Nodaway County, Missouri Wills, Estate, Probates, Minor Heirs
submitted by: Pat O'Dell
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This is a colloboration of names that might be found in the estate/probates/heirs in Nodaway County, Missouri. It is also a "work in progress." Many of these are from data I found in the newspapers when I was indexing them. Court proceedings were posted in the newspaper usually on a quarterly basis. Some estates, especially if there were minor heirs, might run "on" for a number of years before they were closed. I do not have anything further about most of these cases and you will need to look in the courthouse records for more data. I will add more to this as I have time and there will be quite a bit more to it. If you want to know if a particular person is in this file, please drop me an email If you can correct anything in this, please let me know.

[ND stands for Nodaway Democrat newspaper]

Abbey, H.W., estate probate court; Jun 1881

Abbott, Reuben, estate probate court; Oct 1877

Adams, Alvah; My wife, Abigail Adams. Written: 1 Jan. 1867 Witnesses: George W. Sturgeon and James Applegate; G.W. Sturgeon administrator. Probated: 3 May 1869. ND 19 Jan 1870

Adams, Barney, estate probate court; Jan 1892
Adkins, James, estate probate court; Jan 1895
Adkins, Richard, estate probate court; Nov 1885

Adkinson, James, deceased; left nine children: Elizabeth Adkinson, Rebecca Prather, George D. Adkinson, Daniel Adkinson, John Adkinson, Harry Adkinson, Henry Adkinson, Lemuel Adkinson, Druscilla Adkinson, Samuel Adkinson, James Adkinson - all residents of Nodaway Co except Elizabeth, Samuel and Henry who reside in Brook County, Va. 04 Nov 1853 Bond Book B

Albright, Joel, estate probate court; Jan 1892
Aldrich, W.D. estate probate court; Dec 1886
Aldridge, John, estate probate court; Sep 1875
Aldridge, Wm, estate probate court; Dec 1885

Alexander, Fayette W. of Cumberland Co., Ky; wife, Nancy G. Alexander; sons: Preston P. Alexander, Horace R. Alexander; Nancy G. Alexander and William T. Owsley, Executors. Written: 8 April 1863; Probated: 14 Dec. 1870. Witnesses: R. C. Logan and R. M. Alexander

Alexander, Floyd, estate probate court; April 1893
Alexander, James H., estate probate court; Nov 1886
Alexander, Joseph, estate probate court; Jul 1897
Alexander, Mary, estate probate court; Jul 1899
Algeo, Charles, estate probate court; May 1885

Algeo, James H.; of Monroe County, Ohio; my brothers, Joseph R. Algeo and William R. Algeo; Written: 21 Sept. 1863 Witnesses: Thomas Murphy and G. S. Algeo; Probated: 17 March 1866

Allen, Samuel, estate probate court; Jul 1889
Allen, Wright, estate probate court; May 1877

Allumbaugh, John; My wife [Nancy]; My children [William, Peter, Elizabeth, John, J.B., Harden, Mary J., Martin, Cynthia] Written: 21 Sept. 1854 Witnesses: Barnabas G. Myers and Dyer Cash Probated: 23 Oct. 1854

Allnut, Hiram, estate probate court; Dec 1883
Alsberry/Alsbury, Henry, estate probate court; April 1884
Ames, Arethusa, estate probate court; Jan 1895
Anders, Lewis; estate probate court; April 1890

Anderson, Christian; My wife, Kyerster [Kirsten]Anderson; My daughter, Ann Maria Christianson, wife of Christian C. Christianson; My daughter, Caroline Torrance, wife of Hosea Torrance; Written: March 29, 1878 Witnesses: Niels Bearger and Lew Williams; Probated: 29 March 1878

Anderson, Thompson F.; My wife, Julia Ann Anderson; My grand-children: William Newton Anderson, Benjamin Thompson Anderson, Elizabeth Margaret Rash, Warren Thompson Rash, and Mary Julia Rash; To my four children: Elizabeth C. Carson, Joseph F. Anderson, David H. Anderson, and Mary Julia Goodson; My ward, Dora F. Yillard who will soon be of age; Witnesses: Joseph F. Morrison, Jacob Linbaugh, Wm. Croy; Probated: 20 Aug. 1877

Anderson, William, estate probate court; Jan 1881
Andrews, S.D., estate probate court; Feb 1885
Aptharp, George, estate probate court; Jan 1881
Armstrong, James, estate probate court; Nov 1889
Armstrong, Lapsley, estate probate; Apr 1881
Armstrong, Lindley, final settlement; May 1886
Armstrong, Margaret, estate probate court; Jan 1890
Armstrong, Mattie, estate probate court; Apr 1886
Arnott, William, probate court; Mar 1881
Ashworth, Richard, estate probate court; Mar 1875
Atkinson, Hugh, estate probate court; Nov 1899
Avery, Letitia's minor heirs, probate court; Jun 1877

Bailey, Henry; My wife, Mary Bailey; My seven children namely: Annie Yocum, deceased; Elizabeth R. Vernon, John W. Bailey, James D. Bailey, George Bailey, Mary Bailey, and Sarah Bailey; Written: 23 Jan. 1875 Witnesses: James M. Herron and John Pickett; Probated: 4 March 1875

Bainum, Jas heirs; guardian Robert Garten. Sep 1871
Baker, Lawson; estate/probate. Sep 1871

Bare, David; My wife, Mary Bare; My children: Sigel Bare, William H. Bare, Emily J. Bare, and Andrew F. Bare; Written: 14 July 1879 Witnesses: Valentine Korrell and J. P. Hawk; Probated: 27 Aug. 1879

Barbour, David heirs; C.R. Hardesty, guardian. Sep 1871

Barnes, Nathaniel H.; My wife, Nancy W. Barnes; My sons: J. Wesley Barnes and Stephen H. Barnes, Executors. Written: 13 May 1868 Witnesses: Wesley Wright and Lou Wright; Probated: 15 Sept. 1869

Basford, Ransome; estate/probate. Sep 1871

Beal, Charles; My wife, Emma Beal; My children: Thaddeus K. Beal, Phebe E. Roseberry, and Charles Beal, Jr.; Witnesses: John Allen and John C. Terhune; Written: 5 Oct. 1865; Probated: 13 April 1866

Bensen, Milton, estate: guardian J.C. Griffey; A. L. Jenkins and H. Davis, Sec. 12 March 1860

