Pat Combs O'Dell:
COLUMNS: name, event, year, newspaper abbreviation, cemetery/burial place, scrapbook page
Smail, Eugene died 1993 MNI sb2937
Smail, Eugene H. died M 1993 White Oak/Pickering sb6257,69
Smail, Leslie Eugene died 2016   Oak Hill/Mvle  
Smail, Lewis W. died 2015   White Oak  
Smail, Mildred Jacquetta Simmons died 1988 M White Oak #9629
Smaligo, Janine died 1994 V Exira, Ia sb5347
Small, Dennis O. "Dennie" died 2001 B   sb2177
Small, Otho C. died 1992 SJ   sb2553
Smalley, Clarence V. died 1988     sb246
Smalley, Martha Laverne Glasgo died 1993 ES   sb3704
Smalley, Myrtle died 1972     sb155
Smalley, Nelson W. died 1994 B   sb3544
Smallwood, Robert J. died 1925      
Smay, John died 1985 M   #9049
Smejdir, Mary Agnes Krohmer died B 2006 Prairie Rose/Corning sb6230
Smiley, Anson Earl died 1985 CHJ   #8783
Smiley, Clara Crane died 1989 M Ohio/BJct #9664
Smith, ---- died 1881 H   ----
Smith, Adam Michael died 1987     sb232
Smith, Adrian B. died 1997 M   sb2801
Smith, Alesta M. Mather died LH 1994 Center Grove/Westboro sb5820
Smith, Alesta Merle Mather died 1994 TA   sb1811
Smith, Alice M. Honaker died 1998 M   sb2667
Smith, Alton E. died 1992 ES   sb1949
Smith, Alvin Wayne died 1988     sb286
Smith, Andrea died 1993 CHJ nr Sidney sb3950
Smith, Andrea died ES 1993 Grandview/Sidney sb6372
Smith, Anna Swartz died 1984 M   #8628
Smith, Archie Lee died 1990 M   sb1261, 1262
Smith, Artie E. died 1994 M Quitman Cem sb4571,-75,-78,4610
Smith, Avis A. died 1993 BRC   sb3084
Smith, Beatrice L. "Bat" Larson died 1997 B   sb3219
Smith, Bernice J. died 1993 HA   sb3033
Smith, Bessie Williams died 1994 V Rose Hill/Shen sb5315,-16
Smith, Betty          
Smith, Beulah Mowry died 1994 MNI Prairie Home/Graham sb4831
Smith, Beulah Mowry died 1994 M Prairie Home/Graham sb4599
Smith, Beulah Mowry died 1994 M Prairie Home/Graham sb4611
Smith, Billy died 1918 DDF [one] [two] Feb 2, 1918
Smith, Blanche LaVerne Miller died 1984 B   #8792
Smith, Carl died 1986 B   #9112
Smith, Carl J. died 1992 ES   sb1933
Smith, Cecil died 1993 BRC Trenton, Mo cem sb4997
Smith, Cecil died 1988     sb250
Smith, Cecil Cleo died 1989 B   sb735
Smith, Cecil E. died 1994 TA   sb1831
Smith, Charles died 1986 CHJ   #9086
Smith, Charles Elwood "Chuck" died 1989 M   sb1113
Smith, Charles Jay "C.Jay" died 2014   Oak Hill/Clearmont  
Smith, Charles Quarles died 1931 MDF    
Smith, Charlie Jennings died 1995 B WFairview/Lenox sb4107
Smith, Charlie Jennings died 1995 Lx West Fairview/Lenox sb5734
Smith, Claudene Kampman died 1992 BRC   sb3071
Smith, Chester died 1918 MDF   Mar 30
Smith, Cora Alice Burchard died 1931 MDF    
Smith, Curtis Neal died 2004 B   sb3871
Smith, Curtis Preston died 1996 B   sb3095
Smith, Curtis Preston died 1996 CHJ   sb5165
Smith, Dau of Thomas died 1968 CHJ   sb1484
