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Descendants of HOLTON FANNON

Submitted by: L Fannon

Generation No. 1

1. Holton1 FANNON was born January 07, 1818, and died January 13, 1899 in Plesent Grove Cemetary, White Cloud Township, Nodaway Co, MO. He married Nancy Louisa HARMAN February 1844 in Giles Co VA, daughter of William HARMAN and Parmelia REEDER.
Children of Holton FANNON and Nancy HARMAN are:

i. Dorthulia T2 FANNON, b. 1845, Lee Co VA; m. Henry BROWN.

ii. Ludinia A FANNON, b. January 20, 1851, Andrew Co, MO.; m. Alfred HERLIN, February 19, 1871.

iii. Pamelia A FANNON, b. January 20, 1851, Andrew Co, MO.; m. Samual ARMSTRONG, June 01.

iv. Mary Elizabeth FANNON, b. April 15, 1853, Andrew Co, MO.; m. Daniel Reed CRANDALL.

v. Harrison Gaines FANNON, b. August 10, 1858, Andrew Co, MO.; d. 1907; m. Maggie HOTSON, March 05, 1878.

vi. Clara Melinda FANNON, b. 1860, Andrew Co, MO.; d. 1951.

2. vii. William Bryan FANNON, b. April 1862, Rosendale, Andrew Co, MO; d. 1924.

3. viii. Edward S FANNON, b. March 31, 1866; d. 1942

ix. Nancy L FANNON, b. October 11, 1866; d. October 13, 1942.

x. Corda H FANNON, b. July 03, 1871; d. April 06, 1959; m. George COLLINS.

Generation No. 2

2. William Bryan2 FANNON (Holton1) was born April 1862 in Rosendale Andrew Co, MO, and died 1924. He married Lillie May BEAUCHAMP September 1889, daughter of DICKY.
Children of William FANNON and Lillie BEAUCHAMP are:
i. Lester3 FANNON.

ii. Holton Bryant FANNON, d. February 13, 1928.

4. iii. Olin E FANNON, b. Parnell, MO; d. May 31, 1968, Bakersfield, CA.

iv. Edith M FANNON, m. Bill MATHERS.

5. v. Albert FANNON, b. October 02, 1898; d. February 1971, Cedar Rapids, IA.

vi. Emmett R FANNON, b. 1894; d. 1957.

vii. Clarence M FANNON, b. September 07, 1900; d. May 19, 1973; m. Susie M RICE, October 27, 1927.

viii. Lillie FANNON, b. November 25, 1906, Arkoe, Nodaway Co, MO.

ix. Mary E FANNON, b. October 03, 1909, Barnard MO; m. James SENATRD.

x. Delma L FANNON, b. January 04, 1915, Barnard MO.

3. Edward S2 FANNON (Holton1) was born March 31, 1866, and died 1942. He married Anna MADISON, daughter of Miran MADISON and OLA.
Children of Edward FANNON and Anna MADISON are:
i. Myrtle P3 FANNON, b. 1894.

6. ii. Charles Madison FANNON, b. 1896.

iii. Jessie Merrill FANNON, b. 1900.

iv. Orville Edward FANNON, b. 1906.

7. v. George Elbert FANNON, b. 1909, Conception Jct., MO.

Generation No. 3

4. Olin E3 FANNON (William Bryan2, Holton1) was born in Parnell, MO, and died May 31, 1968 in Bakersfield, CA. He married May.
Children of Olin FANNON and May are:

i. Emma4 FANNON.

ii. Wava FANNON.

iii. Delora FANNON.

iv. Wanda FANNON.

v. Lewis FANNON.

5. Albert3 FANNON (William Bryan2, Holton1) was born October 02, 1898, and died February 1971 in Cedar Rapids, IA. He married Delila THOMPSON July 31, 1926.
Children of Albert FANNON and Delila THOMPSON are:

8. i. Richard V4 FANNON.

ii. Donald Lee FANNON.

iii. FANNON.


6. Charles Madison3 FANNON (Edward S2, Holton1) was born 1896.
Children of Charles Madison FANNON are:
i. Harold4 FANNON.

ii. Madison FANNON.

iii. Robert Dale FANNON.

iv. Beverly FANNON, m. Porter GARVIN.

v. Kenneth FANNON.

vi. May FANNON, b. May 19, 18992.

7. George Elbert3 FANNON (Edward S2, Holton1) was born 1909 in Conception Jct., MO. He married Jane Goldie GILBERT, daughter of Geratie GILBERT and Maren.
Children of George FANNON and Jane GILBERT are:

ii. George D FANNON, b. 1935.

iii. Verlin D FANNON, b. 1936.

iv. Forrest Eugene FANNON, b. 1938.

v. Larry Edward FANNON, b. 1940.

Generation No. 4

8. Richard V4 FANNON (ALBERT3, William Bryan2, Holton1). He married June Audrry VAUGHN, daughter of Warren VAUGHN and Edith HAVEN.
Children of Richard FANNON and June VAUGHN are:
i. Albert Vernon5 FANNON, b. July 24, 1954, Council Bluffs, IA; m. Leanna Sue BOWERS, February 14, 1978, Lawson, MO.

ii. Donald Lee FANNON, b. November 27, 1956, Panama Canal South America.

iii. Richard Warren FANNON, b. October 27, 1958, Panama Canal South America; m. Judy.

Received most of this from Mrs. Truman Outts of Barnard, Missouri.  She was a cousin of my grandfather Albert Fannon.