Civil War Pension papers of James Lucas [son of Thomas & Mina]
submitted by Pat O'Dell:
(This is from the National Archives Pension paper and is a form with data written in in ink. Sometimes hard to read.)
Adjutant General's Office
Washington Feby 23, 1888
Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, James Lucas, a private of Company H, 25th Regiment Mo Infantry Volunteers, was enrolled on the 14th day of November, 1861, at St Joe, Mo; for 3 years, and is reported: on roll from Oct 26th, 1861 to Feby 28th 1862, died Jany 9th, 1862.
The following is his personal description as shown by enlistment paper: age 18 years. height 5 ft 4 in, complexion dark; eyes & hair black; occuption farmer, born in Mo.
Return for Jan/62 reports him died at St Joseph, Mo of disease date not shown. The records of this office afford no further information as to date place or cause of death.
Books of the organization including regimental hospital records not on file.
R.C. Drum, Adjutant General
Treasury Department
Second Auditor's Office
Washington, Oct 19, 1885
Respectfully returned to the Now Commissioner of Pensions. In the case of James Lucas, late Private, Co "H", 25 Mo Vols., $100. Bounty Oct July 22, 1861, and arrears of pay to include Jan 9, 1862, were allowed Thomas Lucas, father, by Certif. 3658, Oct 29, 1862.
In application executed Sept 13, 1862, claimant states that he is the father of said soldier and that his son died unmarried leaving no wife nor child. Claimant is identified by H.W. and Susan Pool who swear to the relationship of claimant with soldier and to soldier's celibacy.
Thomas and Mina Lucas, parents, were allowed $100 Bounty Oct.July 28, 1866, May 20, 1868.
In applications executed Feby 18, 1867, claimants state that they are the parents of said soldier who died at St Joseph, Mo Jan 8, 1862, unmarried leaving no wife nor child surviving him.
Claimants are identified and their statements corrobrated by George Deney and James K. House.
There is no Final statement nor Inventory of Effects nor direct evidence of death on file.
A.O. Harmon, Actg Auditor, By (scribbled) Pen claim 324,039
State of Nebraska County of Franklin, S.S.
On this 13th day of February, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eight-five personally appeared before me, William A. Cole county clerk the same being a court of record within and for the county and State aforesaid, Minia Lucus a resident of Franklin county of Franklin in the State of Nebraska, aged 71 years, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by Acts of Congress granting pensions to dependent Mothers: That she is the (1) widow of Thomas Lucas, and Mother of James Lucas who (2) enlisted under the name of James Lucas at St Joseph, Mo on the 2d day of December A.D. 1861 in (3) Co H 25th Regt Mo Inft Vol in the war of late Rebellion, who (4) died on the 7th or 8th day of January 1861 of Measels which said disease was contracted while in line of duty, on the 7 or 8 day of January, A.D. 1862; that said son James Lucas left neither widow nor child under sixteen years of age surviving; that she was (5) wholly dependent upon said son for support; that her husband, the aforesaid Thomas Lucas aged 76 or 77 years, (6) died on the 18th day of May 1881 and that applicant has not since remarried, that there were surviving at date of said son's death his brothers and sister, who were under sixteen years of age, as follows:
Mary Jane Lucas, born Nov 4th, 1848
Hannah E. Lucas, born Feb 7th, 1851
Sarah M. Lucas, born Jan 11, 1854
Catharine S. Lucas, born Oct 3rd, 1857
That she has not heretofore received or applied for a pension (7); that she has not aided or abetted the rebellion; that her residence is at No ----, in town of Franklin, county of Franklin State of Nebraska and that her Post Office address is Franklin, Nebraska.
Minia "X" [her mark] Lucas
Jno R. Hart
J.R. McDonald
two witnesses who can write their names
Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 22, 1895
I hereby report that the name of Minia Lucas - mother of James - P.H. 25, Mo Inf who was a pensioner on the rolls of the Agency, under certificate No 242724 and who was last paid at $12.00 to Oct 4, 1895 has been dropped because of death 07 Nov 1895 at Stamford, Nebr.
Very respectfully
C.H. Robinson
Pension Agent