Smith, David Keith died 1999 B Fairview/Bedford sb5105
Smith, David Vincent died 1930 MDF    
Smith, Delberta Mutz died 1984 M   #8632
Smith, Dewey Junior died 2014   Mt Carmel, Ill  
Smith, Donald F. died 1991 CHJ Arlington sb3826
Smith, Donald K. died 1994 V   sb5389
Smith, Dorothy Kathleen Doran died 2017      
Smith, Dorrit Neal died 1992 M   sb936
Smith, Doyle died M 1995   sb6342
Smith, Earl Charles died 1996 TO MtHope/Mound City sb4894
Smith, Earl Charles died 1996 MNI Mt Hope/Mound City sb4890
Smith, Edith Pauline Wallace died 1972     sb167
Smith, Edna Clark died 1964 B   sb1504
Smith, Edna Irene Branham died LH 1994 Grandview/Albany sb5950
Smith, Edna Lois died 1994 ES Lincoln, Ne cem sb5290
Smith, Eldon died 1931 MDF    
Smith, Ellis J. died 1988 B   sb645
Smith, Elmer T. died 1969 CHJ   sb1504
Smith, Eloise died 1987 M   #9437
Smith, Emmett Maston died 1996 M   sb5464
Smith, Ernest E. died 1967 B   sb1482
Smith, Estelle Kimball died 2002 CHJ   sb3309
Smith, Esther Viola died 1990 B   sb754
Smith, Esther Viola McGuire died 1990 CHJ   sb414
Smith, Ethel Marie died 1994 M Rose Hill/Parnell sb4616
Smith, Ethel Marie Herndon died 1994 H Rose Hill/Parnell sb4329
Smith, Ethel Marie Herndon died 1994 M Rose Hill/Parnell sb4570
Smith, Eva Bannon Robinson died 1991 Lx   sb1962
Smith, Eva L. Melton died 1939 MDF    
Smith, Everett L. died 2000 CHJ   sb1487
Smith, Florence "Flossie" Morhain died 1988     sb246
Smith, Floyel L. Lewis died 1992 ES   sb1941
Smith, Frank Dixon died 1993 BRC Miller/Denver, Mo sb4982
Smith, Fred died 1993 MNI Mt Hope/Mound City sb4211
Smith, Fred Walker died 1989 CHJ   sb396
Smith, Freddie Joseph died 1996 M   sb5421
Smith, Frieda died 1988 B   #?
Smith, Galen H. died 1993 M   sb1042
Smith, Garth William died 1992 CHJ Clarinda sb3839
Smith, Garth William died 1992 CC Clarinda sb3783
Smith, Genevieve Elaine Fields died 1996 M Bolckow Cem sb5453
Smith, George Lee died 1992 ES   sb3681, 3685
Smith, George Tilford / (two) died 1948   Maitland  
Smith, Georgia Nell died 1997 MRN   sb2760
Smith, Gertrude Bain died 1992 TA   sb3151
Smith, Gladys died 1989 B   sb713
Smith, Glayds A. died 1989 M Bedford #9680
Smith, Goldie Mae Beam died 1994 TA   sb1810
Smith, Grace Rankin died 1985 B   #8844
Smith, Harry died 1986 CHJ   #9083
Smith, "Harry" Harrison Geroldson died 1988     sb276, 281
Smith, Harvey A. died 1981   Omaha? sb5669
Smith, Hattie E. died 1992 SJ   sb2244
Smith, Hazel Davison died 1989 CHJ   sb344
Smith, Hazel Ruth Miller died B 2006   sb6179
Smith, Helen died 1996 M Miriam/Mvle sb5420,-26,-27
Smith, Helen died 1985 CHJ   #8973
Smith, Helen A. died 1988 M High Ridge/Stan #9521
Smith, Helen Lavina Winkler died 1994 TA   sb1833
Smith, Henry Arnold "Hank" died 2004      
Smith, Henry M. died 1930 MDF    
Smith, Herschel Louis died 1998 M   sb2701
