Artcles, People, Photos and Things in the ANI  
Birthday Celebrations:  
Beemer, Agatha; 90th birthday Mar 25 sb3324
Camp, Grace James, 100th birthday, Sept 10 sb5253
Carmichael, Alma, 100th birthday April 14 sb4589
Chaney, Louise "Lou"; age 102 on 01 Mar 1990 sb416
Cooper, Doyle; born 20 May 1900; 90th birthday sb438
Davison, Sarah Almeda Cunning; 88th birthday Sep 30; & 89th sb4409
Dovell, Joseph; 104th birthday May 15 sb4046
Dugan, Guy Lee, 100th birthday March 30 sb4934
Freeman, Howard, born 10 Mar 1900, 100th sb116
Fuller, Eoline; 92nd birthday sb4410
Gillette, Retta, 101st sb1386
Godfrey, John; 85th birthday sb4410
Godsey, Dave, 96th birthday March 7 sb5129
Goodspeed, Mrytle Hotchkiss; 104th birthday Feb 24 sb3594
Harris, Sarah Eggers; 90th birthday sb3225
Hopkins, Verleen, 101st birthday Apr 27 sb5535
Howes, Lucy Bashor, 100th birthday Jun 28 sb5158
Huddle, Noah, 70th birthday; with grandson Leroy, 1 yr old sb4411
Johnson, C.E. "Ed"; 97th birthday sb4408, 4409
Johnston, Gladys; 100th birthday Jun 19 sb3624
Linville, Nellie Rockwell, 103rd birthday Jan 11 sb4883
Long, Hazel Dell - 100th birthday Jan 20 sb4960
Marley, Wayne; 90th sb1386
McCune, Ethel Butler, 98th birthday Oct 1; 102nd birthday sb3808, 4202, 5239
Mendenhall, Cecil Viola Henderson, 96th birthday June 1 sb4827
Mickler, Lucy Mary Spreitzer, 100th birthday sb2813
Mink, Darlene Sybert, 80th birthday sb4444
Morehouse, Sue; 101st 24 Dec 2000 sb1452
Noble, Billy, 89th birthday sb4408
Pfander, Cloyd, 101st sb1386, sb1469
Poore, Howard "Willie" 90th birthday April 8th sb3324
Sevier, Eugene "Gene" Taylor; 100th on July 2 sb2007
Smith, Marie; 100th birthday sb2770
Triggs, Mary Julia; 100th birthday Apr 20th sb3644
Vandevender, Eva Glassgow, 94th birthday #562
Wells, Heln Holcomb; 90th birthday Jul 22 sb3926
Wiley, Beulah Diggs; nearly 100th sb4514
Williams, Maggie Apley; 100th birthday; born 15 Sep 1888 sb684
Families and people:  
A River Runs Through it - written by Norman Maclean sb3939
Anderson, Samuel, Rev, family history #302,303
Banwell, Louise mets grdau Darla Kluge; first time sb1924
Blair, Bob, 92, recalls World War I sb639
Borthwick, Oscar & Theresa Bean, family history #300,301
Bossingham, Earl, Dr: named chief of staff at Clarinda Municipal Hospital sb3225
Bowers, John and Elizabeth; Bowers Cemetery sb1464
Bowman, Maria Hagey sb909, sb910
Brown, Geraldine's mother born in Ireland; has Shamrocks growing at business sb327
Cagley, George & Angela, family history #411,412
Carey, Michael; poet sb1925
Cary, Wayne & Valera; 50th wedding anniversary sb3798
Cutler, Jay and Lucinda, family history #335
Davidson, Wayne of Hazard, Ky met Wayne Davison of Braddyville, Ia sb3810
Davison, Wayne & Doris Combs, family history #283,284
Griggs, Creola; made 1000 cookies for Christmas sb3948
Gunn, Violet Ann Keyes sb1214
Hillyard, Aggie sb6398
Hunter, Paul Sebastian & Mary Ann. history and picture #410
Jetton, Eva Ferne Clark; compiles book "Up the Hill" sb3813
Johnson, Ephraim, Mr and Mrs sb909
Johnson, Lulu Merle; first black woman to receive a Ph.D in Iowa sb514
Kendrick, Chester "Chet" - talks about coal mining on his property #571,572
Lager, Mary Leocadia (Mary Agnes), Sister, 75th yr as Benedictine Sister sb4932
Lewis, Charles, Judge, in Ringgold County, Iowa sb2879
Lewis, Earl, James and May Dell sb1203
