Jackson or Goforth Cemetery
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net)

This cemetery is located at the southwest and northwest corners of sections 19 and 30 in South Grant Township, Nodaway County, Missouri. Just recently I have had correspondence from Sandra Jones (SanSJo@aol.com) and she said that she had always heard it called the Jackson Cemetery. Her kin buried there are the Goforth family. I looked up an obituary for Sallie Goforth and it says she was buried in the Jackson Cemetery (Nodaway Democrat, 24 Oct 1889). I also found the obituary of Susan Roberts Jackson and it says she was buried in the Jackson Cemetery (Nodaway Democrat, 09 Apr 1891).

I copied these stones in April of 1971 and very well may have missed tombstones because of the general poor condition of the cemetery.

If you are going to visit this cemetery, I would recommend that you do it in the coldest months of the year because the vegetation and snakes would be less of a problem at that time.

ss same stone - y= year - m=month - d=day
Anderson, Alexander Anderson born May 13, 1803 - died Jan 3, 1885 ( note 1)
Anderson, Catherine Anderson born Sep 29, 1806 - Aug 14, 1891
Bare, Infant of John & Margaret Bare -1881-
Blakeley, Myrtie M. born Mar 19, 1880 died Feb 16, 1881 children of T. & P. Blakeley
Blakeley, Nanda? T. born Sep 15, 1878 died Aug 13, 1879 children of T. & P. Blakeley
Blakely, Joseph Blakely born Jan 15, 1788 died Jan 21, 1857
Blakley, Pheribe J. Blakley born Oct 7, 1840, died Feb 18, 1861
Brodrick, James W. son of J.R. & N. Brodrick died Aug 13, 1873 aged 1y 7m 13d
Conlin, Flora dau of F.M. & S.E. Conlin died Jun 17, 1872 aged 4m 6d
Conlin, In memory of James S. son of Francis & Jane Conlin born Sept 30, 1852 died Sept 30, 1853
Conlin, Mary Elizabeth wife of W.T. Conlin died Jul 29, 1872 age 27y 13d
Conlin, Sylva dau of W.T. & M.E. Conlin died Jun 6, 1871 aged 2m 9d
Conrad, Benjamin A.died Jan 26, 1871 71y 10m 6d
Conrad, Benjamin F. killed by lightening July 8, 1884 34y 3m 2d
Conrad, John H. died April 19, 1868 aged 21y 5m 29d
Conrad, Mary A. died May 23, 1868 aged 24y 4m 27d
Conrad, Mary, died Mar 2, 1881 73y 7m 10d
Conrad, Roberta, d Mar 16, 1884 46y 2m 5d
Douglas, Jessie dau of J. & M. Douglas died Aug 2, 1871 aged 8m 15d
Douglas, Margaret A. dau of J. & M. Douglas died Jan 31, 1879 aged 1y 7m 12d
Douglas, Martha B. dau of John & Margaret Douglas died Jul? 15, 1879 aged?? very worn
Goforth, Adaline wife of J.A. Goforth died Jan 26, 1887 aged 25yr
Goforth, Caroline dau of Wm & Sarah Goforth died Mar 16, 1862 aged 18y 6m 23d
Goforth, Dora A. dau of J.C. & M. Goforth died Sept 8, 1886 aged 13y 9m 23d
Goforth, Infant son of Wm & Sarah Goforth born Jan 27, 1867 died Jan 29 1867
Goforth, James D. Goforth...stone buried
Goforth, John Dennis son of J.C. & M. Goforth died Aug 16, 1872 aged 9m 14d
Goforth, Lavina, his wife,   Dec 11, 1835 - Mar 28, 1911 ss William
Goforth, Martha dau of Wm & Sarah Goforth died Feb 3, 1853 aged 5y 4m 3d
Goforth, Wm D. son of Wm & Sarah Goforth died Aug 25, 1865 aged 1y 6m 22d
Goforth, Wm E., Aug 14, 1833 - Apr 9, 1867, this is an older stone than the one with his wife (stone cut by I.E. Thompson, St Joseph, Mo)
Goforth, Wm Goforth, born Jun 9, 1813 died Mar 18, 1871
Goforth, Wm. Goforth, died May 18, 1871 aged 58yrs
Goforth,William E. Aug 14, 1833 - Apr 9, 1867 ss Lavina
Gray, Johny W. son of J.C. & S.M. Gray died Aug 29, 1873 aged 11m 14d (note 2)  
Griffin, mother Margaret Ann Griffin died May 14, 1896 aged 49yr
Hubbell, Perlina J. 1826 - 1908 ss Thomas
Hubbell, Thomas R. 1824 - 1911 ss Perlina J.
Jackson, Clara Agnes dau of J.R. & Elizabeth Jackson died July 13, 1884 aged 2y 9d
Jackson, George W. Jackson died May 28, 1897 63y 2m
Jackson, John son of G.W. & M.A. Jackson died Mar 8, 1864 age 1y 3m 21d
Jackson, Mary Ann wife of George W. Jackson died Jul 14, 1868 aged 29y 10m 21d
Jackson, Susan wife of G.W. Jackson died Apr 1, 1891 aged 46y 5m 21d
Jobe, Infant dau of T.M. & M.E. Jobe died Aug 18, 1870 aged 13d
Jobe, Ireby S. son of A.W. & E. Jobe died Jun 23, 1865 aged 10m 28d (stone cut by O.B. & C. of Maryville) ss William
Jobe, William J. son of A.W. & E. Jobe died (broken) 30, 1868 ss Ireby
Kallya?, In memory of our beloved sister, Elizabeth F. Kallya?, born Jul 24, 1836 died Jul 13, 1867
King, Enoch King, died Oct 8, 1853 aged 84 yrs (the 4 in 84 is cut backwards)
Lanning, Malinda C. dau of John & Susan Lanning died Mar 28, 1868 aged 3y 11m 10d (note 3)   
Lucas, Elizabeth wife of George Lucas died Oct 26, 1868 aged 32y 5m 10d
Lucas, George Lucas died Jan 29, 1872 aged 36y 9m 27d (note 4)    
McBride, Marietta dau of Wm G. & Caroline M. McBride died Feb 7, 1869 aged 9m 17d
Miller, Jessie son of J. & A.J. Miller born Jul 19, 1875 died Aug 6, 1875
Miller, Melvin E. son of J.F. & J.M. Miller died Mar 6, 1872 aged 10m
Morris, Eliza Ann wife of Rheubin Morris died Oct 14, 1868 aged 20yr (broken)
O'Howell, Mary A. wife of J. O'Howell died Feb 17, 1865 aged 24y (note 5)    
Pennington, Susan wife of James Pennington died April 5, 1859 aged 41y 9m 20d
Rhoads, Sanford Rhoads  1838 - 1908
Roberts, Agness dau of A.C. & Belle Roberts died Aug 30, 1893 aged 14y 9m
Roberts, John F. son of A.C. & Belle Roberts died Aug 31, 1884 aged 9m 15d
Robison, Charles H. son of S. & I.H. Robison died Mar 10, 1869 aged 10d
Robison, Glennie son of D.M. & V. Robison, died Jan 20, 1892  aged  3y 8m 15d
Robison, James A. Robison died May 12, 1894 aged 77y 5m 5d ss Rachel
Robison, Martha M. wife of C.C. Robison born Jan 10, 1850, died Aug 22 1876
Robison, Rachel Robison died Sep 18, 1867 aged 50y 17d ss James
Robison, V.M. Robison, Co A 82nd Ind Inf
Snider, Luella dau of Allen & Josephine Snider born Jan 1, 1862, died Apr 15, 1864
Songer, George Odell son of James A. & Sarah Ann Songer born July 11, 1858, died May 4, 1865