Smith, Homer Oliver died 1983 M   #8604, 8605
Smith, Howard Alvin died 1994 Lx North Fairview/Lenox sb5784
Smith, Hubert L. "Boob" died 1981 ES Rose Hill/Shen sb5684
Smith, Inez E. died 1990 M   sb1237, 1239
Smith, Ira's CHILD died 1881 H   ----
Smith, Irene K. Kelley died 1972 CHJ   sb1492
Smith, Irvin Earl died 1994 TA   sb1835
Smith, Ivan E. died 1998 B Rose Hill/Bkt sb5067
Smith, J. Howard died 1992 PCC   sb2098
Smith, Jack L. died 1996 MNR   sb3620
Smith, James died 1881 H   ----
Smith, James Francis died 1992 MRN   sb2038
Smith, James Francis died 1918 DDF   Oct 18, 21, 1918
Smith, James Louis died 1988 M Prairie Home #9519
Smith, James Louis died 1988 M Prairie Home #9518
Smith, Jane McDonald died 1941 CHJ   sb1503
Smith, Jasper Carl died 1969 CHJ   sb1676
Smith, Jerome A. "Jerry" died 1984 M   #8799
Smith, John B. died 1959 B   sb1497
Smith, John Eli died 1991 B   sb526
Smith, John Warren died 1988 M Lyons #9643
Smith, Johnny died B 2003 Oaklawn/Oakland, Ia sb5897
Smith, Joseph G. died B 1971 Siam Cem sb5943
Smith, Joseph G. died 1971     sb181, 183
Smith, Kathryn Gertrude Young died 1998 B Fairview/Bedford sb5073
Smith, Kenneth Lincoln died 1991 M   sb1342 (2)
Smith, Kenneth William died 1994 B Fairview/Bedford sb3967
Smith, Kent D. died 1993 MNI   sb2912
Smith, Kimberly Deanne marr 1992 HA   sb3494
Smith, Kirk died 1985 B   #8914
Smith, Lawrence died 1988 B   sb689
Smith, Leona C. Gray died 1989 CHJ   sb353 (2)
Smith, Leona Gray died 1989 M   sb1110
Smith, Leonard Ralph died B 2003 Rose Hill/Blockton sb5926
Smith, Leslie R. died 1983 M   #8597
Smith, Lettie died 1993 M   sb1046 (2), -48
Smith, Lewis Frederick died 1993 MNI   sb4211
Smith, Lillian Cassat died 1971 B Conway Cem sb4494
Smith, Lois Archer died 1998 M   sb2708(2),2714
Smith, Loraine Jewell died 2010   Oak Hill/Clearmont  
Smith, Lorene          
Smith, Lorene B. Bailey died 1989 CHJ   sb400, 402
Smith, Louie Edgar died 1966 B   sb1504
Smith, Loyd died 1995 CHJ   sb5215
Smith, Lucille Pearl Lininger died 1988 M Hillcrest #9557, #9558
Smith, Lucy Stiles died 1991 TA   sb1741-42
Smith, Lurlene Lewis died 1939   Hopkins  
Smith, Lyle died 2000 CHJ   sb651
Smith, Lyle Clifford died 2001 CHJ   sb2607
Smith, M. Madeline died 1988     sb276
Smith, Mabel died 1992 ES   sb1931
Smith, Mable Irvin died 1968 B   sb1495
Smith, Mabel Louise Kidd died 1986 M Miriam #9183
Smith, Mable P. Hartman died 1988     sb300
Smith, Madeline C. died M 1995 Broomall, Penn sb6333
Smith, Madge Leona Pulliam died 1987 B   sb627
Smith, Magdalene died 1998 M   sb2661,-65
Smith, Magdalene Albright died 1998 B White Oak/Pickering sb5079
Smith, Mamie Nielson died 1990 B   sb754
Smith, Margaret D. Ditto died 1994 H Miriam/Mvle sb4315
Smith, Margaret Ditto died 1994 M Miriam/Mvle sb4662,-63
Smith, Margaret R.          