Little, Samuel & Elizabeth Rebecca Jane Wilson, family history #287, 288
Lundgren, Carl Johan & Christina Carlson, family history #282
Mankle, Richard & Cheryl; son Todd moving to Billings, Mt sb3815
McCalla, James B. & Ann Bolton, family history #294, 293
McClintock, Karen Davidson, Janet-Deal Birch, Susan Deal Gentry: memories of Bedford sb3325
McClurg, Thomas Lockhart, research in Ireland sb1294
McKie, Mildred, Dr, medical missionary #409,410
McKinley, J.W., family history #296
Miller, B.H., Dr, practiced medicine in Blockton, Iowa for 50 years #344
Miller, Glenn's picture and article sb346
Minard reunion sb1370
Muller, Harmon and Anna, family history #278.279
Orear, Laura Ann Beal sb1213
Orme, Loraine, oldest living graduate of Bedford, 98yr old sb5828
Ovrom, Mary Hamblin, writes about childhood in Bedford, Iowa sb4733
Parks, Moses, Sr; family reunion sb1479
Porter, Lewis Elmer and Eliza Letta Lanning reunion sb1464
Postal service in Page County, Iowa #426
Ramsey, Cora Helm sb1214
Royal, Andrew sb911
Smart, Henrietta Palmer sb1214
Stevenson, Samuel & Margaret Wallace, family history #322,323
Sunderman, Henry & Sophia, family history #298,299
Sunderman, William, family history #290, 291
Swanson, Nils Peter & Eva Louisa Danielson, family history #280,281
Taggart, James "Squire" family history #289
Taylor, Glen and Merle, farmers for 80 years sb4975
Tobin, Kevin; in Somalia with Catholic Relief Services sb3942
Walcott, Sarah Ann Bird Parton sb909, sb1213
Ware, Eliza Harper sb910
Warner, Andrew B. & Matilda, family history #292,293
Warner, Walter, Mrs, memories #426
Watson, Harvey; 97 and still busy sb908
Weathermon reunion, 1990 sb1261
Whigham, Clarence & Bessie Little, family history #287, 288
Yaple, George & Mary, family history #285,286
102 Country Cousins: cemetery tombstones on Zuck farm, Atchison Co, Mo; queries #4068
102 Country Cousins: Churches and cemeteries 1893 Atlas, Nodaway Co, Mo; queries #4067
102 Country Cousins: James R. Cambpell, Washington Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo; queries #4066
102 Country Cousins: John W. Vance Sale Bill; queries #5020
102 Country Cousins: Monroe Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo Apple Crop; queries #4064
102 Country Cousins: Nodaway County genealogical workshop; queries #4065
102 Country Cousins: Parnell, Nodaway Co, Mo history #2077
102 Country Cousins: Woodcock Cemetery, Andrew Co, Mo; queries #4063
4-H and Farm Bureau history in Ringgold County, Iowa sb2883
4-H began in Page County; history sb3626, sb3632
Allen, Daniel, died 1858 Ringgold Co, Iowa sb4837
Army service: Jack Nelson Pierson, Richard Dean Eberle, William Chancy Barrans, Lowell Freddie Lawger sb4406
Army service: Kenneth Arlyn Barnes, Neal Wiley Garner, Glenn Levi Daniels, Eldon Lee Hensley sb4406
Athelstan, Iowa history #377
Athelstan, Taylor County, Iowa history sb3085
Baird, Absolam's House he built in 1872 Section 1, Clinton Twp, Ringgold Co, Iowa sb2007
Barnes, Eldon Leo, to army sb4407
Bedford housing development: Remington Heights made by Merlyn and Marilyn Rucker sb3118
Bedford Theatre Fire of 1955 sb6398
Bedford's Missionary Church history #393
Blockton, Iowa history #355
Bowers Cemetery sb1464
Braddyville, Iowa history being compiled #1020
Cade, Marvin and Warren, in Coast Guard sb4407
