William Russell family
researcher: Steve R. Gunter - Steve.Gunter@supervalu.com
Nodaway County, Missouri Will Book 1, page 58, Oct 4, 1859
William Russell, deceased
Leaves widow, Julia A. Russell and six children; Emily Russell, Edwin Russell, Alfred William Russell, Estell Russell, Ellen Russell, and John russell
Securities: Thomas &. Bates and Michael Guthery
Tombstone in Braddyville, Iowa cemetery [WPA record]
William Russell, died Sep 7, 1859
Notes from Steve R. Gunter

Julia Ann Widgery Russell – found in 1870 Census as Head of Household with children Edwin, Estella and John in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO.  Found in the 1900 Census living with daughter Ella and her family in Hendricks, Otoe, NE.  Buried in Fairmont, NE cemetery in 1904.


Emily Russell – in 1870 Census Eight Mile Grove, Cass, NE, with sister Ella and husband Augustus.  Found in 1880 in Frontier, NE with husband and Brother in law.  Found in 1900 Census in Keowee, Garfield, OK with husband.  Found in 1910 census with husband and a niece/nephew in Little, Harper, OK.  Found in 1925 Kansas State Census with new husband last name J Walrath in Soloman, Norton, KS.  Found in 1930 Census in Soloman, Norton, KS with husband Judson Walrath.  Found in Frontier, NE cemetery buried in 1931.


Edwin Russell – found in 1870 census living with mother & sister in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO.  Found in 1880 Census living with wife Nancy Guthrie and 3 children in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO.  Nothing after 1880 for Edwin.  His wife can be found in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO in 1900, 1910 & 1930 – listed as Divorced.  She can be found buried in Braddyville Cemetery in 1933.


Alfred William Russell – I have nothing on him.  Only the mention of his name on the probate record from you.  Presumably born around 1850 in England.  There is reference to the owner of the cemetery plots in the Frontier, NE cemetery where his mother is buried as W A Russell.  I assume since his father passed away in Braddyville…that the W A Russell references him and not his father….but he does not have a burial record in Frontier.


Estella Russell – found in 1870 Census living with mother and brother in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO.  Found in 1900 Census living with husband Samuel Guthrie and 3 children in Exeter Village, Fillmore, NE.  Found in 1910 Census in West Blue, Fillmore, NE living with husband and 2 children. Found in 1920 Census in Fairmont, Fillmore, NE living with husband.  Found in Fairmont Cemetery death in 1950.


Ella Russell – found in 1870 Census living with sister Emily in Eight Mile Grove, Cass, NE.  Found in 1880 Census in Lincoln, Nodaway, NE living with husband, two kids, mother in law, John Russell and his age is 21!  So that would put him born the year his father died!  Found in 1900 Census in Hendricks, Otoe, NE with husband, 6 children and mother.  Found in 1920 Census in Douglas, Otoe, NE living with husband and 3 children. Found in 1930 Census living husband and 1 child in Douglas, Otoe, NE.


John Russell – Found in 1870 Census living with Mother and Sister in Lincoln, Nodaway, MO…..and now found again in 1880 living with Sister in Lincoln, Nodaway, NE.