecka Heady 77 f widow Pa

1882 - The History of Nodaway County, Missouri, containing a History of the County, its cities, towns, etc.: St Joseph Mo.; Nation Historical Company, 1882; page 117-118

...A man by the name of Woodcock occupied a piece of land on the east side of White cloud, just west of Hall's claim; he built a cabin and put in cultivation a small amount of land. During the fall of 1840 (October 29th), a small company of white men from Kentucky pitched their tents on the east bank of the Nodaway River (now Lincoln Township), expecting to cross the same on the following morning with their wagons, but the river being without a ford, known to them, they passed over on foot, leaving their wagons on the opposite side. Two of this company immediately began to explore the country in various directions, feeling satisfied that they had at last found a favored region, wherein they could build their future homes. The names of the two pioneers were Joseph Hutson and Thomas Heady. Like all the early settlers in the west, they had a preference for timbered districts, and while selecting land they discovered the same grove of timber from opposite directions, not knowing that they had chosen the same land, until after their return to camp.

Naturally enough, however, after detailing to each other the results of their day's rambles, it was ascertained that each had seen and not only admired the same grove, but had concluded in his own mind to select the land on which it stood. There being no courts in those days, wherein the rights of property and titles to land could be tested, they finally agreed to shoot at a spot at the distance of sicty yards, the one striking nearest the center to take the land. The distance was according stepped off and the parties proceeded to try their skill for the possession of their chosen home. In the contest, Joseph Hutson, with the unerring accuracy of many of his day, drove the center. He still lives upon the spot where this novel incident transpired, more than forty years ago, on section thirty-two, township sixty-six, range thirty-seven, enjoying the fruits of his early struggles.

Late in the fall of 1840, Col I.N. Prather, a wealthy Kentuckian from mercer County, located eight miles south of the present town of Maryville, on section twenty, township sixty-three, range thirty-five, on the White Cloud [river], in what is now known as White Cloud Township. He explored the Platte Purchase in search of a home but found no place to suit him until his eye caught sight of that beautiful tract of land (eighteen hundred acres) which was for many years his happy home-- a portion of this tract having been settled at the time by Hiram Hall, who had arrived in the spring previous.

Col Prather, soon after his settlement here, was made a colonel of militia--troops having been ordered out in anticipation of Indian troubles. It was at his log cabin that the first county court of Nodaway [page 118] County met and organized. He died in 1859. His wife still survives him at the advanced age of seventy-four years. We might state in this connection that, at the time of Colonel Prather's arrival, a man named James Bryant was temporarily living in a small cabin on the place engaged in trading with the Indians, his stock consisting principally of whisky.

From the spring of 1839, to the fall of 1840, there were perhaps, not to exceed six permanent settlers in the territory now known as Nodaway County. During this time, a number of white men had penetrated the country, some on hunting expeditions, and others with the view of locating, but its remoteness from the then centers of trade, and the country being still inhabited by roving bands of Indians, but few remained with their families. We may safely say then, that Isaac Hogan, Hiram Hall, Joseph Hutson, Thomas Heady, I.N. Prather, Harvey White and possibly one other person, were the first settlers in Nodaway County. These settlements were made in Hughes, Lincoln and White Cloud Townships, and although scattered, they formed the nucleus of a population which has increased in numbers until to-day, (1881) thirty thousand people inhabit the territory which they then settled.

Only one of these pioneers is now living. He has witnessed the coming of the mighty tide of emigration which has so rapidly settled the plains and the valleys of Nodaway County, taking the place of the red men, and watched with proud satisfaction, each new development of material wealth, which has marked the advancement of an enterprising and thrifty people. To him, forty years have wrought wonderful changes, more wonderful perhaps, than he ever dreamed of, in the days of his pioneer life, yet how much more marvelous would be the change, could he be permitted, to witness forty years hence, the grand transformations which are destined to characterize the history of Nodaway County.


1887 - Early Life and Times in Boone County, Indiana. Compiled by Harden and Spahr, Lebanon, Ind. May 1887; page 303-304

Almond Heady of Jackson Township, was born in Kentucky, September 26, 1810. His father's name was Thomas Heady, born in Pennsylvania, April 15, 1780. His mother's name before marriage was Rebecca Goodwin, born in Pennsylvania, Oct 15, 1883 [sic, 1783]. They were married in Kentucky; lived there until the year 1814, when they came to Monroe County, Indiana, remained there six years and then went to Putnam County, Indiana, and remained there until the year 1838; then went to Jackson Township, Boone County, where they lived many years. They moved to Missouri, where Mr Heady died. Mrs Heady returned to Boone County, died here in 1863, is buried at the Union Cemetery in Jackson Township. Mr Almond Heady, the subject of this sketch, was four times married, first to Catharine Spencer in 1830. She was born in 1814, died July 8, 1853. The second time to Charlotte Davis, Sept 1853, and she died March 18, 1858. Third time to Mary Ellen Kise, Sept 1858, she died Nov 12, 1869, is buried at Union Cemetery. The fourth time to Caroline Davis, Sept 26, 1870, with whom he is now living at Jamestown. It will readily be seen that Mr Heady is a much married man, the father of nineteen children. Will try to give their names if they don't get away. By his first wife; Eliza A.; Sarah E.; Rebecca C.; who died at the age of eight years; Andrew J.; Thomas W.; Richard V.; Imri P.; Nicholas C.; Elisha F.; Martha J.; Lafayette P.; all living but Rebecca and Elisha. To the second marriage were born James D. and Minerva, both died in infancy. To the third marriage were born five children, names as follows: Alisha E.; Charles R.; Mary H. and two died in infancy. Charles died at the age of ten years. To the fourth but one child was born, Nettie C., born Dec 26, 1871. Mr Heady is a Jacksonian Democrat, and one of your clever, upright men, strong well built, six feet high. First settled near Old Union Church here he developed a fine farm out of the woods, mostly with his own strong hands, assisted by his older sons. While canvassing for this work we were kindly cared for by Mr and Mrs Heady.


1966 - A Journey Through Putnam County History [Indiana] by Putnam County Sesquicentennial Committee, 1966.

page 21 - The first contested election was in 1829 between Thomas Heady and Reuben Slavens.

page 57 - Clinton twp. first couple to be married were Andrew Sigler and Sarah Heady. Their son, John Sigler born Dec 15, 1825 was the first child born in the township.

page 297 - Monroe twp. 1822 came Thomas Heady...

page 298 - Monroe Twp. first Justice of Peace was Thomas Heady.