Billings, Bird; My wife, Lyddia Billings; My sons: James C. Billings, Thomas Billings, and William L. Billings; My daughters: Harriett Jane Billings and Lyddia Ann Stonehopper; My grand-children: Lyddia Ann Morrell, Jacob B. Morrell, Valentine F. S. Morrell, and Clarry A. Morrell; Written: 23 Oct. 1868 Witnesses: Samuel Stonebacker, Wm. R. Porter, and Rufus McMacken; Probated: 14 Jan. 1867

Black, Samuel J.; My wife, Pheby Black; To Malinda Reese the heir of John Black; Jane Watson, Isabel Glass, Rachel Clark, Willian Black, Joseph Black, Mary Glass, Samuel Black, and Richard Black. Phelix Black, Executor; Written: 27 March 1871 Witnesses: William Watson and William Emerson; Probated: 24 May 1871

Blakeley, Mary, deceased; Children and the heirs of James M. Blakely, dec. and Mary O.[Blakely] Stockton and Susan C. [Blakely] Means; childrens names are Jane Elizabeth, Ester, Martha Elliott, and Nancy A. Cooper; 26 Dec. 1856

Bleyley, Andrew; My wife, Phillipine Bleyley; My children: Mary E. Bleyley, Cecilia P. Herringer, Rosina Bleyley, Francis Bleyley, Anna Mary King, John Bleyley, and Andrew P. Bleyley; Jacob Winters, John Wirth, and Alis Zahner, Executors; Written: 25 March 1874; Probated: 6 April 1874

Bowman, Jonathan, heirs; guardian Henry Bowman. Sep 1871

Bradley, Mark B.; My wife, Clarissa Bradley; My daughters: Jannie E. Hearld and Mary A. Adams; My son, Charles H. Bradley; William R. Adams, Executor. Written: 13 Aug. 1872 Witnesses: Isabelle McCoy and S. S. McPherson; Probated: 10 March 1874

Brewer, John, heirs; Richard Broyles, guardian. Sep 1871

Brown, Isaah; My son, William Franklin Brown; To Isaah Tate, son of John Tate; To Martha McMichaels and Henry C. Linville, in trust for the children of my deceased brothers and sisters take their part; Henry C. Linville, Executor; Written: 29 Sept. 1877 Witnesses: J. T. Paquin and J. M. Linville; Probated: 5 Nov. 1877

Brown, Samual S.; My wife, Allula Brown; Written: 1 Oct. 1874 ;Witnesses: S. E. Wible and P. H. Ewing; Probated: 13 April 1875

Broyles, William, deceased; widow Sarah Broyles and twelve children: Martha Ann Downing, John Broyles, Mary J. Davis, Nancy Broyles, Hannah Broyles, James C. Broyles, Wilson Broyles, Tabitha Broyles, Amanda Broyles, Sarah E. Broyles, Julina Broyles, and Francis S. Broyles; 3 May 1856

Burris, Ennis, deceased; widow Margaret: children - My daughter, Polly Norriss, wife of John Norriss; My son, John Burris; My daughter, Hessy [Hester] Ramsey, wife of Riley Ramsey; My daughter, Sarah Linville, wife of George Linville; My sons: Elijah Burris, Lewis Burris, David Burris, and Moses Burris; My daughter, Cyntharilla Mackey, wife of Wallace Mackey; My son, William Burris; My wife, Margaret Burris and son William Burris, Executors. Written: 9 Dec. 1856. Witnesses: James Sannders, Hiram Groves, and Alexander Scott. Probated: 14 July 1857


Calvin, John; My wife, Mary J. Calvin; Aaron Martin of Washington County, Iowa, Executor. Written: 15 Dec. 1871 Witnesses: Wm. Leach, Charles Hack, and Wm. Nelson; Probated: 10 Jan. 1872

Cameron, William G.; My wife, Sarah Cameron; My children: Olley B. Cameren, William Cameron, Ellie M. Cameron, and Marty D. Cameron Written: 4 March 1878 Witnesses: Charles P. Martin and Joseph E. O'Neal; Probated: 29 March 1878

Campbell, Joe, deceased. Bond Book B, 01 Dec 1845

Campbell, Robert A., deceased; Widow and two children: Charlotte Campbell, Pauline Johnson, and Sarah Ann Campbell; 30 Aug. 1858

Carden, J.S. heirs; guardian Geo. Albright. Sep 1871

Carmichael, Archibald My wife [Martha]; Written: 20 May 1876; Witnesses: A. H. King and Samuel Hoselton; Probated: 4 July 1876

Carter, Sarah A.; My brothers: Benjamin Garlinghouse and John Garlinghouse; My sisters: Ann E. Stead and Ester Joiner Peter Rush, Executor; Witnesses: W. G. Craig and John M. Evans; Probated: 17 May 1879

Casteel, James H.; My wife, Nancy Casteel; My sons: Samuel Smith Casteel, Matthias S. Casteel, and James S. Casteel; My daughters: Mellisa McKee, wife of John McKee; Clarissa Casteel, Nancy E. Casteel, Rebecca V. Casteel, and Jenie D. Casteel, my youngest daughter; Written: 30 Jan. 1871; Witnesses: A. Craven, Christopher Nelson, and David S. Palmer; Probated: 29 April 1871

Chastain, James M.; My children: Matilda Jane Huchinson, James M. Chastain, and George Chastain; My son in law, Moses B. Ellis, Executor; Written: 15 April 1874; Witnesses: S. D. Fairbanks and Silvester J. King; Probated: 22 July 1875

Clark, George M.; My two brothers and one sister, Armstead Clark, Albert Clark, and Jane Mariah Wood; My brother, Armstead Clark, Executor; Written: 9 May 1859 Witnesses: John S. Hughes and David S. Hall; Probated: 29 May 1859

Cleland, Alexander; My wife, Elizabeth R. Cleland; My daughter, Cellia Cleland; My daughter Casander Wood, wife of John S. Wood; My son, John T. Cleland, land bought of James Boling, John Suber, John S. Wood, and A. P. Morehouse, Executor; Written: 13 Nov. 1871; Witnesses: James M. Crawford and T. J. Dunn; Probated: 17 Nov. 1871

Cleland, William, deceased; his only heirs Andrew Cleland who resides in London, England and Alexander Cleland; 31 Jan. 1860

Colvin, Benjamin, deceased: widow Sophia; children - Ambrose Colvin, Katherine Smith, Julia Ann Owens, Amanda Owens, and J. Colvin all of Nodaway County; children of deceased daughter Eleanor Langley are Nancy Cochran, Samuel Langley and Robert Langley in Platte County, Mo; daughter Henrietta Gordon in Boone County, Mo, son Ignacias Colvin in California. 17 Aug 1857 Bond Book B.

