Unidentified photos
from Charles A. Ray, cpray@swbell.net

Charles writes: "These charcoal drawings were found in the home of Bert and Etta Icke (brother and sister) who lived in Barnard, Nodaway County. They were never married. They moved to Barnard from a farm located in Pumpkin Center, Mo. These farm buildings evidently no longer exist. I undertand they were born in that house and lived there with their parents, then by themselves until they moved to Barnard.

It is also my understanding these pictures are not of Samuel Icke or Frances Caroline Frazier. Thus, it is believed the two pictures would be that of Francis Icke and Sarah Keith or David Merdith Frazier and Ruth Ann Merrill the parents of Samuel Icke and Frances Caroline Frazier respectively.

I know the Fraziers lived in Pattonsburg [Mo] and came to visit with the Ickes numerous times."

Charles also says that David Meredith Frazier died Oct 9, 1904 and is buried in Civil Bend, Daviess Co [Mo]. Ruth Ann Merrill Frazier died Oct 30, 1891 and is buried at Civil Bend, Daviess Co [Mo].
Please write to Charles is you can help solve the riddle of who these people were. Thanks!
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