Smith, Margaret R. Wiederholt died 2005   St Mary's  
Smith, Margaret Yearous died 1997 CHJ Memory Cem sb5184
Smith, Marian Lucile Lane died B 2007 Reinbeck, Ia cem sb6141
Smith, Marian W. Nicholson died 1988 M Hopkins #9631
Smith, Marie died 1993 BRC   sb2938
Smith, Marie died 1991 CHJ   sb504
Smith, Marie Bramble died 1991 M   sb1352
Smith, Marilyn J. Henry died 1993 CHJ Grandview/Sidney sb3963
Smith, Marlin Ray died CHJ 2001   sb6384
Smith, Mart W. died 1992 MNI   sb3003
Smith, Martha Jean Safely died 2001 CHJ   sb2903
Smith, Marvin Carol died 2001 CHJ   sb2596
Smith, Marvin Oren died B 2005 Fairview/Bedford sb6008
Smith, Mary Imelda, Sister died 1986 M StMarys/Mvle #9231, #9233
Smith, Mary Lenora McFarland died 1994 V Evergreen/Red Oak sb5317
Smith, Mary Margaret Reece died 1994 ES Rose Hill/Shen sb5399
Smith, Mary McDonald / (two) died 1946   Maitland  
Smith, Mavis died 1994 M   sb4632
Smith, Mavis Adrian died 1994 M Oak Hill/Clearmont sb4591,-93
Smith, Merle Cooper died 1989 M   sb1158
Smith, Merle I. died CHJ 2001   sb6388
Smith, Merrill died 1918 DDF   Sep 30, 1918
Smith, Michael died 1985 CHJ   #8868
Smith, Millie Bentley died 1964     sb173
Smith, Nancy Emeline died 1917 DDF   Dec 26, 1917
Smith, Nellie Marie Heatherington died B 2007 Fairview/Bedford sb6178
Smith, Ollie Susan Harmon died 1983 M   #8624, 8630
Smith, Ora Mae died M 1993 Carmack Cem sb6279
Smith, Orley Cleo died 1991 P   sb2062
Smith, Oscar Leland died 2000 CHJ   sb1433
Smith, Oscar Leland died 2000 B   sb1458
Smith, Paul died 1991 MRN   sb2008
Smith, Paul died 1991 MRN   sb2003
Smith, Pauline Frances Grimes died 1993 MNI   sb2943
Smith, Philip Wesley died 1997 M   sb4931
Smith, Richard Jerome died 1991 CHJ   sb510
Smith, Richard Jerome died 1991 M   sb816
Smith, Richard Lee marr 1993 HA   sb3497
Smith, Robert Dean died 2010   NMG/Mvle  
Smith, Robert Ernest died 1993 BRC Elk/Decatur, Ia sb4976
Smith, Robert T. died 1995 B   sb4203
Smith, Ronald E. died 1994 V Rose Hill/Shen sb5332
Smith, Ronald E. died 1994 V Rose Hill/Shen sb5305,-31
Smith, Roy died 1986 CHJ, B   #9082, 9103
Smith, Ruth Elaine died 1972     sb187
Smith, Samuel J. died 1990 B   sb768
Smith, Sandra Jean Byers died 2004 B Blockton sb3906
Smith, Shirley J. Sager died 1995 AFP Woodbine, Ia sb4150
Smith, Shirley J. Sager died 1995 CHJ Woodbine sb5228
Smith, Stella died 1918 DDF   Jan 9, 1918
Smith, Sue Burrows died 1988 B   sb689
Smith, Susan E. Price died 1931      
Smith, Tennessee Hayes died 1903     sb670
Smith, Thelma Mae Brown died 1994 M Mount Olivet/StJo sb4579
Smith, Thomas Keith died 1991 Lx   sb1962
Smith, Trina R. died 1992 SJ   sb2226
Smith, Valda Viola Walker died 1971     sb151
Smith, Velda Christy died 1992 SJ   sb2553
Smith, Velda Mae Phillips died 1995 Lx Garden Grove, Ia sb4480
Smith, Vera Ruth Smith died 1991 MRN   sb2021
Smith, Verna Smith died 1992 TA   sb3178
Smith, Vincent T. died 1998 M Mt Olivet/StJo sb5126
Smith, Violet Ruth Hargis died 1995 Lx Memory sb4476
Smith, Virgil Lee died 1993 MNI   sb2917
Smith, Vivian Black died M 1995 Oak Hill/Mvle sb6334
Smith, Walter died 1986 M   #9064, 9066
Smith, Walter Alvin died 1998 B Fairview/Bedford sb4743
Smith, Wanda Cecil Walker died 2009      
Smith, Wes died 1997 M   sb4947
Smith, William A. died 1970 CHJ   sb1481
Smith, William E. died 1991 T   sb3726
Smith, William McKinley died 1997 M   sb2827
Smith, William W. died CHJ 1994 Fairview/Bedford sb6070
Smith, Winefred Louise Gumm died 2001 B   sb1996
Smith, Winifred Frances died 1988 B   sb648
Smith, Zachary Paul William born 1994 CHJ   sb3516
Smithem, Lila Leona Miller died 2002 CHJ   sb3329
Smock, Irene Sharp died M 1995 Miriam/Mvle sb6321,23
Smock, Shirley Diane Renshaw died 2016   Maitland  
Smock, William J. died 1990 M   sb1316, 1318
Smoot, Ardelle died 1996 DN   sb3583
Smyser, Heather Jenea died 2015