Cook, James; My wife, Jenny Cook; My children: Mary Cook, Freddie Cook, and Earnest Cook; Edward J. Baker, Executor; Written: 17 Aug. 1874; Witnesses: Jos. B. Harrison, Wm. Patterson, Horace Jackson; Probated: 4 Sept. 1874

Cooper, Phillip R., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Cox, John F.; To Ellen L. Cox while she remains the widow of my son, Luther C. Cox; To George W. Cox, heir of my son, George W. Cox; To my sons: Eli C. Cox and Luther C. Cox ; A. C. Miller, Executor. Written: 17 Oct. 1871; Witnesses: John Shinaharger and James Ferguson; Probated 12 March 1874

Cox, Joseph, deceased; widow Mary Cox and ten children: Thomas Cox, Mary J. Betts, Amelia Baublits, Louisa Lanningham, Martha Cox, Henry D. Cox, Andrew J. Cox, Lucinda Stevens, Malinda Green and the children of Lavina Ellis except Andrew J. Cox in Calif. and children of Lavina Ellis in Platte County and Malinda Green in Nebraska Territory and Lucinda Stevens in Platte Co. 5 May 1856

Crew, John P., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Daugherty, William W.; My wife, Lucetta T. Daugherty; My son, Sylvester S. Daugherty; Written: 30 May 1876 ; Witnesses: J. M. Morgan, J. McQuary, and J. W. Sandefer; Probated: 15 Aug. 1876

Davis, George W.; My mother, Charity Ann Davis; My brother, Allen C. Davis of Oregon and my brother, Orren Davis; My sister, Mary Ann Saffle; My half brother, Thomas Slaughter; My half sister, Ellen Slaughter; Martin Skidmore, Executor. Written: 14 April 1871 Witnesses: Job Gosler, John Brown, and John Owens Probated: 22 April 1871

Davis, Isaac, Sr.; My grandson, William L. Davis, Executor; Written: 24 April 1862; Witnesses: Daniel Dixen, C. C. Horn, and B. G. Ford; Probated: 9 Feb 1870

Davis, James M.; My brothers: Edward S. Davis, Amos S. Davis, John B. Davis; My sisters: Phebe Kidwell and Susan Jane Newen; To the heirs of my deceased brother, Enoch J. Davis; To the heirs of my deceased brother, David B. Davis; My brother, Lewis F. Davis, Executor. Written: 4 Feb. 1873; Witnesses: Thomas C. Ellis, Samuel Woodworth, Emmett Morrow, and Weber W. Cleveland; Probated: 25 Feb. 1873

Davis, John C.; My wife, America Davis; My beloved children: John Allen Davis and Mary Ellen Davis; Charles T. Martin, Executor; 6 Nov 1867; Witnesses: Marberry Skidmore, Daniel T. Hall, and William V. Smith; Probated: 22 Dec. 1867

Davis, Samuel W.; My wife, Eliza K. Davis, Executor; Written: 8 April 1872; Witnesses: Matthew G. Rosebarry and Samuel Hull; Probated: 13 May 1872

Davis, Thomas, deceased, 15 Sep 1858 Bond Book B

Davis, William H.; My wife, Sarah E. Davis; My children: Lucinda R. Davis, Berryman K. Davis, George D. Davis, Isabella D. Spurlock, Sarah T. Wiswell, and Martha Davis; Written: 1 July 1875; Witnesses: John Edwards and T. D. Sturtevant; Probated: 20 July 1875

Denning, David, estate/probate. Sep 1871

Denny, John, deceased - Widowed mother Temporance Denny; and George Denny, Joseph Denny, and Maria Denny, his brothers and sisters; and the children of Sally Ann Hollenbach, deceased, and the children of Jane Scott, deceased; 31 Oct. 1859

Doran, Lawrence; 70 years of age; My wife, Bridget Doran; My children: Mary Ann Doran, William Doran, Robert Doran, Ellen Doran, Martin Doran, Emily Doran, Katherine Doran, and Lawrence Doran; Written: 15 July 1879 Witnesses: James Hancock and Joseph C. Diss; Probated: 2 Aug. 1879

Dowis, Isaac, estate/probate. Dec 1871
Duffy, John G., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Dunning, John Luther; My mother, Rebecca R. Ramsey; Written: 22 Aug. 1874; Witnesses: William Tipton and John M. Lee; Probated: 22 Oct. 1874

Durr, August T., insane; guardian B.G. Ford. Sep 1871
Erb see Herb
Failey, Henry, estate/probate.Dec 1871
Fairley, Henry, estate/probate. Sep 1871
Felix, Joseph, minor; guardian Wm S. Algain. Sep 1871

Foster, William J.; My wife, Mary Foster; Written: 3 Aug. 1872; Witnesses: Alexander Gray and John F. Bainum; Probated: 16 Sept. 1872

Fox, Phillip, estate/probate. Sep 1871

Franks, Phillip, deceased; 1856

Gillmore, James; My wife, Delila Gillmore; My daughters: Sarah Jane Forcade, Margaret Hammond, and Mary Manerva Eckert; My sons: John Gillmore and Robert Gillmore; My grandson, James Hammend, James W. Margan, Executors. Written: 14 Oct. 1872; Witnesses: Nelson Utley, Josetta Aket, and Columbus Hendrix Probated: 25 May. 1872

Given, James; My brother, Elbert Given; My infant son, Henry S. Given Land in Clay County, Missouri, in the vicinity of Barry; My wife, Mary Given; My daughter, Elizabeth Jane Givens; My grand-daughter, Ida Givens; Written: 20 Aug. 1866; Witnesses: Benjamin S. Holt and Jackson M. Holt; Probated: 10 Sept. 1866

Glaze, William deceased 15 Nov. 1859; I make Malinda Nancy Ragsdale, Mary Ragsdale, and Amanda Ragsdale my legitamate heirs; Erastus Wood and Nimrod Wood, Executors; Written: 3 Sept. 1859; Witnesses: Alexander Anthony and Lewis J. Hegpeth; Probated: 7 Nov. 1859

