Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell:
William Stingley
birthdate and birthplace
11 Nov 1805 Hampshire Co, Va
death date, place
19 Sep 1867 Nodaway Co, Mo tombstone
Sweet Home Cemetery, Nodaway Co, Mo
1st marriage
27 May 1824 Hardy Co, VW: Nancy Tucker
2nd marriage
09 Aug 1846 Tippecanoe Co, Ind: Elizabeth Munson
3rd marriage
24 Sep 1863 Nodaway Co, Mo: Elizabeth Wilson
George Stingley
Clora Hagler
Nancy Tucker
birthdate and place
ca 1806 Hardy Co,WV
deathdate and place
ca 1842-45 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
John Tucker
Betsey Walker
#1 male child born ca 1825  
#2 Gilead H. born 06 Oct 1827 Ross Co, Oh
married 20 Feb 1854 Johnson Co, Ia: Susannah McKean
died 29 Feb 1875 Worth Co, Mo
    picture of Gilead and Susannah
#3 Belinda born 28 Feb 1828 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
married 26 Jan 1848 Tippecanoe Co, Ind: Thomas Elston
died 21 Jul 1910 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
buried   Pretty Prairie Cem, Battle Ground, Tippecanoe Co, Ind
#4 Valentine Simmons born 22 Dec 1829 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
died   California
#5 Rachel Catherine born -- --- 1833 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
married 09 Jan 1853 Nodaway Co, Mo: Jesse Hawk
died 1858-59 Nodaway Co, Mo
#6 Jesse T. born ca 1835 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
#7 Orron (Oren, Orrin) W. born 04 Jan 1838 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
married -- --- 1857 Gentry Co, Mo?: Nancy Ann Burns picture
died 25 Apr 1914 Nodaway Co, Mo
buried   Luteston Cem, Nodaway Co, Mo
    picture; picture with daughter and granddaughter
#8 Eliza M. born 15 May 1840 Tippecanoe co, Ind
married 20 Dec 1855 Nodaway Co, Mo: William Lucas
married 21 Feb 1867 Nodaway Co, Mo: John Ohowell
died 25 Oct 1900 Barnard, Nodaway Co, Mo
buried   Barnard Cem, Nodaway Co, Mo
#9 Flora Ellen picture born 23 Jun 1841 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
married 08 Nov 1860 Nodaway Co, Mo: Joseph Lucas
died 31 Jul 1930 Nodaway Co, Mo
buried   Sweet Home Cem, Nodaway Co, Mo
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The children of the first family of William Stingley with wife Nancy Tucker are based on a probate record of her father, John Tucker, who died in early 1858 in Hampshire Co, Va. This was filed prior to Nov 1860 because Flora Ellen Stingley is not married yet. This record was found and shared by Gary Tucker, It says:

"The answer of John Tucker, Rachael Tucker, and Eliza Frye to a bill and chancery filed against them in the Circuit Court of Hampshire County, Virginia by James Lyons. These respondents, making the usual reservations to said bill before proceeding to answer the same fully, would claim especially al benefits which by any possibility could arise in this case, as of specially plead, of the fact that all the parties in interest in the same are not made parties defendant to it.

John Tucker, Snr. died about two years ago leaving the following children to wit: John Tucker, Joseph, Jacob C., Henry, Annis, Martha who is the wife of John Harris, and Jemima, who is the wife of Wm. Hull. Daniel, who the bill alleges has not been heard of for seven years, which allegation is not true, but it is true that over four or five years have elapsed since he has been heard from by some of the defendants residing in this county. Eliza Frye, widow of Wm. Frye, said Wm. having died before the death of said John Tucker, and Rachael Tucker. Nancy, who was a child of said John Tucker died many years before her father, leaving a husband by name Wm. Stingley, who is yet alive, and the following children who are still alive as herein now stated. Malinda, who intermarried with Thos. Elson, Gilead, Simons, Rachael, now dead but who married Jesse Hawks who is yet alive having two children also alive by her whose names are May Jane and Elizabeth Ann, Orron, Eliza now wife of Wm. Lucas, Flora, and Jesse T. Stingley. These last four heirs have sold their interests in said lands in the bill mentioned to your respondent John Tucker and conveyed the same by deed herewith filed marked A and prayed to be taken as part of this answer."

