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Bolckow - history. ND 25 Nov 1875

Bolckow - Christian Church dedicated. ND 19 Oct 1893

Cyclone - hit; destroyed the Dunkard Church nr Whitesville, farmsteads of Clinton Ware, Milton Crockett, Wm Stingley, Lyman Stingley, Dr VanFausen, Jack Gates, and H.C. Kessler. Mrs Eli Stingley killed in the cyclone. ND 17 May 1883

Cyclone - Wm Merrigan picked up some items evidently blown here by the Andrew co cyclone - a warranty deed belonging to John Bowzer of 1867 by Vincent Wilson, JP of Andrew co and an insurance policy of E. Stingley of Andrew co. ND 31 May 1883

Newspaper - at Bolckow is Bolckow Blade. ND 21 Nov 1889

Newspaper - Bolckow Herald will be moved to Glfd. ND 20 Nov 1890

Panther - a 6'4 panther killed. ND 11 Nov 1886

Russell - new town laid out on the "Diagonal Road" 9 mi ne Svnh. ND 20 Oct 1887

Settlers - Old Settler's Reunion in Savannah. Oldest male settler Jonathan M. Cobb, 73 yr old, to Andrew co in 1837. Oldest female settler, Mrs Martha Eiseminger, 80 yr old, to Andrew co with husband Jacob in 1838. ND 27 Aug 1885

Skeleton - found in Andrew County, had been in shallow grave. ND 27 May 1880



Bridge - report on the construction of the Rulo bridge. ND 14 Apr 1887

Fairfax - Fairfax Star newspaper has ceased. ND 31 Jul 1890

Orphanage - Lutheran orphanage to start soon at Rport. ND 21 Aug 1890

Sonora - laid out early; at the time StJo was called Black Snake Hills. From Atchison County Journal. ND 26 Aug 1886



Burials - of StJo's pauper dead only costs the city 10cts per head. ND 17 Jul 1890

Courthouse - at StJo burned. ND 02 Apr 1885

Indian - burying ground found by workmen grading on King Hill in StJo. ND 12 Oct 1899

Skeleton - of a middle age man, no coffin, found in the rear of the house lot where Jesse James was killed. ND 01 Oct 1896

Street car - StJo claims to have 20 mi of electric street car lines in successful operation. ND 10 Oct 1889



Albany - has no saloons. ND 25 Jul 1878

Artifacts - while digging a well a large tooth was found, from Stanberry Sentinel. ND 08 Sep 1887

Haunted area - Blue Bell Island near Stan is haunted by spirits of a tribe of friendly Indians who were massacred. They nightly hold their war dances upon the scene of the slaughter. ND 10 May 1894

School - Stanberry Normal burned. ND 05 Mar 1896

School - good picture of Stanberry Missouri Normal & Business College. ND 24 Jul 1890

Yulah - new post office 8 mi north of Albany. ND 29 Dec 1898



Foundling - an infant left on door step of Dr Goslin in Holt co, has been adopted by Mrs Lou Gibson. ND 29 Sep 1887

Skull - found, see Mr Shellenberger. ND 08 Dec 1892

Prisoners - escaped from jail. ND 30 Oct 1873

Telephone - exchange at Oregon put in by J.R. Green and Arch McFadden. ND 24 Feb 1898



Imogene - town of Imogene, Ia named for Ms Imogene Anderson who now lives in Fresno, Ca. ND 22 Jun 1893

Railroad History - towns on the Humeston and Shenandoah Railroad already laid out, Grand River, Beaconsfield, Tingley, Kew, Goshen, Clearfield, Switch at Creston branch, Gravity, Clarinda, and a town not named in center of Page county.

