Abstracted Newspaper Index of Nodaway County, Missouri 1869-1900
by Pat O'Dell and Vickey Baumli [1997; 8x11; 445 pages]
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Errata to the book
If you have a copy of the book, it should have these corrections added:
page 005 - newspaper notation on article Curtis Alexander should be ND 01 Jan 1885
page 006 - newspaper notation obit of Mrs John A. Alexander should be ND 07 Mar 1889
page 032 - Jane Bitner should be cross-indexed to John Land [see John Long]
page 153 - John Gray died 29 Dec 1886 not 09 Dec 1886
page 188 - in Hostetter, Samuel the entry for "Hotchkin, J.H." should be run down
page 225 - John Land is incorrectly indexed as John Long [see John Long]
page 393 - John Thompson obituary newspaper notation should be ND 13 Dec 1894
page 442 - marriage added - Charles W. Yetter wed Harriet Z. Collins. ND 08 Aug 1877
page 445 - abbreviation "CBlu" added - Council Bluffs, Ia
page 445 - abbreviation "Lx" added - Lenox, Ia
page 445 - abbreviation "Lxtn" added - Lexington Cem, Taylor County, Ia
page 445 - abbreviation for Nodaway should be "Noda"
page 445 - wf stands for "wife of"
Errata - page 89 of book

Dagley, Catharine c Edmon Chestnut
Dagley, Green C. wed Dicey K. Severs, 22 Feb 1852. MR 14 Feb 1884
Dago, W.H. (Mrs), Mrs R.M. Davis & Ms Fannie Davis of Newport, Ark vis Mrs W.R. Jones & other rel. ND 07 Aug 1890
Dahm, John c Jennie Smith
Daily, Lou c Jerry Harrigan
Daise, Phillip wed Alma Morgan, 24 Feb in Hughes twp. ND 28 Feb 1889
Dakan, Maude df Riley wed Isaac R. Hendrie, nr Wray, Colo. ND 27 Apr 1893
Dakan, Riley & wife of Wray, Colo moving back to Noda co in Feb. ND 02 Nov 1893
Dakin, Mary wed E.A. Bienert, 30 May at resi of Wm Bradbury. ND 10 Jun 1897
Dalbey, E.M. of Wash twp moving to Dundy co, Ne. ND 07 Jan 1886
Dalbey, J.J. moving to Graham co, Ks. ND 12 Feb 1880
Dalby, Joseph (Mrs) c John Hamilton
Dalby, W.F. wed Mary C. df L. Trim of McFall, Gentry co; at McFall, 07 Apr. ND 18 Apr 1889
Dale, F.E., sf Judge Dale, moving to WaKeeney, Trego Co, Ks. ND 09 Aug 1883
Dale, Fred c Nora M. Hatfield
Dale, Judge & Wash Downing went to Az for 3 months to look after their interests. ND 12 Apr 1883, ND 19 Apr 1883
Dale, Judge, d 29 Dec 1895 Sheridan; b 06 Oct 1824 Bedford, Ind; bur Sheridan cem. ND 02 Jan 1896, ND 09 Jan 1896
Dale, M.E. (Ms) c W.C. Keith
Dale, Martin wed Adda Mallory, 29 Mar. ND 05 Apr 1888
Dale, Nettie, df Judge Dale, is on a claim in southern Ks. ND 28 Jul 1887
Dale, Phillip keeping hotel at Kendall, Hamilton co, Ks on the Santa Fe road. ND 23 Feb 1888
Dale, Phillip, 66, d Hopk 20 Jul 1898, bur Hopk cem. ND 04 Aug 1898
Dale, Wm wed Rebecca Buis. ND 04 Apr 1878
Dally, Sidney F. of Mt Hope, Ks vis uncle W.G. Craig. ND 28 Aug 1884
Dalrymple, A.L. (Mrs) of Monroe, Ia vis dau Mrs S.W. Sturdevant. ND 22 Feb 1894, ND 26 Mar 1896
Dalrymple, Becky Ann c Mark Bear
Dalrymple, Chancy, estate; Reason Meek, admr. P.C. ND 13 Apr 1882: sale of 200 acre of land to pay bills. ND 12 May 1881, ND 18 Jun 1885: order of publication on estate. ND 11 Nov 1880: admr notice. ND 25 Mar 1880
Dalrymple, Chancy wed Lydia Heddy, 11 May 1845. MR 24 Jan 1884, NC
Dalrymple, Chauncey H. "Hack" wed Minnie B. Clary, of Polk twp, 09 Mar 1893 at Mvle. ND 16 Mar 1893, MR 18 Jan 1894
