Pat Combs O'Dell:
COLUMNS: name, event, year, newspaper abbreviation, cemetery/burial place, scrapbook page
Snapp, Aaron died 1918 MDF   Jun 24, 1918
Snead, William Lee died 1996 LM MemPark Cem sb4876
Snead, William Lee died 1996 PCC MemPark Cem sb4853
Sneed, Raymond Gilbert died 1993 B sb3531
Sneed, Sibyl L. Woodcock died 1992 B sb549
Snell, William Alfred Elmer died 1994 V Sidney Cem sb5319
Sneller, Helen Farquhar died 1971   SiouxCenter,Ia sb104
Snider, Clyde died 1996 TO   sb4882
Snider, Clyde Edward died 1996 TO Cypress, Ca cem sb4899
Snider, Earl F. died LH 1994 Grandview/Albany sb5977
Snider, Earl W. died 1993 MNI   sb2912
Snider, Earl W. - correction died 1993 MNI   sb4224
Snider, Mary Luciele Whetsel died 1991 MNI   sb1979
Snively, Earl died CHJ 1993 Memory Cem sb6053
Snively, Eldon died 1984 CHJ   #8778
Snively, Mary Evelyn Morris died 1995 CHJ Memory Cem sb5255
Snively, Virgil died 1992 M   sb968
Snively, Virgil Merl died 1992 MNI   sb3015
Snively, Virgil Merl died 1992 M   sb967
Snodderly, Dora died 1901      
Snodderly, [Jessie Robison] died 1941      
Snodderly, Rex Eldon died 1989 CHJ   sb368
Snodgrass, Coralie Dills died LH 1994 Beaufort, SC sb5968
Snodgrass, Earl died 1918 MDF   Jun 10, 1918
Snodgrass, Ellen Emmaline Thomas died 1967 B   sb1498
Snodgrass, Ralph H. died 1995 B Memory sb4115
Snodgrass, Robert died 1992 SJ   sb2202
Snodgrass, Robert Earl died 1992 P   sb2066
Snodgrass, Scott died CHJ 1993 Dallas, Tx sb6058
Snook, Lena died 1982 ES Farragut Cem sb5720
Snow, Derrel Martin died 2015   Van Schoyek  
Snow, Eleanor Stoner died B 2007 Sheridan Cem sb6154
Snow, Hailey M'Lynne died 2008   Oak Hill/Mvle  
Snow, Harold died 1997 M Sheridan sb4079
Snow, Harold Eugene died 1997 M Sheridan sb4033
Snow, Harold Eugene died 1997 B Sheridan Cem sb4707
Snow, Harold Eugene died 1997 B   sb3131
Snow, Harold L. died CHJ 1995 Villisca Cem sb6067
Snow, Ira Benjamin died 1972     sb157 (2)
Snowberger, Charles W. "Bill" died 1997 M Delhi, La sb4057
Snowberger, Theodore died 1918 MDF [three] Apr 2, 3, 1918
Snowden, Drexel died 1998 M   sb2747
Snowden, Drexel died 1998 M   sb2728
Snowealld? Carroll (Mrs) died 1987 CHJ   #?
Snyder, Betty Jane McKee Blake died 2015   Hopkins  
Snyder, Clarence Sr died 1981 ES Rose Hill/Shen sb5673
Snyder, Darren Eugene "Buddy" died 2003 B Clarinda Cem sb4465
Snyder, Darwin Glenn died 2001 B   sb2170
Snyder, Donald F. died 1996 P   sb3566
Snyder, Florence Baxter died 1992 AFP Kankakee, Ill sb4125
Snyder, Glenn died 1985 CHJ   #8923
Snyder, Grace Mae Geer died 1997 CHJ   sb5187
Snyder, Jane L. Lutgen died 1989 M   sb1166
Snyder, Jeanette died 1989 B   sb734
Snyder, John Forest died 1968 B   sb1504
Snyder, Mary Mildred Trullinger died 1994 TA   sb1805
Snyder, Myrtle "Lorraine" died 1971 B Fairview/Bedford sb5751
Snyder, Nancy A. Coughrem died 1930 MDF    
Snyder, Neal William died 1990 CHJ   sb413
Snyder, Nora Gregory died 1918 DDF   Oct 15, 18, 1918
Snyder, Osa Lesta Coler died 1930 MDF    
Snyder, Reachel Lucille Neely died 2002 CHJ   sb2692
Snyder, Ruby Trumbo died 1993 B   sb3519
Snyder, Sarah Ellen Thompson died 1949 MDF    
Snyder, William Hamilton died 1971 B Fairview/Bedford sb5752
Snyder, William Harold died 1990 M   sb1225