Goforth, William; My wife, Sarah Goforth; Divided equally between John C. Goforth, Adam Goforth, Mary E. Coulin, James H. Goforth, Ephraim Goforth, Delilah J. Goforth, George W. Goforth, Francis M. Goforth, Sarah S. Goforth, and Rebecca M. Goforth; Written: 16 May 1871; Witnesses: David Willson and J. H. Henson Probated: 6 June 1871

Goforth, William K.; My son, William Goforth; To Thomas A. Brown, John Reads, Lucinda H. Smith, Sara W. Reads, John B. Goforth, James H. Goforth, Samuel C. Goforth, and Martha H. Goforth; Thomas A. Brown, Executor. Written: 16 Feb. 1854 Witnesses: John F. Davis and Felix Blakeley; Probated: 27 Feb. 1854

Good, Joseph C.; My wife, Ruth Good; My youngest daughter, Hester Ann Good; Land owned by me in Page County, Iowa Written: 24 Aug. 1864 Witnesses: Jacob Broadwell and C. M. Nichols; Probated: 2 Oct. 1865

Graves, James; My son, Richard G. Graves; My daughter, Emily Crowders, wife of Wiley Crowders; To Mary Graves, daughter of Orvil Graves; My wife, Elisabeth Graves; Written: 6 Feb. 1865; Witnesses: Thos. T. Bracken and Singleton Ward; Probated: 2 March 1865

Graves, Julius; My wife, Sarah Graves; My Three children: Daniel Segel, Ellen Martin, and Joseph Graves; William A. Sewall, Executor; Written: 8 July 1879 Witnesses: Josiah Coulter and Wm. Vikers; Probated: 26 July 1879

Gray, A. M.; My sons: Thomas M. Gray and David N. Gray; My daughters: Olwilda Gray to be paid to Alexander Gray as her guardian; My daughter, Margaret B. Gray to be paid to Alexander Gray as her guardian; T. J. Rogers, Executor. Written: 19 Nov. 1875 Witnesses: J. C. Smith and William G. Craig; Probated: 5 Feb. 1877

Hall, Hiram, deceased Widow, Elizabeth Hall, and four sons: Benton Hall, Vanburen Hall, Jasper Hall, and Newton Hall 3 Dec. 1859

Hanna, James; My wife, Ann Hanna, Exe. My son, William Hanna; Written: 24 July 1869; Probated: 14 March 1873 Witnesses: Thomas C. Ellis, Lewis T. Davis, Thos. L. Moreman

Hawkins, John, estate/probate. Dec 1871

Heady [Heddy], Thomas, deceased Mar 1845, principal Elisha Heady; securities Ezra Heady, Jonathan Shop, Amos Hulse, William Hudson, Levi Madin, 07 Jul 1845. Bond Book B [widow Rebecca: children - Sarah Sigler, Martha Jackson, Elisha Heady, Mahala Rookard, Almond Heady, Lydia Dalrymple, Imri Heady, Goodwin Heady, Jacob Heady, Thomas Heady, Ezra Heady, Rebecca Parker, Mary Ann Heady]

Hedrick, Joseph, deceased. Heirs: Martha Grooms, Jacob Hedrick, Joseph Hedrick, Orpha Hedrick, Margaret Bowman, Jane Hedrick, John Hedrick, of Nodaway County, Mo. and Polly Ogle, Anjaline Ogle of Andrew Co. Mo. and Elizabeth Woodsworth in Buchanan County, Mo. and Sarah Jane Steel, William Steel, Angeline Steel, Mary E. Steel, Louisa Steel, and Robert D. Steel, Morgan County, Mo. 12 Oct. 1858

Heflin, Lewis; My wife, Nancy Heflin; To the heirs of my deceased daughter, Sidney Ann Jones; My daughter, Eliza Ann Jones; My deceased daughter, Malinda Miller; My sons: Elijah B. Helflin, Robert E. Heflin, James A. Heflin, Sylvester C. Heflin, Albert Heflin, Melville Heflin, and Marceles Heflin; Written: 15 April 1867 Witnesses: Marion Woodard and Sarah J. Woodard; Probated: 6 Dec. 1879

Heflin, Rebtert M., estate/probate. Sep 1871; R.M. heirs; guardian S.C. Heflin. Sep 1871

Herb [name should be Erb], Henry: guardianship of minor child, Adaline P. Herb. 13 Sept. 1858

Holmes, Abraham H., deceased; Widow, Nancy Ann Holmes; children and heirs Isabel Holmes, Edward Byram Holmes, Elizabeth Ann Holmes, Samuel Holmes, Mary Ellen Holmes, Sarah Abagail Holmes; 31 Oct. 1855; guardian report on heirs F. Snyder Sep 1871

Holt, Martha, insane; guardian John W. Corken. Sep 1871

Huff, Thomas J.; My four children: Joseph E. Huff, Allen B. Huff, Mary B. Huff, and Frank S. Huff ; William R. Hays and Wm. M. Patterson, Executors; Written: 11 Feb. 1871 Witnesses: W. H. Franklin and Wm. M. Caston Probated: 28 Feb. 1871

Huffman, America; My son, Franklin Huffman, Executor; Written: 10 April 1863 Witnesses: G. H. Holbrock and James Braddy; Probated: 11 May 1863

Hyde, Oliver, deceased 12 Feb. 1856; My wife, Martha Hyde; My son, Joshua Hyde; My sister, Abigail B. Saxton; Written: 20 Nov. 1857 Witnesses: Adamson Wallace and John Jones; Probated: 12 Feb. 1858

Israel, August A., minor; guardian L.A. Jones. Sep 1871

Jackson, Archibald, deceased Leaves widow and children, Elizabeth Broils [Broyles], Sarah Butts and Mariah Butts of Nodaway County and Henry C. Butts, Andrew County, George Butts and James Butts - residence not known - heirs of Milly Butts, formerly Milly Jackson, heirs of Haydon Jackson, deceased who reside in Clay County; heirs of Elizabeth Elsey who reside in Andrew County, Mo.; heirs of Lucinda Brown, Ray County, Mo.; Hezekiah Jackson and K. T. John of Ray County; and Isham Jackson and Jane Griffy, of Nodaway County 12 May 1858

