Lanning Family Reunion Thursday, July 23, at Harmony Church
(transcribed by Pat Combs O'Dell:
Date of this is about 1924 or 1925?
With a basket dinner on the lawn, and the following program was given in the afternoon:
Welcome - Gerald Hunt
Song. "How Do You Do Lanning." Beahm Family
Vocal Solo - Katherine Conley
Address, "My Experience in an Ozark Cave," Mrs Geo Lanning
Piano Duet - Mrs E.O. Thompson and Virginia Thompson
Vocal Solo - Daisy Dean Ditzler
Reading - Mrs Lizzie Allen
Piano Solo - Mrs Ruth Ditzler
Vocal Duet - Mrs Vilas Porter and Rev Underwood
Vocal Solo - Marjorie Ellen Lewis
Short talks by the Lanning Brothers and Sisters
Reading, "To the Lannings," - Mrs Ralph Lewis
Address - Rev Underwood
The following of the Lanning family were present:
Mrs Wilmina Summers, Belle Aire, Kans
Mrs Nancy Wilson, Savannah, Mo
Mrs Eliza Porter, Parnell, Mo
Mrs Emma Hunt, Ravenwood, Mo
Mrs Lizzie Allen, Chetopa, Kans
Mrs Alice Beahm, Sterling, Colo
Mr Isaac Lanning, Savannah, Mo
Mr Thomas Lanning, Maryville, Mo
Mr George Lanning, Anderson, Mo
Mr John Lanning, Adrian, N.D.
One sister, Mrs Leona Brodrick, of Wynedotte, Okla was unable to attend.
James Dunn, Chetopa, Kans
George Lucas, Barnard, Mo
Leslie Lucas, Barnard, Mo
Lewis Porter, Parnell, Mo
Alfred Hunt, Ravenwood, Mo
Huston Wilson, Savannah, Mo
I.W. Lanning, Rea, Mo
Miss Maxine Lucas
Miss Iness New
Miss Effie Lanning
Miss Blanche Anderson
Miss Virginia Thompson
Miss Berdie Porter
Miss Lois Hunt
Miss Bertha Franklin
Miss Marie Underwood
Miss Drucilla Underwood
Miss DeReva Dean Thompson
Miss Gertie Miller
Miss Daisy Dean Ditzler
Miss Katherine Conley
Miss Marjorie conley
Miss Neola Wilson
Miss Eula Lee Lanning
Miss Marjorie Ellen Lewis
Miss Marthea Charlene Lewis
Junior Parker
Hadley Lanning
Allen, Donald
Fred Lanning
Floyd Irle
Francis Irle
Gerald Hunt
Orville, Ansil and Murice Underwood
Weldron Anderson
Mr and Mrs Lewis Wilson, Coyville, Kans
Mr and Mrs O.L. Roberts, Worth, Mo
Mr and Mrs O.E. Thompson, Whitesville, Mo
Mr and Mrs C.F. Beahm, St Joseph, Mo
Mr and Mrs Frank Irle, Warrensburg, Mo
Mr and Mrs Jas Lucas, Barnard, Mo
Mr and Mrs Francis Ditzler, Chetopa, Kans
Mrs Flora Lucas, Barnard, Mo
Mrs M.J. Parker, Creston, Ia
Mrs C.E. Blanchard, Rosendale, Mo
Mrs Geo Lanning, Anderson, Mo
Mrs Ella Bloomfield, Parnell, Mo
Mrs Ralph Lewis, Parnell, Mo
Mrs Bertha Dixon, Parnell, Mo
Mrs Darl Porter, Ravenwood, Mo
Mrs Vilas Porter, Ravenwood, Mo
Mrs Anna Anderson, Maryville, Mo
Stewart Dean, Maryville, Mo
Hally Hughes, Maryville, Mo
Mr and Mrs G.W. Lucas, Maryville, Mo
Mr and Mrs V.W. Conley, Maryville, Mo
Mr and Mrs W.T. Jackson, Ravenwood, Mo
Mr and Mrs A.L. Hunt, Ravenwood, Mo
Mr and Mrs J.E. Porter, Ravenwood, Mo
Mr and Mrs Alvin Hunt, Ravenwood, Mo
Rev and Mrs Underwood, Ravenwood, Mo
Mr and Mrs Grant Weatherman, Parnell, Mo
Mr and Mrs Alvin Hughes, Parnell, Mo
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