Dalrymple, D.T. wed Alice Broyles, by Judge Newman this morning. ND 23 Aug 1894 (2)
Dalrymple, D.T. and fam and C.H. Dalrymple's wife vis their par E.A. Dalrymple. ND 29 Jul 1897
Dalrymple, Daisy c Charles Kelley
Dalrymple, David, charged with malicious slander of Mrs Sarah E. Dalrymple. Found guilty; 20 days in jail. ND 08 Jun 1882: Gov Crittenden has issued a pardon because of his age. ND 22 Jun 1882
Dalrymple, Ella (Ms) of nr Pick vis the family of T.W. Wilder south of the city. ND 10 Jan 1895
Dalrymple, Ezra wed Martha Blevins, 23 Aug 1866. NC        
Dalrymple, Ezra vs Geo and Chilton Hewitt; submitted to jury; verdict for plaintiff in the sum of 25 cents. ND 21 Nov 1895
Dalrymple, Ezra, disturbing the peace; $1 fine. ND 13 Mar 1884
Dalrymple, Ezra's SON, b 09 Sep 1885; father 47, b Noda co, far; mother Martha, 35, b Noda co; ret by Dr Jas Cordill. ND 15 Oct 1885
Dalrymple, F.R. vis in StJo. ND 09 Jan 1890
Dalrymple, Lidy c Thomas Wilder
Dalrymple, Rev, 37th BR, 26 Jun. ND 30 Jun 1887
Dalrymple, Rev is superintendent of the District #6, Sunday School at the Ireland. ND 23 Jun 1887: will preach next Sunday night at Bloomfield Ch. ND 27 Feb 1890
Dalrymple, the famous Puck cartoonist, is a cousin of Mrs S.W. Sturdevant, of this city. ND 27 Sep 1894
Dalrymple, W.B. orders Democrat from new home in Ontario, Ks. ND 21 Oct 1897
Dalrymple, W.B. c Amos Walters
Dalrymple, W.B.'s cattle mutilated in the field; will recover. ND 02 Dec 1886
Dalrymple, W.B. (Mrs) c Howard Denny
Dalrymple, Wm came very near losing his best horse last week with the epizootie. ND 09 Dec 1880
Dalton, Grace Favour, d KC; wed Harry B. Dalton. ND 28 Mar 1889
Dalton, L.C. c Fenner Richardson
Dalton, Mary c Moses Pittman
Dalton, Minnie wed Charles Meehan nr Hopk. ND 10 Mar 1898
Daly, James of Glfd moving to Ks. ND 06 May 1880
Dalyrmple, John, d of exposure. ND 24 Apr 1884
Damewood, Eliza c L. Parcher
Damewood, James wed Eliza J. Parker, 21 Jun 1874. NC
Damewood, Margaret c Thomas Parker
Damewood, N.H. wed Hanah Beabout, 16 Jan 1873. NC
Damgar, Lena c Joe Massing
Dammon, Chaney c Ransom Searles
Danford, M.M. wed Laura Adams of Lake View, Mi at Benkelman, Ne. ND 19 May 1887
Danford, Maxy, editor of the Lenox, Ia Time Table, will start a newspaper at Sheridan. ND 10 Nov 1887
Danford, May Chappel, b 11 May 1885; father Charles M., 24, b Oh, printer; mother Alice Etta, 22, b Ia; ret by Dr Wm Hughes. ND 06 Aug 1885
Danford, S.P. wed Etta Sale of Voyage. ND 03 Aug 1899
Danger/Dange, Lewis' minor HEIRS; P.C. ND 25 Oct 1877, ND 25 Mar 1875
Danger, Susan, a minor; Tim Baumgardner, guardian. P.C. ND 11 Apr 1878: Susan E., df Lewis, has guardian named. ND 23 Jan 1879
Daniel, Ab c Phoebe Morris
Daniel, Henrietta (Mrs)'s MOTHER, ill in Platte co. ND 20 Dec 1894
Daniel, J.T. (Mrs) c Miranda Montgomery, c Robert Montgomery Daniel, James J., d 27 Jun 1879 Mvle; b 03 Dec 1818 Clark co, Ky; bur Cooper cem, Gentry co, Mo. ND 03 Jul 1879
Daniel, Jas F. - Mary E., div: dau Emiline & one son John Wm Daniel. ND 22 Aug 1878
Daniel, John (Mrs) c Miranda Montgomery
Daniel, John T., d 20 Sep 1892, rec'd $3000 from OOUW. ND 23 Jan 1896: d 20 Apr 1892, rec'd $3000 from AOUW. ND 18 Feb 1897
Daniel, John T., d 20 Apr 1892, 51y 10m 9d, Mir cem list. ND 08 Jul 1897