Jackson, Robt W., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Jenkins, Kaziah, deceased - No husband, four children: Andrew T. Jenkins, Sarah Jane Million, Nodaway County; Elizabeth C. Steele, Platte Co.; and Maria G. Payten, Madison County, Ky; and heirs 1st child- of Charles G. Jenkins and Elizabeth Jackson, Mary F. Jenkins and Lucy Ann Jenkins; also the children of Isabelle Million: Maria Million and Eliza Million, and a son whose name is not recellected, all of whom are of Madison County, Ky; and the children of George W. Jenkins towit: Charles W. Jenkins and a daughter whose name is not recollected, all of Buchanan Co., Mo. 9 Sept. 1859

Jones, C.J. heir; guardian Geo W. Sturgeon. Sep 1871

Johnson, Elijah, deceased; Widow, Martha Jane Johnson and infant son, James Robert Johnson; 17 Jan. 1860

Johnson, Phillip; My brother, Jacob W. Johnson; Written: 21 April 1866; Witnesses: William Griger and E. W. Johnson; Probated: 1 May 1866

Johnson, Thomas; My wife, Sarah Johnson, Executrix. My sons: Samuel Johnson, David Johnson, and Joseph Johnson; My daughters: Susan Lamar, Elizabeth Jones, and Fanny Cross; For the benefit of Susanah Lamar Spencer's children; After the death of my son, Joseph and daughter, Susannah be equally Divided between Lafayette C. Spencer, Thomas W. Spencer, Betsy Ann Spencer, Eliza T. Spencer, and Sally T. Spencer; Written: 17 Sept. 1849 Witnesses: Napoleon B. Lamar and W. P. Wiatt; Probated: 20 Feb. 1850

Jones, James; My wife, Sidney Ann Jones; My children; Written: 30 May 1862; Witnesses: Henry T. Walker and Luesa Heflin; Probated: 10 Sept. 1862

Keef, John ; My wife, Ester; Written: 4 June 1875; Witnesses: J. Carty and Phillip Grouney; Probated: 4 Aug. 1875

King, Thomas W., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Kingery, Alvin; My wife, Matilda Charlatta Kingery; My oldest daughter, Corrie A. Kingery; My youngest daughter, Effie Eliza Kingrey; My only son, Freddie B.Kingery; Samuel C. Kelly of Clarksville, Clinton Co., Ohio, Executor; Written: 30 Sept. 1868 Witnesses: Robert D. Cox, Wm. H. D. McClain, Elias T. Eckley Probated: 23 May 1870

Kraus, Thos., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Kugler, Isaac P.; My wife, Maggie Kugler; My sons: A. Kugler, John Kugler, Jeremiah Kugler, and Isaac Kugler; My daughters: Ethel Kugler and Burness Kugler; John W. Olmstead, Executor. Written: 16 Oct. 1879 Witnesses: Wilson Thompson and Levi R. Johnson; Probated: 1 Nov. 1879

Kuhns, Elizabeth; To Trewin Conrad of Conception, George Walker, my daughters: Helena Kuhns and Elizabeth Kuhns Written: 21 Jan. 1879 Witnesses: Sebastian Richard and Gottfried Koenig; Recorded: 21 Jan. 1879

Lang, John; My wife, Hannah Lang; My children; Written: 25 April 1871 Witnesses: N. Delk, Z. F. Linville, Thomas W. Mendenhall; Probated: 17 June 1871

Latschar, David S.; My wife, Mary Latschar; My mother, Janetta Latschar; My sister, Mary Latschar; William K. Adams, Exe. Written: 7 July 1876 Witnesses: Mary E. Randolph and Hester S. Martin; Probated: 2 Aug. 1876

Littz, Leonard; My children: Elizabeth Ganoway, G. W. Littz, Mary Katherine Neff, and Elizabeth M. Wampler; It is my will that William D. Conway, George W. Conway, James W. Shafer Conway, Samuel Buregard Conway, and Elizabeth J. Conway shall have the remainder which their mother Julian Conway, my daughter, would have had; My nephew and friend William L. Huddle, Exe. Written: 30 Sept. 1872 Witnesses: James M. Cliser and Isaac S. Gibson Probated: 1 Nov. 1872

Lutes, Peter; My wife, Mary Ann Lutes; My son, Samuel H. Lutes, Exe. My several daughters; Written: 3 Dec. 1870 Witnesses: Phillip S. Clayton, Mary E. Carrel, Austin Allyn; Probated: 27 Dec. 1870: Sep 1871

Lutz, Jacob; My son, William Lutz; My wife, Sarah Lutz; My sons, Samuel Lutz and Abraham Lutz; Written: 13 March 1872 Witnesses: George M. Celum, A. J. Corwin, Samuel Lutz, and N. B. Sexson; Probated: 23 Aug. 1872

Manila [Manela] James, died intestate. Adm. 8 Feb. 1859; My wife [Dorcas]; My children [Clayborn, Eveline, George, Benjamin, James, Missouri, Laura, Charles, Isom]; John McLanahan, Adam McLanahan, and Sidney Smith, Executors; Written: 27 April 1863 Witnesses: M. D. Nobles, Redding Boling, Amos D. Bentley, and John P. Lilly; Probated: 11 Jan. 1864

Manly, Lebbious; My daughters: Ruth Ann Mackmichael, Julia Markwell, Susannah Manly, and Mary Ann Cross; My wife, Polly R. Manly; Susannah Gregg, Adaline Gregg, and Eretense Gregg, daughters of my deceased daughter, Sarah Ann Gregg; My sons: George G. Manly and Riley Roswell, Exe. Written: 08 Jan. 1867 Witnesses: W. A. Maulton and John A. Ware; Probated: 3 June 1867

Marker, Isaac; My wife, Mary Marker and her Marker children viz: James Marker, Chamberlin Marker and Susannah Marker; John J. Marker, my eldest son; Henson Marker, my second eldest son; My daughter, Esther Ann Marker; My wife, Mary Marker, Exe. Written: 7 Aug. 1862 Witnesses: Stephen K. Wray and John Wray Probated: 5 June 1871

Marker, John J., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Martin, Charles P.; guardian of the persons and the estate of Benjamin F. Martin, Louisa G. Martin, and Wesley B. Martin; D. I. Hall and John Clark, Sec. 12 March 1860

