Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell:
William Stingley
birthdate and birthplace
11 Nov 1805 Hampshire Co, Va
death date, place
19 Sep 1867 Nodaway Co, Mo
Sweet Home Cemetery, Nodaway Co, Mo
1st marriage
27 May 1824 Hardy Co, VW: Nancy Tucker
2nd marriage
09 Aug 1846 Tippecanoe Co, Ind: Elizabeth Munson
3rd marriage
24 Sep 1863 Nodaway Co, Mo: Elizabeth Wilson
George Stingley
Clora Hagler
Elizabeth Wilson
birthdate and place
1833 Marion Co, Ind
deathdate and place
01 Mar 1905 Springfield, Lane Co, Ore
Laurel Hill Cem,Springfield, Lane Co,Ore
2nd husband
09 Nov 1873 Nodaway Co, Mo: William Ray
#1 Thomas Ulyssis Grant born 06 Jul 1863 Nodaway Co, Mo
married 22 Dec 1888 Worth Co, Mo: Wealtha A. Hibbs
died 17 Dec 1907 Sheridan, Worth Co, Mo
buried   Isadora Cem, Worth Co, Mo
#2 Francis Ahalia born Feb 1866 Nodaway Co, Mo
married 26 Dec 1882 Worth Co, Mo: William J. Wertz
died 1923  
#3 Matilda Ann born 28 Feb 1868 Nodaway Co, Mo
married 13 Nov 1883 Worth Co, Mo: Hiram Sigel Rowan
died 07 May 1958 near Grant City, Worth Co, Mo
buried   Isadora Cem, Worth Co, Mo
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1870 Independence Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo
Elizabeth Stingley, 36 f Ind
Thomas Ulisses Stingley 5 Mo
Frances Ahalia Stingley 4 f Mo
Matilda Ann Stingley 2 f Mo

Stingley, Thomas - Thomas Stingley passed away at his home in the city Monday night. His death had been expected almost hourly for the past two weeks, and the tenacity with which the life lasted was a marvel to everybody.

The case of Thomas Stingley is an especially sad one. Those of our readers who remember him as a young man will recollect that he was possessed of a remarkably well developed physique, tall, broad shouldered and robust. Two years ago and six months ago while working on a high scaffolding, he fell a distance of about forty feet, dislocating one of the vertebra of the back and injuring the spinal cord. He was then living at Eugene, Oregon. The fall caused paralysis of his body below the point of injury and he has been as helpless as a child, suffering at times severe pain. All efforts for relief from medical skill were unavailing. Before his death he expressed his readiness to die, and hailed the Grim Reaper as a relief from his sufferings. The I.O.O.F. lodge at this place were very faithful in rendering assistance of every kind all through the period during which Brother Stingley was helpless.

Thomas U.G. Stingley was born in Nodaway county, Mo., July 6, 1863, and died at Sheridan, Mo., December 17, 1907, aged 44 years, 5 months, and 11 days.

He was married to Miss Wealtha A. Hibbs December 22, 1888. To this union were born seven children five of whom died in infancy. The two sons, Beryl and Joseph, the bereaved companion, numerous other relatives and friends survive to mourn his departure.

The funeral was conducted at Isadora Wednesday and interment made in the Isadora Cemetery. The Sheridan I.O.O.F. Lodge officiated at the funeral service Rev Wood of Blockton preaching the sermon.

The Sheridan Advance, Vol 20 #42, Sheridan, Worth County, Missouri, Dec 19, 1907