Trullinger family notes
Cain Cemetery, Nodaway County, Missouri
Albert R., son of B.W. & I. Trullinger, died Aug 27, 1881 aged 1y 7m [tombstone]
Irene, wife of B.W. Trullinger, died Mar 15, 1888 aged 42y 7m 18d [tombstone]
Mary Jane, wife of F.M. Trullinger, died Sep 19, 1892 aged 34y 5m 24d [tombstone]
Trullinger, Mary Jane, consort of Francis, died 19 Sep 1892 Mvle; 34y 5m 25d; dau of Solomon Shell of Maryville; buried Cain cem. ND 22 Sep 1892 [newspaper]
Trullinger, B.W.'s INFANT SON, died, funeral at Shell Grove. ND 15 Sep 1881 [newspaper]
Trullinger, B.W.'s SON, died "Rabbit Hill." ND 01 Sep 1881 [newspaper]
Trullinger, Gamaliel P., died 18 Jul 1890; buried Cain cem. ND 24 Jul 1890 [newspaper]
Trullinger, Rena wife of B.W., died 15 Mar 1888 Mvle, 43, born Ind, buried Cain cem. ND 22 Mar 1888 [newspaper]
Trullinger, Earl, died Sep 29, 1884 age 9m 2d [not sure where buried]
Farragut Cemetery, Fremont County, Iowa [all on one stone]
Trullinger, Barton W., born Dec 6, 1830 died Sep 24, 1919
Trullinger, Neva, 1908-2000
Trullinger, Dolliver, 1905-1971
Trullinger, Flora M. wife of B.W., born Jan 2, 1876 aged 30y 8m 22d
Trullinger, Mary Ann, wife of B.W., died Jan 15, 1872 aged 40y 2m 22d
Notes from Eldon E. Lawson:

This old cemetery [Cain Cemetery] is very near where my father, Cecil E. Lawson was born. His uncle, James Lawson came to the neighborhood about 1886, and his younger bro. Abijah Lawson, my gr. f. came in 1889. It is just a mile or two from the village of Wilcox, which is on U. S. 71.

There were Hughbanks settled there earlier, who like my Lawsons came from KY. My gr g.f. John Lawson left KY abt. 1863 with his seven children and settled in Jackson Co. IN. Abijah, was very young, b. Sept. 1859. He grew up and married in IN, and had a baby dtr. before setting out for MO. But his wife died on the trip, and he left the child with James until he could get settled. He later married my grandmother who had come from the same Jackson Co. IN and was staying with James Lawson as she was related to his wife, Rachel (Weddle) Lawson. My grandmother, Mary E. (Hooker) Lawson had four daughters and two sons. Dad's half sister, Elva Lawson, married my mother's first cousin. I visited relatives in the Cain and Wilcox area when I was growing up, as I lived just about fifteen miles from there. Grandmother Mary E. was the dtr. of Lorenzo Dow Hooker, son of Emsley and Eliza (Hughbanks) Hooker.

Flora Trullinger is interred in the Farragut Cemetery, Fremont Co. She is my great grandmother. I would like to add a marker to her grave. I have become a Mayfower Society member through her family line, (her maden name was Foster) as a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford. She died Jan. 2 1876 in Ottumwa [Iowa], but her grave is with her husband Barton Worley Trullinger, and Barton's first wife. My grandfather, Joel, was her only child, and he lived in Farragut with Flora's sister, Mary A. (Foster) Jones for a few years. He was just 19 mos. old when Flora died. Barton moved near Maryville, MO in 1876 and died there but is interred in Farragut.
My plan is to add a small stone to Flora's grave. Barton has a headstone, and the two wives each have one all side by side. Barton actually had two more wives after Flora. His third wife Irene died in Nodaway Co. MO in 1887 after ten years of marriage, she is interred in Nodaway Co [Cain Cemetery]. Barton's fourth wife survived him and is interred in Andrew or Holt Co. He had 13 children, 12 sons. His brother Isaac Trullinger lived in Farragut but left no descendants. My intent is to mark Flora as a Mayflower Descendant. She was born in Chemung Co. NY and moved with her family to Peoria County, IL in 1852. She had several brothers, and uncles and some settled in Iowa. She came to Iowa as a school teacher.