(1) I would like to hear from anyone related to these people: genpat@netins.net
    1860 Jackson twp, Andrew co, Mo census:
    Alexander Anderson 57 m Pa farmer
    Caroline                     54 f Oh
    Lydia                          16 f Oh
    Mary                            9 f Oh
    William                         7 m Oh

    1880 Clay twp, Andrew co, Mo census:
    Philip Anderson      41 m Oh Pa Oh
    Elba?                       35 f   In Scot Scot
    Lilly B.                     15 f Mo Oh In
    Ida M.                     12 f Mo Oh In
    Fred W.                    6 m Mo Oh In
    Harry L.                   1 m Mo Oh In
    Alexander              77 m Pa Pa Pa father
    Katherine              74 f   Oh Md Md mother

(2)   From my family records, this is a child of James Gray and Sarah Margaret Lucas Gray. Sarah Margaret Lucas was a sister of George Lucas listed in cemetery.
(3) From my family records, Susan Lucas Lanning was a sister of the George Lucas listed here.)

(4) Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri Feb 7, 1872

    George Lucas, favorably known to many of the citizens of Nodaway county, came to an untimely death on Saturday, January 27th, under the following circumstances: Mr. Lucas had been to Oxford, in Worth county, on that day, and had started to return home on horseback, and had proceeded about a quarter of a mile towards home, where he was found in the road insensible, with the prints of the horse's shoes on his head.  He was found soon after he was thrown, and it is supposed that he fell from his horse in making a turn in the road, and in some manner the horse inflicted the wound that caused his death. He was first taken to the house of Mr. Yates, and then conveyed to his father's house where he died on the Monday following. He was entirely unconsious [sic] during the time.  Mr. Lucas leaves six small children to the care of his father, their mother having died some years since.  He leaves a large circle of friends who mourn his loss, for, with all his exentricities, George Lucas had a host of friends.

   From my family records, George Lucas was the son of Thomas Lucas and Mina Roberts. He was born in Clay co, Ind. His children were: Cynthia Jane (born c1858), Thomas Jefferson (born c1861) lived in Phillips co, Ks, Elmira, Sarah Margaret who married W.H. Swinford, Nannie who married U.S. Wright, and George Lucas of Parnell. I would like to hear from anyone related to this family. genpat@netins.net

(5) John O'Howell later married Eliza Stingley Lucas, widow of William Lucas, Feb 21, 1867. I would like to know where they died and are buried? genpat@netins.net



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