Newspaper Trivia
This information is totally useless. On a need-to-know basis, you don't ever need to know any of this. Data devoid of any value....the kind of stuff that is so EASY to remember unlike those birthdays and anniversaries and other dates that completely slip your mind.

I love newspapers! and at this time figure that I have read 700 years of area news. These tidbits of trivia are just too good to pass up..they need to be shared.

Pat Combs O'Dell

Warren Melvin of Phelps City, Missouri advertised in the paper for a wife. Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa, June 15, 1925
Joseph Cass and Maggie Walker got in a fight with George Masters over some fruit jars. Shots were fired, nobody killed. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, August 19 & 26, 1886
John Nicholas, plowing near Braddyville, found 2 rusty guns, a tomahawk, hunting knife and the remains of two human beings. Shenandoah World, Shenandoah, Iowa, May 16, 1905
Charlie Norton, whom everyone thought had been murdered 29 years ago, returned to Blockton for a few days visit. Taylor County Herald, Bedford, Iowa, September 15, 1932
Ed Ridenour was out hunting Sunday and killed...well, the middle toe on his left foot actually. Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa, October 9, 1894
J. Fairley and wife, who separated here last week, have kissed and made up, and will go to housekeeping somewhere else. Jim is a good fellow in a general way, but it has taken him more years than it ought to have done to cross the divide on fool's hill, and to settle down to a pleasant home life. If God ever allows mud to go to waste it is in letting it be toted around by some old fool who has started out to sow a second crop of wild oats. Blockton News, Blockton, Iowa, April 7, 1898
Ed Dwire living 3 miles south of Maryville a few days since went out to the pasture to get a horse and thinking he might as well ride back he mounted without bridle or halter; when the horse began to run he met a tree and received severe wounds about the head. At last accounts he is getting along nicely. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, January 2, 1890
Anna Donahoo, 15, and John McClellan, of Gentry County [Mo] tried to get a marriage license. Her mother had sent a note that she gave her permission for Anna Donahoo to marry Andy Umphrey. No one knew who Andy was. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Mo, June 11, 1885
Grandpa Hull had a serious attack of sick. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Mo, October 4, 1888
A.A. Barton and Robert Blake took a hunt last week. They fired at a coon up in a tree and killed it. Amos climbed the tree and discovered that they had murdered an owl in cold blood. Everything in a tree now is an owl. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, October 16, 1890
Dr. J.M. Brand can't find his insane wife; if seen, please contact him. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, June 14, 1871
Jack Brink was in Mound City and confidentially informed the editor there that the rumor about him dying of smallpox was not true. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri), August 1, 1895
During the night, someone stole the braid from 8-year old Lena Taylor. Shenandoah Sentinel Post, Shenandoah, Iowa, September 5, 1913
W.W. Wygle of Gentry County was in town Tuesday looking at our beautiful women. He is in need of a wife. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, Feb 1, 1894
At the John Ritze home, while the family was eating supper, someone stole all their underwear from the clothes line. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, December 8, 1892
Lafe Rambo was out riding with Miss Jett Moore when his horses became frightened; he has 2 broken legs and she has bruises. Buggy is deceased and the horses unfound. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, Sep 13, 1888
Fred Parshall accidently discharged a shot gun in hardware store; no one hurt. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, December 23, 1897
Judge Pointer of Holt County, Missouri, died; malignant attack of cholera morbus; laid him out, all at once he sat up and is getting better. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, July 31, 1884
John P. Reynolds, ex-convict and prominent politician of Leavenworth, Kansas, is now judged insane. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, December 28, 1893