Stutzman/Stutsman/Stutesman Family

The Stutesman (Stutsman, Stutzman, Stootsman, etc) originally came from Germany /Switzerland and settled in Pennsylvania. From there, some of them journeyed to North Carolina (around Rowan County area) then to Henry and Shelby Co, Kentucky area, then into sourthern Indiana.

Some of them stayed longer in Pennsylvania and then into central Ohio (Montgomery co area) and then to northern Indiana (Elkhart County area).

From the Indiana migrations, they spread on west into Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas.

On these pages I would like to post comprehensive records pertaining to the whole family and hope that individuals will add where appropriate and also add data about specific families.

Some of the records will be:

bible record John Adam Stutesman
census 1850 index by Stutzman given name

1850 index by place
- 1880 abbreviated census for MO,KS,NE,SD sorted by given name
- 1880 abbreviated census for MO,KS,NE,SD sorted by place born
- 1880 abbreviated census for MO,KS,NE,SD sorted by birth year
- 1880 abbreviated census for MO,KS,NE,SD sorted by state of census
  1880 census for Indiana: A.W. through Isaic
  1880 census for Indiana: J. through Louis
  1880 census for Indiana: M.F. through William
deaths Long-time family researcher, Karan Godbout, died and was buried September 27, 2007 at Phillipsburg, Kansas [Olliff-Boeve Chapel]
estate Daniel Stutsman (d 1843)
- -
family group sheets Adam Stutesman / Nancy Mobley
  Adam Stutesman / Elizabeth Halfhill
  Adam Francis Stutesman [1830]
  Daniel Stutesman (1763)
  Daniel Overholser Stutesman
  David Stutesman
  notes about family group of David Stutesman
  James Stutsman (b 1814 Ky)
- John Adam Stutesman
  John Alexander Stutesman
  Ralph and Susie Stutesman
- Samuel Stutesman
- -
- -
- -
marriages Illinois marriages by alphabetical order of first name
  Illinois marriages by chronological date
  Illinois marriages by name of spouse
  Illinois marriages by county
  Indiana marriages by alphabetical order of first name
- Indiana marriages by chronological date
- Indiana marriages by name of spouse
- Indiana marriages by county

notes on A Memorial History and Genealogical Record of the John Howell and Jacob Stutzman Families page 234
  notes on James Stutesman family

obituaries Howard Brown, 2007
  Lula Mae Stutesman McKee 1887
  Mavis Lester Palmer 2006
  Adam Francis Stutesman 1830
  Alma Nevada Stutesman Lee 1889
  Clarence Orvil Stutesman 1897
  Clyde Stutesman 1918
  Daniel Stutzman died 1904 Johnstown, Pa
  Donald Enis Stutesman
  Francis Taney Stutesman 1863
  Eugene E. Stutesman 1894 (first) (second)
  Ira Stutesman 1883
  Jesse I. Stutesman 1834
  Iva Stutesman Rickabaugh Goff 1886
  John Adam Stutesman 1854 (first) (second)
  John Stutesman 1882
  Lester "Logan" Stutesman 1907
  Martha Jane Anderson Stutesman 1832?
  Mary F. Kayser Stutesman 1868
  Mary Jane Chamberlain Stutesman 1855
  Maude Stutesman
  Orlie C. Stutesman 1904
  Ray Stutesman 1904
  Robert "Leo" Stutesman 1900
  Robert (Bob) Noble Stutsman “Bear Claws” 2013
  Wilbur Ralph Stutesman 1876
  William Jennings Bryan Stutesman 1900
photo gallery

Biographical of Bruce Anderson, son of Jacob Anderson and Elizabeth Stutsman

Biographical of Henley Anderson, son of Jacob Anderson and Elizabeth Stutsman

2007 reunion Missouri

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