Caldwell, Glen tells about Bonnie & Clyde sb2884
Caledonia, Ringgold County, Iowa laid out in 1855 sb3616
Carroll-Lenz Stagecoach Inn, 4 1/2 miles east of Oregon, Mo sb1977, 1978
Century Farms honored in Iowa sb2873
Christensen, Nels B., family history #782,783
Clarinda newspaper history sb427-428
Clearfield, Iowa history #390
Cobwebs in the Attic: Henry Nave #5021
Cobwebs in the Attic: Jasper Newton Otis #5024
Cobwebs in the Attic: Mrs O.H. Sayler writes article for Hopkins Homecoming #5026
Cobwebs in the Attic: Will H. Wood and Joseph Huston #5022
Coleman Cemetery restoration; Section 8, Union Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo sb2721
Combs, Darrell Edwin, to army sb4407
Conoco Station restoration; Bedford, Iowa sb3412
Conway, Iowa history #355
Customs of former years sb2882
Dalrymple, David sb914
Ellston, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2872
Fleming sisters: Mary Fleming Slack, Hannah Slack, Jane Ridgeway, Margart Atkinson #775
Glendale / Gray cemetery to be restored; Section 8, Union Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo sb2713
Green, Johnny and Mesquakies purchase of land in Marshall County, Iowa sb2772
Green, Johnny purchased land in Ringgold County, Iowa sb2876, 2877
Guss, Iowa history #378
Hakes, Harold family history #776
Halfway House, Litts Cemetery history sb852
Hallsa log house drawing sb909
Hardin Cemetery, Ray Co, Mo affected by flood sb4964
Hardin Theatre to be rebuilt after fire sb3226
Hargin reunion sb5942
Harris, Andy talks about Hawleyville #4012
Hart, Samuel & Isabelle Dunbar, family history #780, 781
Hawleyville Cemetery, Page County, Iowa; vandalism sb3802
Hindman Saga of Taylor County, Iowa #7013
Hopkins, Mo, army base, 1907 sb4804, 4805
Huddle, Clarence W., gets parachutist wings sb4407
Hullman, Gustaf & Ingrid, family history #786,787
Johnson, George H., 86, family #991
Johnson, Llewellyn, to Navy sb4406
Kellerton, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2870
Kew, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2878
Ladoga, Iowa history #377
Lake of Three Fires History #1022
Landers, George W., Major #4011
Legends: by Dr Frank Grube - #5061-5078, 7018-7020
Lenox, Iowa history #376
Littsville, Nodaway County, Missouri history sb850
Lott, Henry and local Indians sb2888
Maryville, Missouri early history sb999
Maryville, Missouri people & culture sb914
McLean, William and Rachael, family history #784, 785, 786
Miller, Ross family history #770
Mohler Cemetery, Bedford, Iowa restoration #881
Moore, Brothers (John, William, Edmund, James, Thomas, Anderson), settled near Villisca #768,769
Mount Carmel Union Cemetery west of Savannah, Missouri; clean-up sb2190
MtAyr, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2870
Mutti, Marilyn pursues genealogy #835,836
Nelson, Eric & Julia Headburg, family history #778, 779
Nelson, Frederick, from Varmland, Sweden, family history #778
New Market, Iowa history #391
Orrsburg, Nodaway County, Missouri sb907
Page County State Bank history #4013
Pages from the Past: #3009-3014;3021-3023  
Pages from the Past: 75th anniversary of Clarinda; queries #985,986
Pages from the Past: Aaron Vise family #2068
Pages from the Past: Abraham Pfander; Madden diary #2005
Pages from the Past: article on immigration westward 1869 #1000