Nodaway County, Missouri History of 1882: page 214
William Stingley, a brother of Moses Stingley, came originally from Virginia, and stopped about five years in Washington Township. In 1855, he made a home in this township, in the Platte bottom on the east side, within a stone's throw of the river. He was very hospitable in his nature, and loved music like his brother Moses. He reared a large family and was a good neighbor. He died several years ago, and his family has moved away.
1830 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
William Stingley age 30/40
wife age 20/30
[Gilead] under 5 [06 Oct 1827]
[Belinda J.] age under 5 [Feb 1828]
[Valentine Simmons] age under 5 [22 Dec 1829]
1840 Tippecanoe Co, Ind
William Stingley age 30/40
wife age 30/40
[Gilead] age 15/20
[Belinda] age 10/15
[Valentine Simmons] age 10/15
[Rachel] age 10/15 [1833]
[Jesse] age 5/10
[Orron W.] age 5/10
male under 5
1850 Nodaway Co, Mo #154.158
William Stingley 44 m Va
Elizabeth Stingley 23 f Ind
Rachael Stingley 17 f Ind
Jesse Stingley 15 m Ind
Orren Stingley 13 m Ind
Eliza Stingley 11 f Ind
Flora Stingley 9 f Ind
Mary Stingley 3 Ind
Livona Stingley 1 Mo
Cevilla Stingley 1/12 f Mo
1860 Nodaway Co, Mo #180.92, 14 Jul
William Stingley 54 m farmer Va
Flora Stingley 18 f Ind
Mary Stingley 15 f Ind
Livona Stingley 13 f Mo
Saville Stingley 9 f Mo
William Stingley 8 m Mo
Ada [Adi] Stingley 6 f Mo
Milton Stingley 4 m Mo
Nancy Stingley 2 f Mo
1870 Independence Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo
Elizabeth Stingley, 36 f Ind
Thomas Ulisses Stingley 5 Mo
Frances Ahalia Stingley 4 f Mo
Matilda Ann Stingley 2 f Mo

Stingley, Oran W. - Oran W. Stingley was born in Tippecanoe county, Indiana on Jan 18, 1836. When he was six years old he moved with his parents to Nodaway county, Mo., where he has since resided.

He was united in marriage to Nancy Ann Burns in 1857, and to this union eight children were born, three of which died in infancy and one died in the year 1912 at the age of 52 years of age. He leaves besides his wife, four children, three boys, H.T. Stingley of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, J.L. Stingley of this city, and J.L. Stingley of California, also one daughter, Mrs Susanna Butts of Thurman, Iowa to mourn his departure.

Mr Stingley was an industrious and honest farmer and was highly esteemed by a large number of friends in the vicinity where he had lived so long. Just before his death he was in a hospital in St Joseph [Missouri] where he had undergone an operation. At his own request he was brought to his home northwest of Sheridan last Friday afternoon, where he died Saturday morning, April 25, 1914.

Funeral services were conducted from the home Monday afternoon by Rev A.P. Thompson, after which the remains were laid to rest at the Luteston cemetery. The children with the exception of J.L. Stingley of California were present at the funeral.

Attended Funeral Here:

A large number of relatives and friends from a distance attended the funeral of Oran Stingley here Monday afternoon, among whom were one son, H.T. Stingley of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a daughter Mrs Susanna Butts, Thurman, Ia, a grandson, Frank Stingley of Wessington Springs, South Dakota, Mrs Evaline Dix, son and daughter, James Miller and wife, John Winemiller and wife, Buch Dixon and B. Parker, all of Parnell, Frank Downing and wife and Alford Downing and wife of Blockton.

The Sheridan Advance, Vol 28 #3, Sheridan, Misouri, April 30, 1914