Martin, Thomas, deceased - Widow and ten children: Eliza Graves, Francis Martin, Lucinda J. Martin, William Martin, Sarah Martin, Benjamin F. Martin, Lewis G. Martin, Wesley Martin, Charles P. Martin, and Lewis Martin - except Lewis G. who resides in Mercer County, Ky. 7 March 1857

Mawherter, Thomas; My wife, Hannah Mawherter; My son, Robert Mawherter; My heirs: John Mawherter, Eliza Jane Clapper's heirs being my grand-children towit: Susannah Clapper, Ally Jane Clapper, Margaret R. Clapper, Mary Clapper, and Thomas Clapper; My daughter, Margaret A. Barton; My grand-daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Toland; Levi Barton, Exe. Written: 10 March 1872; Probated: 21 Feb. 1872 Witnesses: J. M. Linier and James Fisher

McGinnis, Almena J., minor; guardian Phoebe A. McGinnis. Sep 1871
McGinnis, Wm. T. heirs; guardian Smith McGinnis. Sep 1871

McCord, David A.; My wife, Amy J. McCord; My daughter, Mary E. Ikenberry; My son, Franklin W. McCord, Exe. Written: 20 Sept. 1870 Witnesses: S. D. Fairhanks and James M. Christian; Probated: 25 Oct. 1870

McCord, William D.; My daughter, Mary Frances McCord; My children; My wife, Minerva J. McCord and my friend, T. J. Scott, Exe. Written: 14 Sept. 1868 Witnesses: William Ramsey and C. N. Ramsey; Probated: 6 Nov. 1868

McGuire, John; My wife, Mary McGuire; My youngest child, Augustus McGuire; My children: Elizabeth McGuire, David McGuire, James McGuire, Ira McGuire, Evison McGuire, Shannan McGuire, and Augustus McGuire Witnesses: Thomas Evans, T. Gaker, and T. Harman; Probated: 13 Nov. 1876

McLain, James; My brothers: George McLain and John McLain; My sisters: Sally Ann Groves and Emily and the children of my sister, Melinda, deceased; Written: 27 July 1859 Witnesses: J. G. Roberts and P. H. Roberts; Probated: 27 July 1859

McQuary, Pleasant ; My wife, Annie McQuary; My real estate in Hancock County, Ill. My brother, John W. McQuary; P. M. Paschall, Holt County, Mo., Executor; Written: 2 Oct 1873 Witnesses: James M. Morgan, Ira Twipy, and Isaac Morton; Probated: 7 Oct. 1873

Meddles, John, deceased; Neither widow nor children-six brothers and sisters: James Meddles, Miley Meddles, Susan Meddles, and Ezekiel Meddles; Father, John Meddles, all of whom reside in the State of Ohio; William Meddles who resides in Iowa and Mary Lanning, of Nodaway County, Mo. 13 Aug 1859

Meyer, Ludwig; My wife, Catharina, Exe. My daughters: Mary Meyer, Rosa Meyer, Maggie Meyer, and Ana M. Meyer My sons: P. L. Meyer, Lewis Meyer, John G. Meyer, Joseph Meyer, and Clements Meyer; Written: 30 Nov. 1879 Witness: William Koenig; Probated: 4 April 1879

Million, Sarah J., estate/probate. Dec 1871; heirs; guardian A.T. Jenkins. Sep 1871

Miller, Berry, deceased. Widow, Elizabeth Miller and daughter, Lucinda Evaline Millor 29 June 1857, 07 Aug 1857

Morgan, John B.; My grand-daughter, Florence Morgan, only heir of my son, Amiziah Morgan, deceased; My sons: Adonijah Morgan, Lewis Morgan, James M. Morgan, and William W. Morgan; My daughters: Margaret J. Swearengen, Catherine E. Morgan, Pauline Morgan, and Ruth A. Tucker; My wife, Elizabeth Morgan Written: 15 Aug. 1865 Witnesses: I. D. Farrow, Uriah Bond, and John Schmidt; Probated: 9 Oct 1865

Morlan, Stephen; My wife; My sons: Stephen C. Morlan, Israel L. Morlan, Joseph A. Morlan, and Delma B. Morlan, Exe. Written: 1 Nov. 1859 Witnesses: Samuel A. Trower and John Eakin; Probated: 19 Dec. 1859

Nash, Margaret N. heirs; Sep 1871
Neal, Henry, estate/probate. Dec 1871

Neely, Thomas; My wife, Sarah A. Neely, Exe. My children: James Neely, David D. Neely, Joseph Neely, Martha J. Monson, Mary A. McClane, Nancy Shaw, Elizabeth Heart, Malvinia Joiner, and Louisa Neely; Written: 18 Feb. 1873; Witnesses: Thomas Delsey, Benj. Harve, Clarissa Potter; Probated: 3 April 1874

Noffsinger, Peter; My wife, Frances Nofsinger; My daughter, Martha Nofsinger; My sons, William Nofsinger and Wesley Nofsinger; William Nofsinger, Exe. Written: 13 Jan. 1859 Witnesses: Erastus Downing and David J. Hall Probated: 12 March 1859

Nutt, Adam, deceased; A widow and six children: Rose Ann Nutt, widow; Katherine Nutt, William J. Nutt, Moses V. Nutt, Mary E. Nutt, Rose Ann Nutt, and Susan Nutt; 12 Aug. 1858

Orme, George, deceased; Left brothers and sisters: Nathaniel Orme, Henry Orme, William Orme, and Emily West - except two first named who reside in Indiana; 20 Oct. 1857

Orme, J.W., estate/probate. Dec 1871
Orme, Martha E., a minor; guardian L.L. Houston. Sep 1871
Orme, Nathan & James, minors; guardian Wm Houston. Sep 1871

Overman, John; My wife, Rachel Overman, Exe. My children; Written: 27 Aug. 1876 Witnesses: Thomas W. Spargue and Wm. H. Findley; Probated: 30 Oct. 1879

Parker, Asa M.; My wife, July Ann Parker; My daughter, Elly G. Parker; Written: 2 Oct. 1858 Witnesses: William R. Dudley and D. M. McMilan; Probated: 9 Nov. 1858

Parker, Reuben heirs; guardian Hardin Critchfield. Sep 1871

Patterson, Robert; My wife, Emma F. Patterson; Written: 15 Nov. 1878; Witnesses: C. W. Benight, E. D. McCrary, and C. F. Harrison; Probated: 29 May 1879

