Nodaway County, Missouri in World War II
08 Dec 1941 [The Maryville Daily Forum, Maryville, Missouri]

Many From Here In War-Torn Area

Nodaway County Persons Are With Armed Forces in the Pacific.
A large number of persons from Nodaway county and this section of Missouri are among the soldiers, sailors and civilians in the war-torn areas of Hawaii, the Philippines and other United States Island possessions.
Due to strict military orders, the locations of a number of those are not known, even to their close relatives Among those known to be in the Pacific area are:
Bill Hull, son of Probate and Mrs. M J. Hull, Maryville, is Stationed at Clark Field, about 70 miles from Manila, P I., with headquarters of a bombardment group.
Junior Rowan, former MHS and STC student, a nephew of Miss Bertha Spidle, Maryville is also at Clark Field with a squadron which is a port of the group to which Hull is attached.

Located in Honolulu

Capt E S Campbell, Grant City, a brother of Mrs. Ed Godsey and Mrs Roy Fisher, Maryville is located in Honolulu.

Miss Blanche Anderson, daughter of Mrs Anna Anderson, Maryville, is a teacher at Honolulu, having been there for a number of years.

Harold Costigan, formerly with the county FSA office here, was in Honolulu a month ago with the U.S. army but at that time was expecting a possible move to the Philippines.

Weir at Pearl Harbor

Kenneth Weir, son of Mr and Mrs Lloyd Weir of near Maryville, is stationed at Pearl Harbor with the U.S.S. Maryland.

Everett Kae Donahue, son of Mr and Mrs S.J. Donahue of Maryville, is stationed on the oil tanker, Pecos, off of the coast of Manila.

Elza Crenshaw, son of Mr and Mrs Elza Crenshaw sr., of Conception Junction, is stationed at Pearl Harbor.

L. Jay Moorhead, son of Mr and Mrs Jack Moorhead, son of Mr and Mrs Jack Moorhead of Kansas City, formerly of Skidmore, is stationed at Hickan [sic,]Field, Honolulu.

Corporal Samuel D. McKee, son of Mr and Mrs S.E. Mckee of Ravenwood, is stationed in Hawaii with the 50th squadron air force.

Harold Reynolds, son of Mr and Mrs Ralph Reynolds of Ravenwood, is stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Wayne Dorman is station on one of the islands in the Pacific as captain of the field artillery.

On a Cruiser

Francis Wagner, who was in partnership with Ed Shreve, Maryville, the last 12 years, enlisted this fall in the air corps and on November 6 was in Honolulu with a bombardment group but are expecting shortly to be ordered elsewhere in the Pacific.
Koch Duncan, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. D. A. Duncan of Keytesviile, grandson of the late Dr. C. D. Koch of Maryville, is a first class seaman on a cruiser somewhere in the Pacific.
At least two former STC students are known to be with United States forces somewhere in the Pacific, according to the most recent news from them.

On Aircraft Carrier

Richard Vest, whose home is at Farragut. Ia., a student of the college in 1931-40 is with the United States army air corps ground force at Rizal Field, Manila, where he has been stationed since September 1. His brother, Bill, who is now attending college, said his family had heard from him two weeks ago. Vest, was a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity while in college here.
It is also believed that Neil Weary of Cainsville, who was graduated from the college in August, 1940, is somewhere in the vicinity of the present trouble. He is in theUnited States Naval Reserve and while on a recent visit here on furlough, he stated that he was to be assigned to the aircraft carrier, Saratoga. Weary was president of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and a member of the Bearcats basketball squad during his college career.

Charles Pierson, son of Mr and Mrs Charles Pierson of Clearmont, is a wireless operator on a battleship stationed at Pearl Harbor.