Independence Township

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Town(s) located in Independence Township
Parnell, Gaynor (See Jackson Township for the cemeteries located at Parnell)
Independence Township Cemeteries

1.  New Hope Cemetery - right hand side of the map near the top
2.  Johnson Cemetery - approximately a mile west and half mile north of Gaynor (near the center of the left hand side of map)
3.  Gaynor Cemetery - approximately one half mile west of the town of Gaynor (near the center of the left hand side of map)
4.  Orrsburg Cemetery - at the bottom of the map, for the most part, the town of Orrsburg is located in Jackson Township.  The cemetery and church are on the north side of a gravel road that runs east from State Highway E.
5.  Luteston Cemetery - near the top on the right hand side of the map
6.  Brethern Cemetery (also known as Dunkard Cemetery) - three miles east and one and one half miles north of the town of Gaynor
7.  McLaughlin Cemetery - approximately three miles east of Gaynor, then south and back in the field (lower right hand side of map)
8.  Lucas Cemetery (not shown) - when the cemetery was recorded in the late 1970's, only five stones were located, they were broken and down.  Three of the stones belonged to the Lucas family and two were children of Michael and Martha Grin(d)staff.  The exact location is not specifically known but it is in the northern part of Section 9 just north of the town of Parnell (in the lower right hand corner of the map)