Pages from the Past: Barry Stillwell's will #2080
Pages from the Past: Braddyville, Page County, Iowa history #2088
Pages from the Past: Charles Pfander family #2038
Pages from the Past: coal mines #2010
Pages from the Past: Elijah Miller visits old home #2089
Pages from the Past: Elisha Thomas #2001
Pages from the Past: Festivals, grasshoppers, business recalled #2064
Pages from the Past: Henry Webb, born and sold in slavery; lives in Clarinda #2058
Pages from the Past: Iowa National Guard enlistees #1036
Pages from the Past: John Lancaster Webb history #1030
Pages from the Past: Kelley, Patterson, Tetrick and Farnsworth families #1001
Pages from the Past: Law enforcement history #2073
Pages from the Past: Liggett School and vicinity #2070
Pages from the Past: Loy Harris story; Shenandoah history #1028
Pages from the Past: Madden diary #1038, 1039
Pages from the Past: Madden diary; Aunt Biddy Hall #1094
Pages from the Past: Manufacturers in Clarinda, Iowa #1037
Pages from the Past: Margaret Pierce talks about uncle James Arbuckle and John McCracken #928
Pages from the Past: Methodist Episcopal Church Shambaugh history #1032
Pages from the Past: Miller and Loy's 100th anniversary in Page County, Iowa; queries #943
Pages from the Past: muddy streets etc #1027
Pages from the Past: N.C. Ridenour writes about early Page County 1868 #999
Pages from the Past: Northboro to celebrate 100th birthday #3040, 3042
Pages from the Past: Nov 05, 1979; Elizabeth Ann Farley and William Hardee; queries #927
Pages from the Past: Oct 1, 1979; Lincoln Twp organized 1860; queries #923
Pages from the Past: Oct 11, 1979; Abandoned towns of Page County, Iowa; queries #924
Pages from the Past: Oct 15, 1979; Buchanan was first death in Page County, Iowa; queries #923
Pages from the Past: Oct 22, 1979; Patterns for genealogy research; queries #925
Pages from the Past: Oct 29, 1979; Book help with [genealogical] research; queries #926
Pages from the Past: Page County Cemetery [early Clarinda] #2053
Pages from the Past: Phillis, black negress #1033,1034
Pages from the Past: queries #929
Pages from the Past: queries #1086
Pages from the Past: R.E. Dunlap letter to parents May 1898 #2088
Pages from the Past: railroad subscription #1032
Pages from the Past: recalling early days in Clarinda #1028
Pages from the Past: Sac, Fox Indians owned Page County until 1842 #2076
Pages from the Past: Sep 17, 1979; queries #904
Pages from the Past: Sep 24, 1979; Half of county once in Missouri; queries #922
Pages from the Past: Siam's gold stories #2014
Pages from the Past: Walkerville history #2066
Pages from the Past: Washington Township, Page County, Iowa history #1935
Pages from the Past: where was the Morgan & Dunbar General Merchandize store? #2003
Parker, Stephen, built Ft Parker, history #356
Parrish, Alice A., WAAC provost marshal sb4407
Pickering history and plot map sb913
Platteville Cemetery; upkeep sb675
Platteville, Iowa history #832
Prather, James B. sb914
Redding, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2871
Redding, Ringgold County, Iowa, thimble club sb2892
Ringgold Co, Iowa abandoned post offices sb4837
Ringgold County, Iowa "the Nation" history; strip of land between Iowa & Missouri sb2894
Ringgold County, Iowa brief history sb2893
Ringgold County, Iowa Development Club sb3617