The child Albert [in Cain Cemetery] was Barton's with Irene. The unnamed infant I believe was also Irene's. One other son of that third marriage was Louallen.

The Mary Jane Trullinger was the wife of Francis Monroe Trullinger who was a son of Barton and first wife, Mary Ann (Miller). Mary Jane's maiden name was Shell. She died after the birth of her female child, Nellie, who was taken in by Laura (Trullinger) Evans. Laura was a daughter of Barton's, sister of Francis Monroe T. Laura was married to Chauncey Evans, who's sister married Dale Carnegie, the famous author. They lived in St. Joe, MO and I visited them with my mother several times. She was Florence M. (Trullinger) Lawson.

After his wife, Mary Jane (Shell) died, Francis Monroe Trullinger moved to Carrington, ND.

I have extensive gnealogical data of the Trullingers back to Germany fifteenth century. The name was Drollinger, and my line came to Virignia in early 1700's. Barton's parents were both Trullingers (cousins) born in Ohio (NW Terr.) 1790's, then migrated to Indiana, and eventually to Davis County. Some of them built the first permanent homes in Des Moines, and there are hundreds of descendants across Iowa, and beyond.

I was born in Nodaway Co. In 1933 I sang a solo on KFNF Shenandoah with a third-fiourth grade group from Ravenwood, MO where I grew up.( Shanty In Old Shanty Town) Grandfather Joel lived in Maryville and worked at the College from 1912 until his death in 1943. I was in the college and the Army waiting for my call when he passed.


Gr gr father Barton Worley Trullinger, interred in the Farragut cemetery, was the son of Abraham Kidd Trullinger and Margaret Trullinger. My mother always said they were "distant" cousins, but they were actually first cousins. Margaret's brothers, Daniel and Gabriel settled in Iowa, but Daniel left Mt. Pleasant in 1848 with his wife and ten children, and a daughter-in-law for Oregon with two yokes of oxen, two covered wagons, some horses, pigs, sheep, cattle and chickens. Daniel's wife, Elizabeth Johnson is said to be a niece of President Andrew Johnson. I have verified that Daniel and Elizabeth were married in Greenville, TN home of Andrew. Gabriel remained in Iowa, near Garden Grove in Decatur Co. and had a large family, with many descendants still in Iowa MO and Neb.

Other of the family settled Polk Co. and Lake Co. My wife Betty, maiden name Thompson, mother was Hogue. Betty's gr f. was b. Madison Co. His mother was Dicy Gentry, and the Gentrys were part of building the "Bridges," and laying out the town of Winterset. Betty's grandfather, George Washington Hogue, Dicy's spouse, changed the spelling from Hogg to Hogue, as the original spelling was usually pronounced same as the ungulate, famous in Iowa. There are many Hoggs in Iowa, as it was a large family.

The Trullingers of my direct line came from Germany 1730's, and settled in Virginia and PA. Some later generations joined again in Indiana and Iowa. Betty's gr grandmother Dicy (Gentry) Hogue moved to Colorado, and lived into her 90's. Another gr grandmother lived in E. Peru, Madison Co. and lived to 100.

We lived in Iowa City many years ago where I was Supervisor of Dining Services at U of Iowa, before I moved to a similar position at E. Michigan U. We both have strong Hawkeye heritage. I'm always glad to share my info. I have contacted the Clinton Allen Co. where I had business with the Maryville office for years, but didn't know they were in Iowa. We have started the process of adding a new marker on the grave of my gr grandmother in Farragut. Thanks again. Eldon E. Lawson