Photo info:
who: ?
where: taken at Hopkins, Mo - could be Nodaway County, Missouri people or Taylor County, Iowa people
owner of photo: Pat O'Dell:
This is Joe Coleman son of Josiah Coleman.

Is this the same man as in the wedding picture????

Answer from Cindy and Kevin Coleman : The Joe Coleman that Kevin's dad knew of (his dad's brother) was killed in a car wreck when he was in his teens.  (The wreck was on the curve on a country road by Braddyville.  Story is he was talked into going with the kids in the car, but he really didn't want to go with them)  Anyway, if this is the same Joe, then the two men in the pictures can't be the same guy.  Kevin's dad didn't know who the married man was and didn't know who was left in the family that would know.  I think we'll take the pictures to the family reunion in July and see if anyone there would know.

photo from Paula Coleman