Ringgold County, Iowa during depression sb2890
Ringgold County, Iowa hospital sb3618
Ringgold County, Iowa newspaper history sb2881
Ringgold County, Iowa post office list sb2889
Ringgold County, Iowa: Beaconsfield laid out in 1881 sb3620
Ringgold County, Iowa: Christianity development sb3616
Ringgold County, Iowa: Delphos platted 1880 sb3623
Ringgold County, Iowa: Diagonal and Knowlton struggle sb3621
Ringgold County, Iowa: Old Country Store history; sb2897
Ringgold County, Iowa: one-room school houses sb3618
Ringgold County, Iowa: quilt registry sb3627
Ringgold County, Iowa: sesquicentennial flag sb2898
Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Iowa, mausoleums sb1888
Sharpsburg, Iowa history #385
Shields, Fanny, recalls Siam area history #834
Siam, Iowa history #377
Sisters of St. Francis history sb2763,2764
Slack, Henry & Mary Fleming, family history #774
Spaulding, Mary Jackson Madden, family history #776
St Joseph's Catholic Church history, Parnell sb837
Stagecoach line ran through Ringgold County, Iowa sb2871
Taylor County, Iowa Fair History #7014
Tingley Halloween Fun sb2885
Tingley, Ringgold Co, Iowa history sb2875
War service: Boyd Novinger and his father Fred Novinger sb4406
Watterson settlement in Ringgold County, Iowa sb2887
Williams, Byron's take over New Market phone exchange from Ed Murren's sb4405
Letters to the Editor:  
Bedford, Iowa City Cemetery restoration sb5940
Burnside, Mary McClure & William Burnside: genealogical query sb457
Conway, Iowa Cemetery restoration sb5940
Dray, Harriet, wife of Samuel Silvey, 1825 - 1929; genealogical query sb405
Duncan, John W. son of Nellie & Vern; writes about life story sb399
Ferris, Lula Myrtle, dau of John and Emma Lanch/Lauch Ferris; need info concerning #2082
Flick, James Patten and Bruce James Flick sb114
Furst, Edmund G. family; genealogical query sb498
Herzberg, JoAnn Rankin, writes about how many of the Rankin family graudated from Bedford sb5070
Lucas, Albert Gallatin and Ray Vance Lucas sb114
Nigh, James Oliver wed Grace Root; researching #3029
Platteville, Iowa Cemetery restoration sb5940
Poage, Robert Ross wed Edith Kathryn Mothershead; researching #3029
Silvey, Samuel S., 1836 - 1914; genealogical query sb405
Stripe, William, son of William S. Stripe; genealogical query sb405
18th Iowa Volunteer Infantry 50th anniversary #3053
Akers, Gayle Norman; 1 yr old sb4412
Amity College football team 1897 #780
Auten, Virginia & Dwain Morrow; wedding picture sb3273
Ballenger, Edward, Rev sb653
Barnes, Gerald [Cecil Gerald], Killed in Action sb661
Barnes, W.H., Shambaugh's last surviving Civil War Vet sb656
Bates, J.F., died; veteran of Civil War sb651
Battles, Mahala, died, 113 yrs old sb660
Bedford, Iowa school building built in 1877 #572
Bowman, Maria Hagey sb910
Brown, Kenneth, 5-generations sb4785
Campbell, Jack; obituary sb693
Carlock, Margaret Spalding; wedding picture sb4419
Cerven, Harold & Opal Penwell wed; picture sb4418
Clarinda - Remember Bank Night #4046
Clarinda churches Sunday School Class of 1905 #2045
Clarinda, Iowa, courthouse #2068
Clark, Paul & Hally Herren; 25th wedding anniversary sb4439
Cobwebs in the Attic: Excerpts from Braddyville, Iowa Centennial book #5034-5037
Cobwebs in the Attic: Grace and Clarence Ebrecht and Joan Eitel; tombstone hunting #5025
