Nodaway County, Missouri - Sharp family
from Leah Tourond:
Found in the Liberty Weekly Tribune [Liberty, Missouri] of Feb 9 1849, an Administrator's Notice " All persons interested in the estate of Daniel Sharp, deceased, late of Clay County Mo, are hereby notified that letters of administration have been granted to the undersigned by the clerk county court of Clay county, dated the 7th of February, 1849. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them to me within one year from the date of said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate and if such claims be not exhibited within three years from the date of said letters they will be forever barred. signed Anderson Sharp, Adm'r "
The above notice is one piece of documentation supporting the theory that Daniel Sharp who married Malinda Keck (in Orange Co North Carolina) and resided in Nodaway County from about 1860 on was the son of Daniel Sharp that married Eve Anthony ..and a brother to Anderson Sharp that married Barbara James.
I'm guessing this notice would be of interest to people researching the Sharp family in Nodaway and Clinton Counties.
Smith Family
[Mar 14, 2009] My Grandfather was born near Skidmore in 1885.... His father was Charles Fremont Smith and mother was Eve Ann Sharp...his grandparents were Emory Smith and Lucy Ann Swartz, and Daniel Sharp and Malinda Keck.  I have quite a bit compiled on the Sharp side of the tree but finding anything on the Smiths has been difficult.  Until I found the Colorado historic newspapers site ...then I found a bunch of newspaper articles about a shooting in Chico Basin in 1876 ...Emory was a cattleman there then and shot and killed a man.... he thought he was shooting at William Frank who he had an on going dispute with over range land or cattle...but he killed an innocent young man who had come to fetch a horse left on the ranch. I have the convict record...Emory served 11 months in the state Pen... and I have homestead records in Pueblo Co...  the last document I have on Emory is the 1885 census of Cora Pawnee township Smith County Kansas....after that I think they went to Texas...there is an Emery Smith "stock dealer" in Dallas County in an 1894 directory that I think is him and I believe Lucy died there in 1893 and is buried in Dallas County.  Emory and Lucy are in the 1870 Nodaway census ...I don't have the 1860 census for them...but in 1856 they are in Whitewater Dubuque County Iowa. In 1850 they are in Switzerland County Indiana.  The various census records I have show Emory born in New York state between 1816 and 1821...  so I still don't have a beginning or end for the story of Emory ...but I do have about 40 years of the middle part of his life documented.  That Colorado Historic newspaper site is not the easiest to navigate around on and the search engine doesn't always turn up the same is time consuming but the reading is interesting.  PS There is an 1880 census for an Emery Smith in Pueblo.... but the informant did not know the family shows them all born in Missouri...  Emery, wife "Ellen" and sons Emery and Charles.  Emory and Lucy's daughter Delphena Smith married Monroe Sharp (Eve Ann's brother) in Nodaway County in 1875 ...and a daughter Sarah E Smith married Joseph Williamson in Nodaway in 1871 They were both still in Nodaway in 1880. Charles Fremont Smith returned to Nodaway County from Colorado and married Eve Ann Sharp Dec 6 1882 in Quitman. They left Nodaway for Nebraska in about 1896. Their last move was to Canada in 1907. Well when I get started I can't get stopped talking about this ancient history my kids and husband would be rolling their eyes and begging me to stop by now.....Thanks for your time and interest Bye now, Leah
[Mar 16, 2009] I don't know where my Smiths came from... on the census records I have they show Emory was born in New York State between 1816 and 1821 the date varies..  1850 he is in Switzerland Co Indiana,  left New York in about 1847 according to the ages and places of birth of his children in the census... 1853 he is in Carrollton Kentucky (just across the river) 1854 he is in Whitewater Dubuque Iowa also in 1856 Iowa until sometime in 1859 ...  then he went to Colorado and was there at least by Jan 1861 believe he stayed in Colorado until shortly before he turns up in the 1870 Nodaway Census....may have stayed in Nodaway until after Delphena married in Aug 1875...but is in Pueblo County Colorado by the summer of 1876 because he was there long enough to get into some fuss over range and cattle and pissed off the locals. (excuse my English)  On his convict record he says he was born in Carrollton Kentucky... I believe he was lying.  Later on in the 1885 census of Kansas he reverts to saying "York State" He applied or someone named Emery Smith applied for a homestead in Chico Basin in 1878 and was finally granted title in 1883.  In the 1885 census when he is living next door to Delphena and Monroe..the census states he lived in Colorado previous to the census. From Kansas I think he went to Dallas Texas.     Ever since I was a kid my Dad would tell stories about the wild west days he had such a jumble of places and dates it seemed like he was repeating things he didn't really understand himself. One thing he would invariably say though was that there "was no use looking for the original Smith, because the original Smith was a baby found in an Indian camp after a Massacree" Then the arguements with his siblings would begin over who the Smiths were ...were they part Indian, German? they didn't seem to know.  I would love to know.  My sister and I talked my Dad into having a DNA test done with Family Tree DNA and so far he does not match a single Smith in their considerably large data base...he does match a clan of Spencers...descendants of 4 brothers who came to America in 1633 or 34 and were part of the Massachussetts Bay Colony. One of the closest matches is a Spencer whose ancestor came to Canada during the Revolutionary War...I feel the Massacree was a battle during the Revolution at favorite but unproven theory at the moment is that Emory is the grandson of Thomas or Henry Spencer the half breed sons of Reverend Elihu Spencer and an Oneida woman (may actually have been from Onondaga) Thomas is recorded as being paid 3 rations "when his wife joined him" by the American army and I've been told children recieved half rations so he may have had two children. Thomas and Henry were born in 1748 1749 and killed in August 1777 what happened to the widow (s) and children? Were they adopted by a Smith? The Stockbridge or Mission Indians that hung out with the Oneida lost recognition as a tribe about 1843 and eventually most moved on to Wisconsin....would any of that have something to do with why my Smiths left New York? Did my Smith have relatives in Indiana....Quercus Grove Indiana was founded in 1816 by Daniel D Smith who was there gathering Oak bark to ship to England for the Dye industry...sounds like the kind of activity a half breed family might be involved in....was there a reason why Emory named his first son Daniel?  ( son Daniel drowned in Carrollton Ky when he was 9 years old) I don't know if I will ever get the pieces of the puzzle to fit but this is the project I'm working on.  PS The German origin would be on the Swartz line....Lucy Ann is consistently shown as being from Pennsylvania...born in 1822 or 1825 my family says Pennsylvania Dutch or German Gypsy. I don't have any info on possible siblings for Emory but an article on ranching in Chico Basin in 1878 mentions Smith brothers.... Emory's brothers? or Emory's sons?? The amount of unanswered questions are overwhelming sometimes. Bye now, Leah
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