Notes on Tombstone Photos of Nodaway County, Missouri
by Pat O'Dell:
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Cox Cemetery is in section 32 Hopkins Township off of the FF blacktop road. One must open a field gate and drive in a quarter of mile in a field. - 02 Mar 2006 - My son Brent and I went to the Cox Cemetery, searched for stones and took pictures. Brent used a pitchfork to probe the ground and find the tombstones. We found 3 stones that we'd never found before that were buried. The cemetery is overgrown but all the tombstones we had found before we found again. I made a general plot of where the stones are in the cemetery in case you are going there. Probably best to visit this cemetery January - March when the foliage is down and it would need to be dry; 4-wheel drive would be advisable.
Honey Creek Cemetery is in section 36 Jackson North Township south of 220th Street on Noble Avenue. Brent and I went to this cemetery 02 Mar 2006. The cemetery is not cared for and someone had cut many trees with a chain saw, dropping them on stones and not picking up the sawed wood or trees--making it very difficult to find the stones. Some we could see but couldn't get a picture of them. Again, I made a rough outline of the rows in case you are going there. This cemetery should be visited in early spring to find anything. It is in a pasture, but within walking distance of the road.