Cobwebs in the Attic: Hardisty School children 1931 #5033
Cobwebs in the Attic: Mt Zion school children [southeast of Parnell, Mo] #5053
Cobwebs in the Attic: Photo of Hepsy Ann McKinsey, dau of George and Elizabeth Stonebaker McKinsey and step-dau of John Linebaugh #5031
Cobwebs in the Attic: Photo of men at Dawsonville, Mo #5028
Cobwebs in the Attic: picture postcard taken in Hopkins, Mo #5020
College Springs Class 2039
Conway, Iowa: 3rd and 4th grades of 1943 sb4443
Conway, Iowa: class about 1954 sb4445
Conway, Iowa: consolidated school class ca 1943 sb4444
Cooper, Patricia Louise & Robert Roy Marley; wedding picture sb3263
Cordell, Nettie - 5 generation picture sb5862
Crosby, Dorothy wed Fay Crosby; picture sb4421
Culbertson, Carl, Dean Cultertson, Laura Ward, Ashley Thornton, Cole Thornton; 5-gen pic sb3906
Dewyre, Alta, 105; 5-generation picture sb061
Dorrel, Rick and daughters, Rachel and Sarah, who lifted a large tree off of him sb1039
Ellis, DeAnn and sister Shannon Ratliff; had babies on Aug 12 and Aug 13 sb2954, sb3223
Eshelman, Dan, researching POW camp in Clarinda sb426
Everhart, Eva; 81st birthday and 5-generation picture sb2152
Find, Douglas descendants together after 18 years sb4404
Gallagher, Corissa Kay; New Year's Baby sb1697
Ginn, Thomas Daniel; military memorial service sb3355
Goff, Clara Kathleen & Frankie Duane Fletchall; wedding picture sb3269
Golay, Doris wed Melvin Hogberg; wedding picture sb4420
Gravity, Iowa High School Building, 1940; School Calendar sb4402
Gravity, Iowa street scene, 1908 #524
Gunn, Violet Ann Keyes sb1218
Hart, A.C., Mr and Mrs; 50th wedding anniversary sb3270
Hart, Isabelle Dunbar #781
Hawleyville Grist Mill #369
Herbert, Eva with 5 generation of family sb4880, 4913
Hooker, Bonnie Jean & Lawrence Lee Fine; wedding picture sb3286
Hopkins, Mo, pictures of 1907, army base sb4802, 4803, 4804
Howard, Ann; 5-generation picture sb4061
Huddle, Verla wed Merlin Shippey; picture sb4420
Huff, Verna - 5 generation picture sb4944
Hunter, Doud, Mr and Mrs; 50th anniversary sb4434
Irving, Jeremy and Jean Ebeling, wedding picture of entire family sb2881
Japanese prisoners of war sb425
Johnston, E.J., Mr and Mrs, 68th wedding anniversary sb4438
Kempf, Mae, Bettie Wedlock, Lynn Wedlock, Haley Dean, Hunter Dean - 5-generation pic sb2819
Kimsey, Aloha LaMunyon; wedding picture sb3266
Lathrop, George & Laurada Davison; 50th Anniversary and wedding picture sb4436, 4439
Leaverton, Patricia wed Gene Haberland; picture sb4419
Lesher, Bernice, Naomi Lesher Brumfield, Sandy Brumfield Lynch, Lindsay Brumfield Herron, Alexandrea Herron - 5-generation pic sb3910
Livengood, Mildred, wedding picture sb3262
Lucas, Dorothy, Donovan Lucas, Cindy Herman, Halley Porter, Briley Porter 5-generation sb4449
Lyle family of Burlington Jct, Mo #7064
Macias, Jack Alexander, first baby born St Francis 1997 sb4915
Marsh, Edith, Phyllis Robbins, Kathy Schmidt, Brad Schmidt, Tyler Schmidt - 5-generation pic sb2702
Maryville, Missouri, courthouse and jail built 1853 sb999
Mason, Marlene & Billy E. Hall; wedding picture sb3267
Matheny, Art and Arline, son Jerry Matheny, grdau Susan Matheny Lauritsen, grgrchildren Sydney Lauritsen and Christian Lauritsen- 4 generation picture sb1470
Maxwell, Marilyn and family taken Jun 1951 sb164
