Graham Historical Society
( This information about the Society was given to me by Letha Marie Mowry: you may contact her if you have specific questions. Pat O'Dell)
Although this group disbanded about 1987, they did compile several volumes of cemetery and other records from their area. Some are still available to purchase and more are being created. Information from their files was given to the Nodaway County Genealogical Society and Letha Marie still has copies of much of it.
Lois Medsker, 37023 Galaxy Road, Graham, Mo 64455, was the president of the Graham Historical Society when they published the first book of Hughes Township Cemetery Inscriptions (1979). This book is now out of print; however, a list of burials in Prairie Home Cemetery can be ordered from Norma Kenny, Treasurer Prairie Home Cemetery, 22325 330th Street, Skidmore MO 64487 for $5 (please check on price). They will also send you an update each year of the tombstones after your initial order.
The other cemeteries in Hughes Township still in use (besides Prairie Home) include Bethany, Kyle, Groves and there is no up-to-date for-sale listing for them anywhere.  There WAS one done a few years ago for Groves but it is out of print also ---Letha Marie will be glad to do lookups!
On The Banks of the Elk Horn

On the Banks of the Elk Horn Volume I (published 1973) is currently out of print.  When 20 or so folks put their name on the list as wanting it there will be a reprint done.  It sold for $22.50 + $5 shipping for the last one. 

Volume II  (published 1974) is priced at $17.50 + $5 shipping and Volume III (published 2000) is priced at $28 + $5 shipping. 

Make check or money order payable to Graham Community Betterment and send with order to Janet Rosenbohm, 36406 Echo Road, Graham MO 64455.   

No information was intentially repeated from one volume to the next but you are referred to see Volume 1 page 123 for more information on this family etc.  Family histories were submitted by members of each family and published mostly as submitted (we did reserve the right to edit but didn't have to do a lot of that)

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