Steamboat captain - see Garrett Myres



Civil War - abt Andersonville Prison - by L.E. Poley. ND 13 Jun 1895

Confederate Home - ex-confederate home done; twp & organized trustees named to see who needs to go there. ND 12 Nov 1891

Emigration to Kansas - western migration occurring. ND 24 May 1871, ND 27 Apr 1870, ND 20 Apr 1870

Odd Fellows Home - abt the Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, Mo.; place for fatherless, motherless, orphans and aged. ND 02 Feb 1899, ND 25 May 1899

Orphanage - Chillicothe Children's Home has placed more than 50 children since last Sept. ND 24 Aug 1893

Steamboat captain - see Garrett Myres. ND 04 Oct 1871

Stewartsville, Mo - history. ND 04 Apr 1878

Tobacco - Missouri the tobacco patch this year - 14,000 acres & 10,136,000# of tobacco raised here. ND 28 Nov 1889

Tobacco - state paid $509.55 for tobacco for the convicts in penitentiary in Dec. For all of last year bill was $7000. ND 05 Feb 1891

Traveling - John McGaffey writes about traveling to se part of state. ND 15 Feb 1871, ND 25 Jan 1871

Traveling - trip to StJo notes little towns on the way. ND 14 Nov 1878

Veterans - Black Hawk war survivors. ND 26 Jan 1899

Vital statistics law - law passed in Missouri to keep birth and death records. ND 01 May 1874

War - Spanish American War begins. ND 21 Apr 1898, ND 28 Apr 1898



Asylum - new insane asylum of Iowa to be built at Clarinda. ND 31 Jul 1884

Blanchard - fire destroyed the opera block. ND 15 Sep 1898

Braddyville - named for James Braddy who has d nr Craig, Mo, Feb 1884. ND 28 Feb 1884

Building - of asylum and courthouse in Clarinda, much going on. ND 04 Dec 1884

Newspaper - at Blanchard, Ia State Line Leader will cease publication. ND 21 Oct 1886




Bank - The Bedford Nation Bank failed; Henry Miller named receiver of the bank. ND 13 Jan 1876, ND 17 Feb 1876

Conway - The Conway Herald of Conway, Taylor Co, Ia purchased by John Curnutt. ND 23 Jan 1890

Gold - man nr Clearfield found gold while digging a well. Assay of ore said it had $3.65 gold and silver in it. ND 21 Jan 1897

Iowa City - is the name of the new town located on "diagonal road," half of the town in Taylor county, Iowa and half in Worth county, Mo. It's 17 mi from Bedford, 16 mi from Grant City, and 17 mi from Hopkins. ND 13 Oct 1887

Memory - At Memory, in the west part of Taylor county, where arrangements had been made to lay off a town, the company have found difficulty in getting the land; and after some negotiations have at last abandoned the idea of having a town there, and have sold the land already bought by them. ND 20 Oct 1881

New Market - The New Market, Ia News will be moved to Dundee County, Ne. ND 27 Aug 1885

Railroad - in all new towns along the Humeston & Shenandoah RR in Taylor co., town company deeds along line all say that no intoxicating liquors may be manufactured or sold from these lots. ND 17 Aug 1882

Saloons - Bfd has no saloons. ND 25 Jul 1878



Defiance - Worth county post office, now thing of the past, has been changed to Sheridan. ND 13 Oct 1887

Defiance - steam flour mill of Geo F. Orris's burned at Defiance, Worth co. ND 04 Jun 1885

Oxford - has two dry goods and a grocery store, two drug stores, one wheel wright, one blacksmith shop and a few dwellings. In Sweet Home items. ND 01 Sep 1881

Sheridan - is the new town laid out on James Boyle's farm, west of Defiance, Worth county, on the new railroad down the Platte. About 60 acres have been laid off. ND 30 Jun 1887

Sheridan - Sheridan newspaper will be started by Maxy Danford, who has been the editor of the Lenox, Ia Time Table. ND 10 Nov 1887

Sheridan - Sheridan Advance is 9 yrs old. ND 05 Mar 1896

Sheridan - Sheridan Bank robbed; $2450 taken. ND 17 Feb 1898