Patton, Thomas; To Thomas Patton, Sr. My wife, Susan C. Patton; Robert Patton, Exe. 10 Aug. 1846

Peares, Joseph H., deceased; Leaves a widow, Nancy Jane Pearce and two children, William Pearce and Samuel Pearce; 16 Aug. 1859

Perry, John, estate/probate. Sep 1871

Pittman, Levina C. ; My husband, Elias Pittman; My adopted daughter, Mamie Bell Pitman formerly Jamison; My brother, Benjamin Firebaugh; My sister, Nancy Reter; My father, Michael Firebaugh of Ogden, Ill. My grand-father Jacob Connago, dec., late of Ohio; Frederick D. Snyder, Exe. Written: 15 Feb. 1876; Witnesses: John Russell and John W. Walker; Probated: 21 June 1876

Prather, Israel Newton; My wife, Maria C. Prather; my daughters: Thomas Ella Prather, Henrietta Jane Prather, Maria Louisa Prather, Margaret Ellen Prather, and Elizabeth G. Prather; I have given to my children: James Basil Prather, Isaac Newton Prather, Cynthia Ann Hulholland, and Mary Vance Prather; Written: 16 Aug 1860 Witnesses: Wade H. Davis and Richard F. Danskey; Probated: 22 Oct 1860

Ramsay, Wm., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Ray, Samuel W.; My wife, Sarah Ray, Exe. My sons: Fletcher Bainum Ray and James Eddy Ray; Written: 27 Dec. 1871 Witnesses: T. S. Downey, Thomas D. Bainum, and Margaret J. Mathis; Probated: 15 Jan. 1872

Reece, Corilda A., minor; guardian Thomas D. Britton. Sep 1871
Rerter, Irintha, minor; guardian John Busin. Sep 1871

Roberts, Andrew; My wife, Mary Roberts; My six daughters: Martha Buckle, Rhoda Roberts, Mary Jane Roberts, Angeline Roberts, Cynthia A. Roberts, and Angeletta Roberts; To my other children now living: John Roberts, Clayburn Roberts, Andrew N. Roberts, and Margaret Rodman; Written: 10 Oct. 1870; Witnesses: I. V. McMillan, Phile Sasher, and Elmus Lovett; Probated: 10 June 1871

Roberts, Jesse County of Boone, state of Ky. My wife, Sarah Roberts; J. J. Miller of Boone County, Ky.; trustee for Sarah Ann Parsons; My son John G. Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Alphia, James F. Roberts, Woodford Roberts, and Nancy Frances Roberts shall share equally; My son, James F. Roberts, Exe. Written: 8 April 1837 Witnesses: Francis F. Davis, P. H. Talbott, and John McLain; Probated: 13 July 1857

Russell, William, deceased; Leaves widow, Julia A. Russell and six children: Emily Russell, Edwin Russell, Alfred William Russell, Estell Russell, Ellen Russell, and John Russell; 4 Oct. 1859

Saunders, James W., deceased; Widow, Temperance Ann Saunders and infant daugher, Octavia Ann Saunders; 25 Oct. 1859

Scott, George W. heirs; guardian James M. Kyle. Sep 1871

Semans, Clavis G.; Oldest daughter, Sarah Merrill; My wife, Mary E. Semans; My son, William C. Semans; My son in law, Lucius C. Powel, Exe. Written: 8 Feb. 1875; Witnesses: Clayton Semans, T. V. MacMillan, J. D. Dunn; Probated: 22 Feb. 1875

Shallas, Andrew, estate/probate. Sep 1871

Sharp, Henry; To Daniel Sharp, Conrad Sharp, William H. Sharp, and George Sharp; Written: 7 July 1854; Witnesses: Enoch Smith and Hiram Elliott; Probated: 23 Aug. 1854

Shaw, Montgomery F.; My wife, Sarah Louisa Shaw; To William Stevens, Ann Shaw, Susan M. Shaw, Kate Shaw, Mary W. Temple, John Shaw, and Henry D. Shaw; Written: 3 Dec. 1875 Witnesses: D. F. Shaw and E. N. F. Hepper; Probated: 28 Dec. 1875

Shelton, Albert; My wife, Mary T. Shelton, land in Jasper County, Mo. My heirs: Eva B. Shelton, William K. Shelton, Albert S. Sholton who shall become of age; Written: 27 Nov. 1871 Witnesses: Stephen Morehead and Hiram D. Alford; Probated: 16 Jan. 1872

Shepherd, Enoch, deceased; Widow, Lavina Shepherd; and seven children: Nimrod Shepherd, Mary Combest, Angeline Yates, Jacob Shepherd, E. D. Shepherd, William Shepherd of Nodaway County, and Jeanna Yates of Kansas Territory 14 Dec. 1859

Shepherd, Franklin; My wife, Jane Shepherd, Exe. My three children: Robert A. Shepherd, Sarah Jane Houston, and Thomas T. Shepherd; Written: 12 Jan. 1878; Witnesses: S. P. Quntenney and T. O. College; Probated: 24 Aug. 1877

Smith, John C.; My wife, Elizabeth Smith; My children: Richard Smith, Margaret Smith, Mary Smith, Annie Smith, and Agnes Smith; Written: 24 June 1875; Witnesses: Thomas Riley, Phillip Growney, and D. M. Carty Probated: 4 Aug. 1875

Smith, Joseph; My wife, Almina Smith; My daughters: Lucinda Resavorance, Mary Smith, Catherine Smith, and Elizabeth Thompson; My son, Job Smith; Written: 15 March 1879; Witnesses: Levi Johnson, R. Y. Gillespie, and Geo. W. Williamson; Probated: 25 March 1879

Spalding, Z.M.P., estate/probate. Dec 1871

Stephenson, Jesse; My sons: Edward Stephenson, Andrew Stephenson, and Lindsey Stephenson; My daughters: Rhoda Swearengen, wife of Henry Swearengen; Mary McMichael, wife of Gideon McMichael, Betsy Stephenson, and Mary Stephenson; Written: 10 Oct. 1860 Witnesses: Stephen Morehouse and John Collett; Probated: 26 April 1863

Stine, John; My wife, Rachel Stine; My children: Jacob R. Stine, Johnathan H. Stine, Abram H. Stine, Margaret Jane Gilbert, Elizabeth Ann Bagley, Hannah Elvirah Holdress, and Sarah Tersa Milburne; Written: 30 Sept. 1870; Witnesses: N. H. Herbert and J. V. Sturgeon; Probated: 21 June 1873