McEnaney, Mildred & S.J., Norma Spire, John Spire, Aimee Spire McAnally, Bradlee McAnally, 5-generation pic sb2824
McLean, Clarke, College Springs band, picture #784
McLean, William and Rachael, family picture #785
Merle Junction Station [Sharpsburg], Taylor Co, Iowa #2094
Minard, Harold "Bibs" 91 and gr granddaughter, Anna Hull 5months sb1370
Mires, Elmer, 5-generation pic sb4603
Mohler Cemetery, Bedford, Iowa #833
Monjar, Henry, Margare Roark, Leslie R. Gideon, Regan A. Gideon - 4 generation pic sb2830
Morris, Paul, Mr and Mrs; in Hawaii sb4404
Mueller, Gunter, a prisoner of War in Clarinda; visiting from Germany sb3936, 3937
New Market, Iowa High School; graduating class 1916 sb4403
New Market, Iowa, stockyards #777
New Market,, Iowa High School; Instructor 1914-15 sb4403
New Market,, Iowa High School; Junior Class [1915]with names sb4403
Northboro, Iowa pictures #3043, 3044
O'Riley, Fred F., Barbara O'Riley Sears, Debra Sears Cole, Connie Cole Brosi, Timothy Charles Brosi - 5-generation picture sb2835
Parman, Duane Leon; 5th generation picture sb3287
Peterman, Violet wed Everett LeRoy Smith; picture sb4420
Pfander, Cloyd, 101st birthday sb1469
Phraner, Alice Esther Young; wedding picture sb4418
Pickering, Missouri school house 1910 sb910
Porter, Vonita Joan & David Eugene Hanna; wedding picture sb3295
Posten, Eugene J., Mr and Mrs, 55th wedding anniversary sb4438
Pottorff, Leona - 5 generation picture sb4952
Pratt, Kenneth & Crystal Werts; wedding picture sb4425
Reed, Helen; 88th birthday and 5-generation picture sb3631
Ringgold Co, Iowa- Jackson Country School house sb4953
Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Iowa, mausoleums sb1887
Ross Ceneter #6 school and article sb676
Ross, Hazel - 5 generation picture sb4966
Row, Viola, Mike Hamm, Paula Hamm Benson, Cale Benson - 4-generation pic sb2826
Schneider, Sophie, 5-generation picture sb4073
Sell, Richard F., navy picture sb3261
Seymour, Esther, Keith Seymour, John Seymour, Stephen Seymour, Madja Seymour - 5-generation picture sb2848
Shambaugh, Iowa, early street scene #4046
Sheridan, Missouri High School graduates of 1956 sb3284
Siam, Iowa, Church of Christ to celebrate 100th birthday sb4711, 4712
Snyder, Wanda & Duane Whitney: wedding picture sb3271
Stien twins: Alicia and Annessa; Kelsey and Kerry sb1045
Stogdill, Maynard E.; military citation sb4416
Stream, Dorothy, 5-generation picture sb4412
Sumy, Barbara Anne & Stephen M. Jackson; wedding picture sb3332
Triggs, Mary; 5-generations sb3648
Trimmer, Jennie; 5-generation pictures sb4079
Unidentified photos taken by O.H. Park, Clarinda, Iowa #4066
Unidentified picture of grade school class in Clarinda #3094, 4016
Wake, Phyllis & Donald Nally; wedding picture sb3285
Wall, Donna M. & Glenn Dukes; wedding picture sb3261
Wilson, Glennon, Mr and Mrs, new electric home, Sheridan, Mo sb3299
Yorktown, Iowa, hogday 54 loads #3042
Zook, David, Sr. first person buried Holt Co, Mo, 1842 sb4538
Davis, William Howard, patient at MHI, made replica of Ark of the Covenant; where is it? sb287
Dougherty, Abner N.'s family wanted sb4197
Fray(e), Sidney; had hardware business in 1880 in Hopkins, Mo sb4295
Hook, George William; mother Cynthia Sophrena Hopkins sister of Robert Hopkins; data needed sb3552
Hopkins, Mo preservation of history sb4803
Roberts, Andrew Norton & Emily Thomas Roberts wanted sb4220