Notes on Thompson family from Floyd Lawrence

Pat uploaded pics, & some history. I have 1865 handwritten records by Thomas Thompson's sisters, Martha Jane/Margaret Elizabeth. Records were started when Alfred White took a 2nd wife in 1865, his 1st wife's daughter Deba, married William Henry Thompson. In 1850 Hiram Harlow, bro of Bolivar Harlow, John Bixler, & we think Thomas J Thompson started for the Calif goldfields.

They were successful, but Thomas dropped out in Monroe Co Ia, & stayed the winter. Coming to Nodaway area in 1851. His body probably would not let him complete the Goldfield journey, as he prob had rheumatoid athritis since the Blackhawk War. We can figure out no other reason for him to be in Ia at that time.

When the successful goldseekers left by ship to the isthmus in 1852, Thomas returned to Ind for his family. He returned in late 1853, & dau Elizabeth Jane was born on the Miss ferry. As late as it was, they prob holed up in his old Monroe co Ia location.

In 1854 the large wagontrain of the Harlows/Thompsons left Ind for Ia. Hiram/bolivar holed up in Monroe co Ia till spring of 1855. My greatgrandfather James Harlow came strait on to Nodaway area, & settled near Thomas/family. In this wagon train were two young girls wise beyond their years, they came with aunts/uncles rather than stay in Ind with strangers, as both parents were dead.

Joseph Thompsons dau Elizabeth Ann later marr William Henry Findley. Mathew Thompson's dau Nancy Anna later marr Delancy Parcher. This should give you an insight into the family for now. Floyd

Modena Gay Thompson is one of the little girls in this pic, she has remarried again, & I do not have the names listed at hand. she desc from Alfred White/Eliza Devols dau Deba White marring William Henry Thompson GAR Vet Floyd picture
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