Stonebraker, John, deceased; John Krout and Joseph Stonebroker, Exe. Written: 8 Aug 1849; Witnesses: Nelson Buckland and John Krout; Probated: 10 Sept. 1849

Swank, Cornelius; My sons: Fletcher Swank, John C. Swank, and Cornelius Swank; My wife, Levina Swank, Exe. My daughters: Mary E. Swank and Louiza J. Swank; Written: 26 June 1874 Witnesses: James M. Charles, D. T. Stauber, Isaac Morton; Probated: 19 Aug. 1874

Tarlton, Leo, estate/probate. Dec 1871

Taylor, John, deceased; A widow, Hannah K. Taylor and no children; 7 Aug. 1858

Thompson, A.J., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Tigner, David, deceased; widow Sarah Catherine Tigner; daughter Margaret E. Tigner; 20 Oct 1857 Bond Book B

Tolliver, William; To Eliza A. Goff; My sisters and brothers: Nancy Garrett, Melissa Bogue, Jane Lee, and Eli Toliver; My wife, Elen Tolliver; Written: 1 Jan. 1863; Witnesses: Elias Washburn and James A. Greenlee; Probated: 1 Nov. 1873

Tyler, Lafayette; My sons: James S. Tyler and William S. Tyler; My grandson, James Yakeley, and my grand-daughter, Emily Yakeloy, children of my deceased daughter, Parthena Yakeley, late wife of Henry Yakeley; My grandchildren, George M. Arrington and Susan Shaffner, the wife of John Shaffner; My daughters: Emily Dittmore, wife of George Dittmore; Hester Ann Long, wife of George Long; Mary Hall, wife of Frances Hall; and Susan Cook, wife of John Cook; Francis M. Hall of Buchanan County, Mo., Exe. Written: 12 Oct. 1870; Witnesses: Henry Tutt and William Devorse; Probated: 1 Sept. 1871

Upton, Joseph, estate/probate. Dec 1871
Vansickle, Peter heirs; guardian Luther O'Neal. Sep 1871

Vanstavern, Joseph; My wife, Lydia Vanstavern; My daughter, Rebecca Vanstavern; My late son, Abraham and his child, Emma Vanstavern; Written: 2 Jan. 1874 Witnesses: George W. Allen and Cyrus A. Anthony; Probated: 19 March 1874

Vinsonhaler, Jacob; My wife My daughter, Henrietta Vinsonhaler and Margaret Vinsonhaler, Exe. Written: 12 May 1863 Witnesses: Alonzo Thompson and Mary Thompson and Louis Conrad; Probated: Jan. 1870

Walters, Elisha; My son, Joseph Walters; Soloman Shell, Exe. Written: 5 April 1876 Witnesses: L. D. Cook and Henry Hitchcock Probated: 14 April 1876

Warehime, John; My wife, Rebecca Warehime; My children: Joshua Warehime, Jacob Warehime, James Warehime, John Henry Warehime, George Warehime, Julia Ann Sickels, Eliza Matilda Martin, and the heirs of Mary Ellen Bowersock, deceased; Written 3 Sept. 1874; Witnesses: Ellis W. Joy and Benj. M. Danford; Probated: 3 Aug. 1878

Watson, Palmer, estate/probate. Sep 1871

Watson, Washington, deceased; Maria Ann Watson, widow; Seven children: Mary J. Watson, August Watson, John W. Watson, Sarah S. Watson, Emiline Watson, David H. Watson, and Solomon C. Watson 13 May 1858

Weatherman, Isaac N.; My wife, Sarah Ann Weatherman Written: 7 Feb. 1867 Witnesses: Solomon F. Weatherman and Wiles F. Weatherman; Probated: 25 Oct 1869

Weaver, Deloss; My wife; My youngest boy, Frank Weaver; My daughter, Emily Weaver; My sons: Pearson Weaver and Clark Weaver; Written: 9 April 1862; Witnesses: Thomas C. Ellis, Wm. Baker, and Samuel Conley; Probated: 26 Sept. 1862

Weber, Andrew; My sons, Simon Weber and Peter Weber; My son in law, Joseph Nathman; Written: 17 Sept. 1876 Witnesses: Jacob Winters and Ignatius Winters

West, Joshua; My son, William West; My other children: Polly Daulton, Dicy Davidson, Johnson West, Sally Criger, Nelly Dillon, and Cyrus West; Written: 18 April 1865; Witnesses: A. M. Huls, Joseph Davis, and James F. Kinder; Probated: 22 May 1865

Willson, John W.; My wife, Sarah Willson; My children; Witnesses: John Pryor, Stephen Mitchell, Thomas S. Willson, and Luther Bent; Probated: 25 Nov. 1865

Wilson, George; My wife, Rose Ann Wilson; My son, Thomas Wilson; My daughter, Elizabeth J. Ragan; Written: 29 March 1873; Witnesses: John H. Ware and Alexander M. Scott; Probated: 4 Aug. 1873

Wilson, John W., estate/probate. Sep 1871

Wilworth, Denison G. of Green County, N. Y. My wife, Mary E. Wilworth, Exe. Written: 4 Nov. 1876; Witnesses: Josephine H. Wilder and Ira Wilder; Probated: 26 July 1877

Wing, Elizabeth O.; My husband, Charles C. Wing; My four children: Merritt S. Wing, Sarah P. Wing, Harret G. Wing, and Anna E. Wing; Henry Luce, Exe. Witnesses: John S. Schenck and S. J. Dunn; Written: 9 Dec. 1871 Probated: 11 Feb. 1878

Woodworth, George minors; guardian Lemuel Woodworth. Sep 1871
[Wray] Rea, Robert; My wife, Eliza Ann Rea; My sons: Robert I. Rea, John C. Rea, and James A. Rea; My daughters: Mary Vinsonhaler, Angeline McCreary, Sarah Vinsonhaler, Anna Eliza Vanderhoof, and Jane Rea, and my son Leander Guilford Rea; Written: 17 Feb. 1874 Witnesses: James L. Williams and William Lang; Probated: 20 Aug. 1874
Wray, Thomas, estate/probate. Sep 1871
Wykoff, Abram, estate/probate. Sep 1871
Young, Jacob heirs; guardian Thomas Morris. Sep 1871